His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 47 - Who Exactly Are You?

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Chapter 47 - Who Exactly Are You?

When she worked at \'Fu Rong\' that day, she still couldn\'t shake the uncomfortable feeling. She even made several mistakes that didn\'t go unnoticed by the others. The workers never saw the young mistress distracted like this, but they didn\'t dare to say anything.

Xiao Yu asked her several times, but she dismissed Xiao Yu\'s concern with a laugh. She didn\'t want to make the others worried because of something that she didn\'t know for sure. She had to tell Yao Ying. He was the only one that she trusted.


Yao Ying spent the day learning the basic just like other soldiers. He followed all of their morning routines. While the others were perfectly fine, Yao Ying was panting crazily. Although his foundation was good, the fact that he never trained his body made his current situation understandable. Experienced martial arts masters had to train every day to maintain and improve their skills. Yao Ying lost his memories for three months and he just trained randomly without the right methods, this fact made his stamina level decrease.

General Lin explained this beforehand, so Yao Ying understood the concept perfectly. Although he felt like dying, he didn\'t complain and did all the challenge that was thrown to him diligently. The other soldiers knew how hard it was to adapt at the beginning, but Yao Ying could do it all – albeit slower and it was far from perfect. Most of the soldiers could only finish halfway at the beginning, but Yao Ying managed to finish it all! This made Yao Ying gain respect and pretty good reputation from the other soldiers.

General Lin followed Yao Ying\'s movement from the beginning to the end and he felt satisfied with his hard-working attitude. He was indeed talented and his skill had been polished quite nicely. Yao Ying only needed guidance because he lost his memories. Other than that, it was already good enough.

After finished practicing, Yao Ying was called by General Lin. "I want you to follow the soldiers\' drills until I\'m feeling satisfied with your stamina. It means at least there\'s no more panting after you finish all the drills. After that, I will teach you personally. I need to shape up your body first, so it can adjust perfectly with your inner strength. Otherwise, your body will be harmed."

"I understand, General."

"Good. Now, I need to ask you another important question."

"Yes, General?"

"How was it?"

"The drills? I enjoyed doing it, although it was pretty hard." Yao Ying answered honestly.

"That\'s not what I was talking about."

Yao Ying furrowed his eyebrows. That wasn\'t what he meant? Then, what was he talking about? The general didn\'t specify anything, so he was feeling a bit confused.

"Did you enjoy yourself last night? Did you follow my humble advice?"

Yao Ying gaped at this shameless general. He really asked these kinds of personal questions without batting eyelashes. "General… I have to go home first. I have to work." After he bade goodbye, Yao Ying quickly ran away in embarrassment. He didn\'t bother to answer the general\'s shameless question.

Lin Zheng laughed out loud, looking at Yao Ying\'s perplexed expression. In a flash, his expression changed back into his aloof one. "Xiao Qi." A young man in his twenty appeared in front of the general in mere seconds. He had a soft temperament with a quite beautiful face. He wore an all black clothes with a small \'Lin\' emblem on his right b.r.e.a.s.t. He was General Lin\'s hidden guards\' leader.

"Yes, General."

"What do you think of him? Did you follow him without being found out?"

"Yes, General. He didn\'t notice my presence. He\'s quite good. With a little polishment, he will have a bright future ahead. Just like General said, he\'s not from an ordinary background. His temperament and behavior are different from lower class people."

"So, you think he\'s a noble?"

"Yes, General. If he were in the military, we would have found out about it. All of our networks came with negative answers. He might be an important person."

"Hmm… Someone powerful probably covered up that he was missing. Is that what you mean?"

"Yes, General. If not, how come we couldn\'t find out anything about him?"

Lin Zheng nodded at his deduction, however, he still needed to make sure of it. "Check it out again! I hope you\'re right and we investigate it in the right direction."

"Yes, General. This subordinate will leave now."

Lin Zheng just waved his right hand, without answering Xiao Qi. Xiao Qi paid no mind and left without a trace. Lin Zheng\'s mind was in a jumble. \'Yao Ying, who exactly are you?\' He didn\'t harbor any bad intention to Yao Ying. He just wanted to know who he was. Maybe out of curiosity. Maybe he didn\'t want a bad person became Wang Luo Hai\' son. Above of all, it was driven by his instinct. He felt that he needed to know who Yao Ying was.

While General Lin was thinking about Yao Ying\'s matter, Yao Ying went to his next stop for the day. Just like he had promised to Wang Luo Hai, after Yao Ying finished practicing, he went to \'Fu Rong\' and worked just like usual. He felt his energy was drained and felt sleepy in a few occasions, but he managed to do his job nicely. Wang Luo Hai didn\'t have anything to complain, so he let him be.

Wang Luo Hai only asked in concern, "What did Lin Zheng do to you? You look like hell!"

Yao Ying smiled and explained, "Just a drill to improve my skills. Don\'t worry, Father. I think in a few days my body will adjust perfectly with the routine. Please be lenient to me for a few days."

Wang Luo Hai laughed and waved his hand, "Don\'t worry! I won\'t make it difficult for you. You do your job nicely today. Just go home early and rest! Also, take Yao Ling with you. I\'m not sure why, but she made a lot of mistakes today. It\'s so unusual of her. You should probably ask her about it."

Yao Ying furrowed his eyebrows. He was too tired to pay attention to Yao Ling while working today. Usually, he always followed her movement once in a while. However, he neglected her just now. He felt guilty. He wouldn\'t know about it if his father didn\'t tell him.

"Thank you for telling me, Father."

Wang Luo Hai just laughed. "No need to thank me. Just quickly give a grandson and I\'ll be very happy." He wiggled both of his eyebrows playfully.

Yao Ying gulped, feeling guilty. Father… there was no way you would win the bet! Yao Ying didn\'t know whether he should laugh or cry. If Wang Luo Hai knew the deal between him and General Lin, he probably would vomit blood!