His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 468 - Yao Ling VS Ying Ying (1)

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Chapter 468 - Yao Ling VS Ying Ying (1)

Yao Ling turned around and looked at Ying Ying with a sneer, feeling the irony. Did she just say that she needed her help? What a funny kind of fate! She felt grateful that she wore a veil today, otherwise, she couldn\'t mask her disgust from her expression.

Xiao Fang furrowed her eyebrows in annoyance. Asking for their help? They didn\'t even know her... Why should they help her? They didn\'t even know whether this woman\'s story was true or not... What did this woman actually want to do? She took a glance at Yao Ling but she couldn\'t really see her expression and she didn\'t dare to make a decision.

Xiao Fang had a gut feeling that Yao Ling didn\'t like this woman...

The people who were surrounding the woman also looked at the two ladies who were wearing veils --- so they didn\'t know which Gu Niangs they were. It seemed like there would be an interesting scene for them to see so they continued to stay there and see what would happen next. After all, they were feeling baffled by this woman\'s bravery.

Some of them thought that this young woman was rude for doing that out of the blue -- she didn\'t even politely call the Gu Niangs so why would they help her? They understood the hierarchy so they looked at Ying Ying in disdain.

Some of them were feeling sympathetic to Ying Ying, thinking that maybe she was in desperate need of help to search for that man so she forgot about her manner for a second. The two Gu Niangs should be able to forgive the pitiful woman, right?

Their opinions were varied.

Yao Ling wasn\'t fooled by her performance because this woman just wanted to gain sympathy from everyone... Did she try to use public opinion to force her to help her? Yao Ling sneered at Ying Ying --- the more she met this woman, the more disgusted she was. Why did she think her performance was so amazing back then?

Of course, Yao Ling was entitled to get angry.

Was Ying Ying really joking? She wanted to use Yao Ling to search for Yao Ling\'s husband, huh? Yao Ling even wondered whether Ying Ying had found out something about her and Yao Ying or... this was all just a coincidence?

Yao Ling squinted her eyes. She wanted to play, huh? Then, she would accompany her to play!

Ying Ying answered Xiao Fang\'s maidservant in a low voice, "This one comes here from another kingdom... This... This one... wants to look for the man in this scroll..." She finally remembered to call herself with \'this one\'. Ying Ying wanted to smack her forehead for forgetting such an important rule.

She hesitantly took out the scroll, wanting to show it to the two Gu Niangs. Ying Ying didn\'t dare to look sorrowful when she pulled out the scroll.

"Is he your father? That\'s why you are willing to go so far away here...?" Yao Ling asked in a low sweet voice. Her voice was fresh and alluring which made the people around her feel entranced. Yao Ling just injected a little bit of her power so she could get the public opinion on her side.

There was a murmur in the crowd that saying how kind this gentle Gu Niang for answering the rude woman. They were wondering whether it was really the woman\'s father --- if yes, this woman must have been very filial.

Ying Ying\'s face was slightly paler when she heard Yao Ling\'s question. She planned to say that the man in the picture was her sister\'s missing lover to attract people\'s attention but because Yao Ling mentioned the word \'father\', the impact of her sorrowful love story would be gone. After all, filial piety was far more important here.

She looked at the woman in the veil with a slight hatred, why didn\'t she give her a way out? Why didn\'t she help her?! Was it because she was just a lowly commoner? Ying Ying thought to herself in annoyance.

How could Yao Ling miss such a blatant hatred? However, she didn\'t care. Yao Ling wanted to embarrass her and she gave a slight signal to Xiao Yu. She had followed her young mistress long enough to understand each of her signals. Xiao Yu slightly nodded, telling her young mistress that she knew what to do.

"No... No... It\'s not... my father..." Ying Ying said weakly. The painting was obviously a young man\'s painting so she knew that she couldn\'t lie. They could only open the scroll to find out the truth and she wouldn\'t get the help that she desired from those Gu Niangs.

Xiao Yu quickly said, "Ah... We thought you have the same story as our Gu Niang..." She looked pitifully at Ying Ying with a sigh. "If it\'s for searching your father... my young mistress would certainly help you..."

"What... What do you mean?" Ying Ying asked in a low voice.

The commoners felt more interested when they knew they were going to hear a noblewoman\'s life story --- this kind of thing was so rare ah~! They perked up their ears to hear the story.

"Our young mistress thought that she was an orphan before she was being adopted until she found a clue about her past. In the end, she also went to another kingdom to find her father. Fortunately, our young mistress is very strong and patient, she finally found her father!" Xiao Yu explained and exaggerated the story a bit. They didn\'t need to tell the whole truth or tell any details with so many onlookers.

Xiao Fang furrowed her eyebrows because judging from the way Xiao Yu talked, she seemed didn\'t like this Ying Ying as well. Did they know her from somewhere? She planned to ask Yao Ling about the details later. She planned to just stay quiet at this moment and see what would happen next.

The onlookers felt surprised that the noble lady didn\'t feel ashamed to open her secret in front of so many people but they admired her even more --- because she actually had planned to help the pitiful commoner if she was searching for her father.

The lady didn\'t make the wrong choice... The onlookers who thought that as a powerful noble lady, she should help the weak and pitiful woman, started to change their minds. It would be shameless to ask such a noble one to search a young man which they believed had a love story with this woman.

They looked at Ying Ying in a different light!

"Who is this person then?" Yao Ling asked with a hint of curiosity, then she added in an elegant voice, "Maybe... it\'s one of your elders...? If yes, I will be willing to help..."

One of the onlookers who had seen the painting quickly said in disgust, "Gu Niang, it\'s just the painting of a young man. No need to bother with such a thing..."

They started to think that it was shameless for Ying Ying to search for a man like this --- she had asked around about a man and didn\'t have a care about her own reputation. Not only that but she also made it difficult for such a kind and lovely noble lady.