His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 467 - Gu Niang!

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Chapter 467 - Gu Niang!

Yao Ling thought that it would take a bit longer for them to find out about her mother, after all, it had been such a long time so it would be hard to trace her whereabouts. After all, they had no clue whatsoever where to start and didn\'t know who hunted her back then.

If they could find her trail easily like this, it would really be a miracle! But... where did they get such a piece of news? Was it really reliable? Yao Ling\'s heart was beating faster, feeling full of hope --- maybe luck was on their side.

"Tell me! Where is she?! Is the news from a reliable source?" Yao Ling asked. "Who found her? What\'s going on?!" She couldn\'t stop asking the questions --- she really needed an answer right now! She had wanted to meet her birth mother for so long and besides, she didn\'t want to see her father live in yearning forever.

Xiao Fang looked at her, feeling helpless. "This... I don\'t know..." She grinned at her and waved both of her hands in defeat.

Yao Ling was dumbfounded. "What do you mean you don\'t know?" She really wanted to smack Xiao Fang\'s head. Why did she make a fuss when she knew nothing about it? It even made her feel curious and couldn\'t sit still.

In this case, she needed to find out the truth herself.

"I heard a little bit of it and just felt too excited, so I told Uncle Rong Qiu that I will tell you about it first before listening to the rest of the news with you..." Xiao Fang said childishly while grinning. She didn\'t feel guilty for making Yao Ling feel even more curious about it.

Besides, Xiao Fang also had her own consideration... She wanted Yao Ling to be the first one who heard the news from Uncle Rong Qiu, after all, this matter was their family private matter. If Yao Ling wanted to let her know as well, she would be feeling grateful. If she wasn\'t, Xiao Fang would accept her decision as well... Maybe she would feel a little disappointed, but that was all.

Yao Ling really didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry. Xiao Fang was really mischievous ah~! However, she could see the concern underneath Xiao Fang\'s joking words and Yao Ling was grateful for that.

"Sure, we go there right away! Let me tidy up myself first..." Yao Ling said with a smile.

Because of the excitement, she forgot about her tiredness. It was lucky for her that her w.o.m.b was quite strong because it made her able to face the turbulence in her life easier. She told Xiao Er to send someone out and let Yao Ying know where she was going so that Yao Ying wouldn\'t be worried if he couldn\'t find her when he went back home later.

She didn\'t plan to tell him herself, just in case he prevented her from going out... He wouldn\'t stop her from searching for her mother but he would postpone her visit and go with her the next day. However, she couldn\'t hold herself back ah~!

If she didn\'t get the detail, she wouldn\'t be able to sleep too! Yao Ling wanted to go to her father\'s residence as soon as possible and find out everything.

Yao Ling went out while wearing her veil so that no one would be able to see her face clearly. She thought that her trip would go smoothly but her thoughts turned into disarray. There was a saying that the more you didn\'t want to see a person, the more you would meet that person. This saying applied to Yao Ling at this moment.

On the halfway of their trip, she met Ying Ying once again. She furrowed her eyebrows in displeasure when she saw how delicate and pitiful Ying Ying looked like at this time. If she didn\'t know about her night adventure with that man, she would certainly be deceived as well.

Yao Ling was a compassionate person so, in ordinary times, she would pity and try to help Ying Ying. That was what some people did... She could see that most of them were men who felt attracted to Ying Ying --- she saw some of her people there. No wonder it was hard for Ying Ying to gather information, Ning Jie had really done a good job in helping Yao Ling.

In her hand, there was a new scroll and she knew that it must be Yao Ying\'s painting once again. This woman really didn\'t know how to give up. Yao Ling felt irked when she knew that someone was admiring her husband secretly. No matter what, she would destroy each of the scrolls that Ying Ying had.

Seeing Yao Ling stopped walking out of the blue, Xiao Fang asked, "Yao Ling, what\'s wrong?" She looked around and saw where Yao Ling\'s gaze landed. She saw a woman in coarse clothing which showed some people a scroll --- the painting of a man. The woman had a worried look on her face but had a gentle smile on her face. To Xiao Fang, she was just an ordinary woman that didn\'t really attract her attention.

Why would Yao Ling feel interested in such a woman? She furrowed her eyebrows in contemplation.

"Do you know that woman?" Xiao Fang asked curiously.

Yao Ling\'s mouth slightly twitched. Knew that woman? She wished that she had never known her in the first place, however, she didn\'t tell her thought to Xiao Fang --- that woman wasn\'t really worth it. If Yao Ying didn\'t have any plan, she would certainly deal with her herself right away.

If Yao Ling didn\'t wear any veil, Xiao Fang wouldn\'t miss the hatred in Yao Ling\'s expression.

"No, I don\'t. Let\'s go!" Yao Ling turned her gaze away and decided to leave that place right away.

"Sure..." Xiao Fang turned around but her gaze fleeted to that woman once again. Her eyes narrowed for a second before she finally followed Yao Ling.

They were going to continue their journey when someone stopped them through her yell, "Gu Niang!"

Xiao Fang turned around and saw it was the commoner that had caught Yao Ling\'s attention who called them impolitely without any manners. She gave a signal to her maidservant and the latter was the one who answered that commoner, "Are you calling our Gu Niangs?"

"Ye... Yes..." Ying Ying stuttered.

"Why...?" The maidservant asked.

"I... I need their help..." Ying Ying hesitantly said.

The maidservant furrowed her eyebrows because this woman didn\'t call herself with \'this one\' in front of her masters. "Who are you? Why do you need our help?"

Ying Ying quickly bowed politely. She seemed to feel that both women in front of her had extraordinary bearings so it would be better to gamble and ask for their bits of help--- rather than asking for that man\'s help anymore. She didn\'t want to let him enjoy her body once more! Even though she wasn\'t a saint, she had hated the man because the latter could control her.

The faster she could get rid of him, the better!

She really didn\'t know what she had gotten herself into this time...