His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 466 - An Urgent Matter

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Yao Ying laughed sinisterly. "It will be better to kill him so he wouldn\'t make additional trouble for us... That man is a liability... I guess even if he has found out something about me before they made love last night, I bet he wouldn\'t tell that woman right away, judging from how sly that man is."

"True... he wanted to know what kind of benefits that he could get before telling Ying Ying about the result of his foundings, right?" Yao Ling asked, trying to let Yao Ying know her doubt about that man.

They more or less could guess that man\'s personality from Xiu\'s story.

"I guess so... It\'s better to eradicate him before he starts to talk about this matter to another person..."

Yao Ling nodded her head in agreement. "Will you handle him personally or let other people do the job?" Yao Ling asked curiously. Yao Ying generally loved to do everything by himself.

Yao Ying scrunched his nose in disgust because he felt that this man was too disgusting, thus, he didn\'t even want to see him. Because he knew that he would want to kill him right away, so what was the point of coming out personally for that man? Might as well let the others take care of him.

"I will let Feng handle him right away..." After saying that, Yao Ying quickly called Feng. If he let him free one more day, the bigger the chance that the man would be in cahoot with Ying Ying.

Feng came in a short time. Before he let Feng deal with the job, Yao Ying wanted him to know the big picture by telling him the previous night\'s matter. Feng said that Xiu had already told him in great detail --- it was good though, Yao Ying didn\'t have to explain anything and Feng already knew what he needed to do.

It saved him some time.

Yao Ling gave him an extra order, "Once you find him, find out every information that the man has! I want to know everything that he knows in great detail --- no matter what kind of method that you use! Who knows? Maybe he was able to find out everything after those two had finished making love!"

"Yes, Young Mistress!" Feng answered politely before he finally departed.

They sat down in silence after Feng left --- each of them was deep in thought.

"Have you finally cooked up a plan yet?" Yao Ling asked softly after a few moments of silence. Yao Ying only stared ahead blankly while touching his chin, that was his quirk whenever he was thinking of a new plan. Yao Ling asked the question after he stopped doing that and looked at her with a gentle smile.

"I actually have one..." Yao Ying finally said after he stayed quiet for a few moments. "Why don\'t you listen to it and see whether it\'s feasible?"

"Sure thing. What is your plan?" Yao Ling asked curiously.

The way Yao Ying always sought Yao Ling\'s advice was also the thing that made their relationship stronger.

Yao Ying whispered a few things to Yao Ling which made the latter furrowed her eyebrows. Yao Ying sighed, knowing that Yao Ling didn\'t seem to like his plan but it was a must-to-do thing ah~!

"Do you want me to try thinking of another plan?" He finally asked because he didn\'t want Yao Ling to be sad.

Yao Ling shook her head. "No, I\'m just worried about you..."

Yao Ying was taken aback because he thought that she was merely jealous. In the end, his wife would always be the best because she always thought of his wellbeing first! Yao Ying said hesitantly, "Actually, I want you to come along with me so if something goes wrong, you can help me!"

Yao Ling\'s eyes lit up because that was the thing that she wanted to hear. She didn\'t dare to offer her help just in case he thought that she didn\'t trust him. "Really?" She asked with sparkling eyes which made Yao Ying grinned back at him.

"Really!" Yao Ying answered.

They finally reached an agreement.


Yao Ling decided to rest after a tiring morning, however, before she could fall into a deep sleep... Xiao Yu came in and told her that Xiao Fang had come over. The latter said that there was an important thing that she needed to share.

Yao Ling was wondering what kind of things that would make Xiao Fang this agitated.

It wouldn\'t be good to refuse her because she was afraid that it was really an urgent matter so she had to meet her. If Yao Ying didn\'t go to Fu Rong, the former would certainly reject Xiao Fang\'s visit but the man had just headed out.

They didn\'t feel afraid that Yao Ying would meet Ying Ying because they had taken the neccessary precaution beforehand --- they always kept an eye at that woman.

When she saw Xiao Fang, the woman looked a bit excited and impatient. When she saw Yao Ling, her eyes lit up. "Yao Ling," she quickly called her name, a bit loud.

"What happened?" Yao Ling asked while furrowing her eyebrows. She knew that she wouldn\'t search her out of the blue if nothing came up.

"I have a piece of important news for you!"

"What kind of news?" Yao Ling asked in wonder. She even thought for a second that Xiao Fang must have known about Ying Ying\'s matter.

"Uncle Rong Qiu is the one who sent me here! He has something to talk about with you... he thinks that it won\'t be polite if he comes here himself --- after all, he hasn\'t officially met with your father-in-law!" Xiao Fang explained.

Yao Ling gasped in surprise. Because they had so many matters to attend to, she forgot about this matter. She slapped her own forehead and said guiltily, "Thank you for reminding me!"

Xiao Fang grinned. "It\'s not a big deal because they had accidentally met each other on the street and ended up having a drink together a few days ago... They seem to hit it off..."

Yao Ling didn\'t know about this but at least, they were getting along well. She really needed to talk to Yao Ying about this matter too. She could make it happen in a few days...

"So... what do you want to talk about?" Yao Ling steered Xiao Fang back to the real topic. It was no use to talk about the parents\' meeting with Xiao Fang anyway.

"Ah! I almost forget about it!" Xiao Fang clapped both of her hands with a laugh. "It\'s kind of happy news even though we aren\'t sure about the credibility yet... At least, there\'s hope!"

When Yao Ling heard this, she knew that Xiao Fang must have been talking about another thing --- not about that Ying Ying. She sighed in relief because she wanted to deal with this matter quietly before she told the others.

"Come on! Quickly tell me! You make me feel really curious ah~?!" Yao Ling pushed Xiao Fang for an answer.

"There\'s a clue about your mother\'s whereabouts! Auntie Su Wan!" Xiao Fang said excitedly.

"My... My mother?" Yao Ling asked in surprise.