His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 464 - The Investigation (3)

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Yao Ling sighed in relief when she heard Xiu\'s answer. That was the answer that she wanted to hear.

"If that\'s the truth, then all is good..." Yao Ling said while nodding her head in satisfaction. She heard Xiu\'s reaction clearly and knew that the man wasn\'t lying. Judging from the way he was talking about Ying Ying, he was feeling disgusted with that woman and Yao Ling also felt the same as Xiu.

That woman seemed to sell her body to achieve her goal and what made her different from a prostitute? Such a woman... she wouldn\'t let her people to be contaminated!

Somehow, she sighed in relief because it meant this woman must have been trying to take advantage of Yao Ying. Unless... the past Yao Ying was actually a bastard who worked together as a pair with that woman in that kind of scheme... However, Yao Ling would never believe that Yao Ying was such a man!

Even if someone had forgotten about his or her past, she believed that that person wouldn\'t lose his or her basic personality! Yao Ying was a righteous person so he must have disdained the way that woman did things.

Yao Ying was also feeling bewildered by Yao Ling\'s sudden question. "Why did you ask such a weird question?" He asked Yao Ling through the other side of the screen so he couldn\'t see her expression clearly --- which made him couldn\'t guess the reason as well. Was she joking... or not?

Xiu was nodding his head inwardly, wanting to know what was inside the young mistress\' mind ah~! He was wondering whether she was doubting him or not... If yes, why? He didn\'t think that he had done something that made them doubt him because he was always loyal ah~!

However, it was inappropriate for him to raise the question so it was fortunate that young master had asked in his behalf.

"I just don\'t want Xiu to do something that would make Xiao Yu sad..." Yao Ling said in a low voice. She didn\'t feel guilty for asking the question because it had something to do with Xiao Yu\'s future. She was her most trusted maidservant so of course, Yao Ling would take care of Xiao Yu\'s happiness as well.

If Xiu wasn\'t a loyal man, she wouldn\'t let Xiao Yu get married to him even if Xiao Yu still insisted.

Xiu started to understand why Yao Ling did that and it made him feel happy --- after all, it meant that their young mistress really cared about Xiao Yu. It also meant that she didn\'t distrust him! He smiled and said, "Thank you for your concern, Young Mistress. But this servant will swear to God that it wasn\'t me... If this servant lies, this servant is willing to be killed by thunder..."

He wanted to prove his innocence by swearing.

"Hush!" Yao Ling quickly yelled, trying to put a stop to his sentence. "Stop it! I believe in you. As long as you don\'t betray Xiao Yu and always make her happy... it\'s good enough for me... Just prove it to me with how you treat her in the future..." Yao Ling said in a low voice.

Xiu answered wholeheartedly, "Of course, Young Mistress. I promise... I will treat her well..."

He really wanted to ask for their permission for his marriage but he knew that this wasn\'t the right time yet. Their masters were still having a problem with that low woman and after this matter had finished, it wouldn\'t be too late to talk about their marriage.

"Back to the topic..." Yao Ying tried to steer the conversation back to the important things. "What did you find out about that woman last night?" He asked curiously.

Xiu told them everything slowly. "Well... but the story will be a bit vulgar..." Xiu explained hesitantly before he started to tell the story. He gave a pointed look towards the young mistress\' direction... He wanted to ask Yao Ying whether it was okay to let young mistress listen to everything or not.

Yao Ying nodded his head because he knew that Yao Ling was stubborn so she must have wanted to listen to everything clearly with her own ears. After having Yao Ying\'s concent, Xiu quickly told them everything.


The atmosphere inside the room turned ambiguous especially because there were moaning sounds there. The rapid breaths of both the man and the woman were mingling together which made Xiu shudder even more up there. Not because he was excited, but because he wanted everything to be finished as soon as possible!

Once Ying Ying was in the brink of orgasm, the man asked Ying Ying once again, "Who is that man? What do you plan to do to him?" He continued thrusting while asking the question without losing any breath --- it seemed like the man used to do this as a way to find a piece of information.

"No... Nothing..." Ying Ying was quite persistent and it was hard to pry open her mouth. Despite the pleasure, her brain was still quite clear.

The man frowned because he didn\'t think that the woman was quite resolute in not telling him anything, however, it made him feel even more determined to know. He quickly stopped his thrusting movement and asked, "Are you really not going to tell me?"

He looked at the woman underneath him with a mocking smile and didn\'t plan to move anytime soon. Ying Ying was surprised because of his sly move!

"It\'s really nothing!" Ying Ying gritted her teeth in anger because he suddenly stopped moving and the pleasure that she had just started to feel... was gone. She was supposed to have an orgasm by now but this man dared to stop! Her mind had been clouded by pleasure.

"Quick! Put it in again! Give me a good f*ck...!" Ying Ying who had started to lose her mind didn\'t feel ashamed at all for saying such lewd words. In her mind, she just needed to get her release as soon as possible!

The man smirked, knowing that Ying Ying had fallen under his s*x trap. "I will put it back inside you once you tell me everything. Easy, right?" The man was good at holding himself back even though he really wanted to slam his thing inside her core. He was also in the peak of his own pleasure ah~!

"Come on!" The man urged him to say it as soon as possible. He started to move and thrust into her slowly, but once he felt that her core\'s wall tightened, he stopped. He wasn\'t going to give her a release until she told him everything!

"That... That man seems to come from the Qin Kingdom but I\'m not too sure whether he\'s the man that I\'m looking for..." Ying Ying said. "Really... there\'s nothing to tell..."

\'Qin Kingdom?\' The man thought to himself. Wasn\'t it the kingdom where this bitch came from?

The man still didn\'t feel satisfied and continued to hold himself back even though his whole body was sweating badly. He even felt surer that the man\'s identity wasn\'t that simple, otherwise, why did this woman so bend on finding him?!