His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 463 - The Investigation (2)

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Xiu squinted his eyes when he was looking at their interaction, wondering what kind of relationship they had. Although he knew that they were definitely in that intimate type of relationship, he wanted to know how to define their relationship.

If this man was important to the woman, he could pry open his mouth in a lot of ways --- maybe he could find out what the purpose of this woman. Why did she keep trying to find his young master?

Ying Ying looked at the man with a smile even though she wanted to kick him out of her bed. If she didn\'t need his help, she wouldn\'t even let this man come into her room and even sit on her bed! She could only grit her teeth in annoyance silently.

"How is it?" Ying Ying asked once again. "Do you find out where he lives?!" She was feeling impatient when she found that he had no plan to tell her right away. Did he try to stall or did he actually want something from her?

She understood what kind of thing such a man would want. The man wasn\'t ugly per se and his body was quite muscular, showing that he had good stamina inside and outside of the bed. However, there was a burning scar on half of his face which made him look a bit scary and that scar? It actually made her feel disgusted! However, she still needed to pretend that it made him look manly...

The man shook his head. "No, it seems like someone is covering up his trail... I can\'t find out about him. Who is this man anyway? Why are anxiously trying to search for him?!" He looked at Ying Ying suspiciously.

Judging why it was hard for him to find any information about it, this man must have been someone important and had a strong background. The woman in front of him was merely a lowly street performer and if he knew the reason why she was looking for him, he could use that information and take advantage of it so he would get a good benefit.

"I have been searching for this man for a long time..." The woman said hesitantly, not knowing whether it was a good idea to tell this man or not. However, her gut feelings said that this man was up to no good.

Thus, she stopped her words right there.

"I already helped you so shouldn\'t you give me an explanation?" The man asked while squinting his eyes in annoyance. "Who is he to you anyway?"

"A... A nobody to me..." Ying Ying said slowly.

The man was feeling sure that Ying Ying must have been lying to him. He started to feel dissatisfied. Did this woman think that she could easily use him? Then, she had chosen the wrong person.

Xiu who was looking at them started to be happy when he saw that the relationship between the two people started to crack. It would be easier for him to gather information, however, he felt that the man was useless because he didn\'t know a thing about this matter.

"Why? Is he your previous lover, huh?" The man started to become flirty and Ying Ying started to sweat because she understood what would happen next. The man was too vigorous and the way he made love was quite vicious because her body would turn black and blue the next day and she would feel sore all over her body.

The man stood up and walked towards Ying Ying with a lecherous smile on his face. He started to touch Ying Ying at several inappropriate places, trying to ignite the flame so that Ying Ying would serve him. In his mind, this woman was a good bitch anyway.

He pinched her bottom and started to kiss Ying Ying on the lips. After that, his hands started to roam all over her body which earned a lusty moan from the woman. The man smirked to himself, knowing that he could find out everything soon.

He was quite confident with his performance in the bed and this woman had been conquered by him several times, thus... he knew her weakness really well. Whenever she almost had an orgasm, she would lose her mind and at that time, he could gain information as much as he wanted.

This man was a local thug and his position was quite high due to his sly mind. How could a woman like Ying Ying be compared to him?! He was totally confident that he could use this woman.

Xiu almost vomited when he saw the scene under him. It seemed like he didn\'t guess wrongly... both of them were using their bodies to use each other. He could see a hint of slyness in the man\'s eyes.

Should he continue waiting there?

If he left, he probably would miss important pieces of information. Thus, despite his disgust, he continued to stay up there. He merely listened to their voice though and he didn\'t plan to see the XXX scene.

It seemed like he made the right choice for doing that.

Yao Ying heard his story and said, "Could you just skip the disgusting part?" He didn\'t want to hear those two having s*x or something like that. After listening to that part, Yao Ying knew that he certainly didn\'t have a direct relationship with this disgusting woman!

He just wanted to hear the result and not only that, he didn\'t want Yao Ling\'s ears to be contaminated by the disgusting story.

Xiu, "..."

Why couldn\'t he share his agony? He wanted his master to see how much sacrifice that he had made last night for the sake of those important pieces of information ah~! After being told like that by Yao Ying, he could only skip the juicy and disgusting part.

"The man found a way to make Ying Ying talk..." Xiu said in a low voice. "With... with \'that\'..." He stuttered in the last part, not knowing how to say it with a polite word.

Yao Ying and Yao Ling understood what kind of method that man had used.

"I understand," Yao Ying said, trying to save Xiu from the embarrassment.

Xiu sighed in relief because he didn\'t need to say it out loud. Before Xiu could say anything else, Yao Ling couldn\'t help but ask, "You didn\'t make up an imaginary man, right?"

Xiu knew that Yao Ling was behind the screen so he wasn\'t surprised by her sudden question. However, he didn\'t understand what she meant. "What? What imaginary man, Young Mistress?" He was taken aback by the weird question.

He was always honest to them ah~! Why should he lie to them about this kind of matter?

"Of course, about the man who had done all that with Ying Ying... It wasn\'t you, right?" Yao Ling asked once again.

Xiu could only gape at her question. What did young mistress think he was?! He was still a virgin until this moment ah~! He had also planned to give his first time to Xiao Yu ah~!

"Young Mistress! Of course, it wasn\'t me ah~!"

Xiu really didn\'t know whether he should laugh or cry!