His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 462 - The Investigation (1)

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Xiu had planned to propose to Xiao Yu in a few months so he didn\'t bother to cover up their relationship anymore. He had been wanting to kiss her cute face for a long time! And finally, he could make his plan come true. He felt beyond happy ah~!

Xiu only needed to gain their masters\' permission left before he would propose and judging from his masters\' kindness, he didn\'t seem to need worrying about it. They would say yes for sure. Even though they had their parents\' permission, permission from their masters was more important.

If they said no, there would be no chance for them to get married. Fortunately, they were blessed with kind masters. Their young mistress even cared for Bao Bao\'s marriage... which was only a horse... Maybe Young Mistress was a bit too... kind?

Xiao Yu stomped her feet in shyness and quickly covered up her cheek that had just been kissed, "You... You... Rouge!" She didn\'t know what to say because she was feeling too embarrassed.

After saying that, she quickly ran back into her room with a pounding heart. She didn\'t think that Xiu would be that brazen --- even though she didn\'t dislike it... But... But still... they hadn\'t got married yet, how could he behave like a rogue?

Even though her mind was in chaos due to the sudden kiss, Xiao Yu couldn\'t hold back her smile as well.

Xiu grinned widely when he saw Xiao Yu\'s bashful reaction and quickly turned around once Xiao Yu had vanished from his sight. He decided to investigate the woman as soon as possible. His young master already said that he wanted a fast result. Besides, from Xiao Yu\'s words, he found that this matter was indeed really important.

Xiu found a lot of things in one day and couldn\'t wait to report everything to Yao Ying and Yao Ling...

He went to report his findings to Yao Ying and Yao Ling. Both of them were still lazing around inside their room when Xiu came. Yao Ling was quite surprised by his efficiency but it made her appreciate Xiu even more.

Yao Ying quickly told him to come in and asked, "Have you finally found anything?" He looked at Xiu curiously when he saw that Xiu was in a good mood, despite his bloodshot eyes. He hadn\'t gotten the chance to sleep so he felt really tired.

Yao Ling didn\'t appear in front of Xiu because her appearance was still unkempt, however, she was listening from behind the screen seriously. How could she miss their discussion about that woman? She was grateful that Yao Ying didn\'t try to cover up anything, otherwise, her mind would be in disarray for guessing about it because she would keep thinking of the worst.

"Yes, Young Master..."

"Tell me! Quick!" Yao Ying impatiently said. He wanted to know whether there was really a connection between him and that woman in the past. If yes, what kind of relationship was that?! He even thought that he might be a performer as well back then.

"Last night, I went to the place where the troupe was staying. I actually wanted to rummage through her things --- to see whether she has something important on her or not... After all, Ning Jie\'s investigation result is quite good enough, so I tried to see from another angle..." Xiu said in a low voice.

"Then, what happened?" Yao Ying asked, nodding his head in agreement. Judging from Xiu\'s words, it seemed like he failed to rummage through her things but he was still able to find something out.

"More interesting happened, Young Master. The woman hasn\'t fallen asleep when I got there so I could only wait for her on the roof, hoping that she would sleep as soon as possible..." Xiu explained. When it got to this part, he felt really annoyed. It was already late at night and the woman was still sober.

It was really cold at night especially because Xiu was wearing a thin cloth and yet, the woman didn\'t seem to have any plan to sleep. At first, Xiu didn\'t find anything wrong because the woman kept looking at Yao Ying\'s painting, so he thought maybe she missed him or something like that. For a second, he even felt that this woman must have had a serious feeling towards his young master, even though he felt that the woman\'s gaze was a bit creepy.

Xiu also thought that there was a possibility that things would end up badly if his young master really had a past with this woman. How would the young mistress react ah~?! This woman didn\'t seem to be an easy person to handle.

When he paid close attention to the woman\'s face, he didn\'t find the woman beautiful --- instead, he felt that she was really cunning. Her face was average but she had a certain charming bearing that could attract men, but mostly those commoners. The nobles had never lacked beauties and they would certainly not pay attention to this woman.

Even him...

He thought the same as those nobles... he still felt that there was no outstanding point from this woman --- except her ability to twist her body crazily when she was performing. Maybe some twisted men liked her weird abilities... but he was sure that his young master wasn\'t included.

All in all, he still felt that his young mistress was far better and couldn\'t be compared to this lowly woman --- she was prettier, kinder, and more charming as well. This made him even sure that his young master wouldn\'t be that blind and chose this weird woman.

Xiu almost fell asleep when he found a quite loud movement from inside of the woman\'s room. It woke him up, feeling that something interesting would happen soon. There was a soft sound of knocking on the door --- it wasn\'t too loud but to Xiu\'s sensitive ears, it was loud enough for him to be alert.

The woman stood up and asked hesitantly, "Who is it?" However, she didn\'t look too worried so she must have been waiting for this man to come.

"It\'s me..." A man was answering from outside of the door. "Ah Fu..."

The woman seemed to recognize the man and opened the door for him without any hesitancy. Ying Ying quickly ushered him to come in. "Quick! Quick! Come inside! Do you find out anything about him?" She asked anxiously.

Before closing the door, she looked around to see whether someone saw them or not. When there was no one around, she sighed in relief. Xiu furrowed his eyebrows when he saw all this --- it seemed like this woman wasn\'t really pure as well...

The man didn\'t seem to be a stranger to Ying Ying\'s room because he quickly sat down on her bed without feeling ashamed. Xiu looked at both of them in disgust! Without being told, he knew what kind of relationship that the couple had and he almost vomited when he thought how this type of woman wanted to claim to have a relationship with his young master.

He continued to look at the scene that was happening under him quietly. Even if he loathed them, he still needed to listen to their conversation.