His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 461 - You... You...!

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Chapter 461 - You... You...!

"It\'s lucky that we have already cleaned up Wang Fu... otherwise, Madam Wang will take this chance to do something to us..." Yao Ling sighed. They dealt with Madam Wang as soon as possible was also due to Yao Ling\'s pregnancy.

"Yes... but we still need to be careful. Who knows whether we actually have a hidden enemy or not in this household, right?" Yao Ying said. Everything seemed fine at the moment, but who knew? Maybe there were some restless people inside. It would be better if they kept this matter to themselves until everything had been dealt with.

"True ah~! The better our identity is, the more problems that we will face..." Yao Ying said helplessly. They had higher degrees of responsibilities.

"You haven\'t told me yet... what is your plan?" Yao Ling almost forgot about this matter. "Do you need my help with something?" Yao Ling asked. She didn\'t want to personally deal with that woman and show her vicious side --- it was better if she asked Yao Ying beforehand whether he wanted to involve her or not.

this matter didn\'t directly involve her anyway.

Yao Ying shrugged his shoulder off. "I still have no plan ah~! I don\'t even have any basic information about that woman and her personality, so I couldn\'t decide anything at this moment..." It should be better if he knew the enemy better --- yes, in his mind, that woman was being categorized as an enemy.

Yao Ling nodded her head. "I already told you everything that I have known... Ning Jie could only find that much about the woman so you should investigate her on your own once again..."

Yao Ying nodded his head as well. "I know... I will ask Xiu to check on her background once again --- maybe he could find something that Ning Jie couldn\'t find out. After all, Xiu has more experiences in this matter, he would know what to do."

"Sure..." Yao Ling answered, not feeling offended because Yao Ying was merely saying the truth. Xiu used to be under Wang Luo Hai\'s guidance and Wang Luo Hai indeed had many resources under his hands. On the other hand, Ning Jie had just started to learn to become a spy.

"Just sleep for now..." Yao Ying said. "Don\'t worry! I will tell you once I reach a decision. I won\'t try to meet her unless I already have a preparation," Yao Ying made a promise.

Yao Ling felt assured by his promise and soon fell asleep. this was the first time she could sleep soundly after meeting that woman.

Unknowingly to her, Yao Ying was the one who couldn\'t fall asleep in turn. His mind was full of that woman --- no, he wasn\'t yearning about that woman or thinking about rekindling any relationship with her whatsoever even if they had a relationship before --- which he had felt doubtful ever since the beginning.

Yao Ying just wanted to know... how did that woman know him? He wondered what kind of things that he could get out of this woman\'s mouth about his past. Was it a good... or a bad thing?

Losing memories was really a hassle ah~!

He kissed Yao Ling\'s forehead and tried to ease her furrowing eyebrows with a heavy heart. It seemed like she was really worried about this matter and even brought it to her dream. He was feeling worried about her and knew that he should settle this matter as soon as possible.

While Yao Ling was still sleeping, he slowly went out of the room and called Xiu over. He told him to check on this woman and see whether there was anything weird about her.

Xiu asked in confusion, "Now?"

It was already midnight ah~! He really didn\'t know whether he should laugh or cry. However, it made her realize that this matter seemed to be really important to his young master.

"Yes, now!" Yao Ying said decisively. "Sorry for making you work overtime..."

"Don\'t worry, Young Master! It\'s fine... I will quickly investigate this matter clearly, Young master..." Xiu quickly bade his goodbye and did his job as soon as possible.

His young master didn\'t say much but he knew that this must have something to do with Young Mistress, thus, he needed to ask Xiao Yu about it --- maybe she knew something. He went to the latter\'s chamber and called her out with their secret code. Yes, sometimes, they were meeting at night and their code was the sound of a certain bird that Xiu made as a sign that he was there... They had never done anything improper though... They were just purely dating in between their busy schedule.

As servants, it was rare for them to have time for themselves because they were too busy tending to their masters --- it wasn\'t that their masters were mistreating them, that was just the way it was and they weren\'t complaining about it. They served them wholeheartedly, besides, their masters treated them really well.

So even if their relationship was pure, they only had night time to spend time with each other.

Xiao Yu quickly went out excitedly while wearing her outer robe in a hurry --- she was quite surprised when she heard his calling. "This isn\'t our usual meeting time... Why are you here?" Even though she was confused, she was excited to spend time with him.

Xiu laughed. "I have something to ask you about..."

"Hmmm? What is it?" Xiao Yu asked him back curiously.

Xiu explained about the task from their young master and asked about the woman from Xiao Yu --- maybe she had a few pieces of information about that woman so it would be easier for him to start the investigation. Xiao Yu sighed, knowing that her young mistress must have already told the young master about the woman.

Other than that reason, why would their young master decide to investigate that woman?

Yes, she was in a relationship with Xiu but she had never betrayed Yao Ling\'s trust. Unless her young mistress had brought everything out in the open, she wouldn\'t even tell Xiu a word about it. However, it seemed like she could tell Xiu about it now.

There was no reason for her to cover it up because she also didn\'t want this woman to mess with their masters\' relationship. If she could, she really wanted to make that woman go far away --- but she knew, they needed to find out about their young master\'s background.

Xiao Yu explained everything and Xiu was quite surprised by this woman\'s identity. He was feeling a bit doubtful. If the other party was a noblewoman or someone with a similar background, he wouldn\'t feel that something was wrong. After all, from Yao Ying\'s bearing, Xiu was sure that he wasn\'t a coarse person --- so his background shouldn\'t be as low as a street performer.

But... how did this woman know about his young master? He was really curious as well.

After knowing a few things about that woman, Xiu quickly gave Xiao Yu a surprise kiss on her cheek while being shy. "Thank you," he said in a low voice.

"You... You...!" Xiao Yu looked at him in surprise!