His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 460 - Calculate You?

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Chapter 460 - Calculate You?

Yao Ling told him everything that she had known --- including Ning Jie\'s investigation result so far. Yao Ying gaped in surprise because he didn\'t expect this kind of result at all! He didn\'t even think that this had something to do with his own past... There was even a painting of him!

"My painting? Really?" Yao Ying asked. "Do you have it on you? How do you know?" He was feeling curious about the painting and bombarded Yao Ling with questions.

Yao Ling nodded her head. "Ning Jie gave moe one. Wait for me here! I will bring it out to you."

She walked slowly to her personal drawer, pull out a scroll from there, and gave it to Yao Ying. "Here you go..." She wanted to know his reaction.

Yao Ying opened the scroll in excitement and when he saw the painting, he was beyond speechless. He wasn\'t that good in art but he also knew that there was something wrong with this painting.

How the heck the person inside the scroll looked like him ah~?! Honestly, even though he wasn\'t a conceited person, he felt that the painting was really ugly! The nose was a bit too wide, the eyes were a bit too squinted --- making him look like a sly fox in the picture, and so many flaws that he couldn\'t bear to talk... all in all, the painting was simply too hideous.

"Are you sure that this is me?" Yao Ying was still feeling bewildered. He put the painting beside his face, trying to let Yao Ling judge.

Yao Ling didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry ah~! She thought that he would be concerned about the woman and ask more things about that Ying Ying. Who knew that he cared more about his own painting ah~?!

"I\'m sure..." Yao Ling said.

"Look again! The painting is too ugly to be me!" Yao Ying said in annoyance. "I don\'t think that she could find me by relying on this painting. I even feel amazed that you know that the woman\'s target is me!"

Yao Ling really wanted to laugh out loud. She didn\'t know whether Yao Ying was trying to cheer her up or he really believed in what he said.

"We are sure because the description matches you... besides, I see the look on her eyes when she looked at you back then... I won\'t make a mistake about this matter..." Yao Ling said helplessly. She wasn\'t that stupid to make such an important mistake.

"If her description of me is so clear, why couldn\'t she find me? An Yang City isn\'t that big ah~!" Yao Ying asked out of curiosity. "Do you have a hand on it?"

Yao Ling\'s heart beat a bit faster because she was afraid that Yao Ying would blame her because she was meddling in this matter. "So... do you blame me for it? Or will you think badly of me?" She didn\'t plan to deny his words and admit her doing honestly.

If Yao Ying really blamed her, she would certainly kick him out of the room and let him sleep in the study room. After all, she was also doing this for both of them. She was afraid that this woman would try to take advantage of Yao Ying\'s memory loss and fabricate some stories about it in return.

Yao Ying shook his head. "Not really... I\'m thinking that you have made the right decision. This way, we will have more preparation to deal with her." He didn\'t lie just to appease Yao Ling... He didn\'t know what this woman wanted. Why did she search for him restlessly like this?

Yao Ling was quite for a little while before asking, "How do you want to deal with her?" She wanted to know a little bit about his plan.

Yao Ying sighed and patted her back before finally hugging her. He tried to comfort her and said softly, "Don\'t worry... nothing would happen between me and her. However, I still need to face my past and it means... I have to meet her face to face..." Yao Ying couldn\'t do anything about it --- he had to meet that woman and it was better if he said it clearly to Yao Ling so that they could avoid having a misunderstanding.

Yao Ling sighed and buried her face into his chest, feeling defeated because she understood that what he said was true. They needed to investigate the woman but because they couldn\'t find anything useful from their own investigation, they needed to know everything from the woman.

There was no other choice.

"I know," she answered sadly in a slightly hoarse voice. There was a hint of cry in her words and Yao Ying could only comfort her by hugging her tighter. He felt a pain in his chest because he made Yao Ling sad... and he could do nothing about it.

"Nothing will happen..." He tried to reassure her over and over again. "It won\'t be easy for a woman to calculate me..."

"Calculate you?" Yao Ling looked up at him in surprise. She was wondering why did he say the word calculate?

"Yes, calculate me..."

"Why do you say so?" Yao Ling tilted her head to the side in confusion.

"One thing for sure, I don\'t think my relationship with her was deep enough..."

"Why?" Yao Ling asked in surprise. Did he remember something? Otherwise, how could he make such a deduction?

"Looking at her didn\'t trigger anything..." Yao Ying hesitantly said. He believed in his own words and his own judgment.


"In my past, I must have known a lot of people and close to some... However, it doesn\'t mean that other people won\'t recognize me just because they aren\'t close to me... What if that woman is the latter? The type of people that aren\'t close to me and want to take advantage of me?" Yao Ying explained.

"What do you mean? Why do you talk in a complicated way ah~?! Just tell me in a simpler way..." Yao Ling whined. She got a headache when she listened to Yao Ying\'s explanation.

Yao Ying laughed. Fine... Fine... I will give you an example so it would make it easier for you to understand."


"Hmm... For example, you are close to Xiao Fang and if you lose your memory, the one who could trigger your memory must be Xiao Fang, right? Because you have a deep relationship with her?" Yao Ying gave her a simple example.

Yao Ling nodded her head. "Yes... and then?"

"Hmm... Then, because you are close to Xiao Fang back at the Han Kingdom, several people take note of your identity back then and they know you... but you don\'t know them..." Yao Ying tried to see whether Yao Ling understood his words or not...

"Ah... so you mean, Ying Ying might have belonged to that kind of people? The one who knows you and your identity, but in actuality, you don\'t know her in the first place?" Yao Ling started to understand what he meant.

"Yes! You finally understand!" Yao Ying nodded his head, teasing Yao Ling which made the latter pout.

Yao Ling furrowed her eyebrows. "If that\'s really true, you should be careful!"

"I know..." Yao Ying answered.