His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 459 - Actions Spoke Louder Than Words

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Chapter 459 - Actions Spoke Louder Than Words

When it was finally night time and time to end the hectic day, Yao Ying asked Yao Ling about the things that had bothered her for so long while they were already laying down on their bed. "Will you tell me about it now?" Yao Ying asked in a low voice. He couldn\'t hold back his curiosity anymore.

Yao Ling nodded her head. "I will..." She was in a better mood when talking because of Ning Jie so the atmosphere was still quite nice even though she was going to talk about a heavy topic.

"I\'m curious about something..." Yao Ling started the conversation and she looked at Yao Ying intensely, wondering how to ask the difficult question. Well... asking wasn\'t that difficult, but the answer was the thing that made her feel nervous the most.

"About what?" Yao Ying asked curiously while looking at his wife from the side --- he could feel Yao Ling\'s piercing gaze. He felt uncomfortable ah~!

"Ying... if... if there\'s a woman from your past who comes searching for you, what will you do about her?" She asked curiously while biting her lower lips. She appeared calmed from the outside, but in truth, she was very nervous! She had been wanting to listen to his answer for ages.

"Why are you asking this out of the blue?" Yao Ying was taken aback and narrowed his eyes in suspicion. Did someone try to make a dent in their relationship and tell some bad things to Yao Ling? Was she worried about this matter for the past few days?!

He had never thought about this possibility before because he didn\'t think that there would be such a coincidence in such a big world. Would it be that easy to meet a person from his past by chance? He didn\'t know that this possibility had come true... and his wife already found such a person.

"Just answer me..." Yao Ling pouted. "I\'m just curious... Come on!" Yao Ling urged him.

Her expression made Yao Ying laugh out loud and he pinched her cheek. He really didn\'t know whether he should laugh or cry. Why did she look like she was being abandoned ah~?!

Yao Ling slapped his hand away and said in exasperation, "Stop pinching me!"

Yao Ying grinned and finally answered her question, "I have already promised to have you only as my woman, right? What if a woman from my past appears out of nowhere? I don\'t even remember her and don\'t plan to be entangled with my past..." Yao Ying admitted. Even if he remembered something and had a deep feeling to a certain woman, he would respect his promise and love for Yao Ling.

He chose his current happiness over his own past. When something like that really happened, he would be the one who cleaned up his own mess. He didn\'t think it would be good to let Yao Ling handle such a matter. After all, he was the source of all the trouble.

The reason why he wanted to know about his past was that he wanted to know who he was and his root, the reason for his lost memories --- judging from how Yao Ling found him, it seemed like there were people who tried to kill him. It wasn\'t that he wanted to remember any woman from his past --- after all, there was no trace of longing in his mind and heart.

There was never a thought for him to rekindle with his past. He was just afraid that his past enemies could easily kill him and his family if he didn\'t know who they were.

Yao Ling sighed, knowing that it was useless to talk about this right now. After all, there was a chance that Yao Ying had a different thought once he was facing the woman and his past. It was easy to talk but it was hard to prove it.

Actions spoke louder than words.

This woman seemed to come at the right time --- she could serve as a test for Yao Ying. If he couldn\'t handle this one matter, how could she expect he would handle his whole past? She didn\'t want to be tortured by his indecisiveness.

"Why are you sighing?" Yao Ying asked in displeasure, feeling that Yao Ling was belittling his feelings towards her. No matter how good his temper was, he didn\'t like to be doubted by her --- after all, he had his own pride as a man.

"Nothing... I\'m just thinking about the trouble that we will face soon..." Yao Ling massaged her forehead while saying that.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Yao Ying asked in surprise. They were living peacefully and as long as she hadn\'t given birth, they could do nothing even though they already had a few clues about his past ah~! So, where did the trouble come from?

Weren\'t they fine until now?

"Someone seemed to have recognized you and she is searching for you for the past few days..." Yao Ling dropped the bomb just like that.

"Me?" Yao Ying pointed at himself. "How?" He still couldn\'t believe it. Someone had recognized him?!

"Do you remember the woman that performed chairs balancing act back then?" Yao Ling asked while trying to see his reaction.

Yao Ying blinked innocently at her and answered, "I don\'t think so... Why?"

Honestly, Yao Ying didn\'t really pay attention back then so he didn\'t remember that woman\'s face and he admitted it to Yao Ling. Somehow, Yao Ling felt happy when she heard that --- at least, he wasn\'t interested in that woman\'s appearance and the woman didn\'t ignite his memories at all.

However, Yao Ling\'s questions made him able to connect on the dots. No wonder she had dazed around so much after she watched that performance. It seemed like she had worried herself to death because of that woman...

Silly Yao Ling!

She could just go to him and ask about it so that everything would be clear. Why did she torture herself ah~?! He didn\'t even remember that woman!

"How do you know that she recognized me back then?" Yao Ying asked in shock. If he remembered correctly, they were quite far from the woman --- how could she see that woman\'s expression clearly? Or... was he actually that oblivious?!

After all, his eyes always followed Yao Ling\'s smile and movement at that time, so where could he get a chance to admire or be intrigued by another woman? That was simply too ridiculous!

"Of course, it\'s because of my woman\'s intuition... Mine is always sharp from the beginning, don\'t you remember?" Yao Ling glared at him in annoyance. It looked like he still didn\'t believe in her ah~!

If she said that she could see it, then she could see it!

Didn\'t the woman really search for Yao Ying after that?! It proved that she was right...

Yao Ying could only helplessly nod his head. He was just asking ah~! Why did she look like she was being offended?

"I remember... I remember..." Yao Ying tried to appease her so that Yao Ling would come down. After that, he continued to ask, "Does she really search for me? How?"