His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 458 - 'She'?

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Chapter 458 - \'She\'?

"Young Mistress, I think Young Master is going to Fu Rong around this time. Do you want to go there directly?" Xiao Yu asked softly. She had heard the young master\'s schedule from Xiu. Yao Ling knew that they were getting closer so she just needed to inquire about this type of thing from Xiao Yu. It would save her some efforts.

Yao Ling pondered over it a little while before nodding her head in agreement. "Let\'s go there!" She didn\'t plan to tell Yao Ying right at this moment about that woman\'s appearance, but she was just missing him somehow. Looking at his face would be able to make her feel calmer...

His presence meant a lot to her so that she could overcome her fear and made sure that he was still there for her... She needed to keep up her fighting spirit!

It seemed like luck was on her side because she had chosen to go to Fu Rong and visit Yao Ying. Otherwise, there was a chance that a bad thing would happen sooner than she had expected. She walked happily to Fu Rong and planned to buy something from a restaurant that was quite near to Fu Rong and very popular. She wanted to bring some food for her lunch with Yao Ying.

When she had arrived at the street where Fu Rong was, she directly went to the restaurant and purchased the foods with a lighter heart. Once she went out of the restaurant, her previous smile was gone and became grim.

"What\'s wrong, Young Mistress?" Xiao Yu asked in confusion.

Yao Ling gave a pointed look at a certain direction and sighed in annoyance. She had just sorted her mind and yet, the \'ghost\' had appeared in front of her. Xiao Yu looked in that direction and knew why her young mistress was feeling irked. She saw Ying Ying walking and asking around here and there. It didn\'t seem like she was going out for a shopping spree there...

They knew what she was doing... she was definitely searching for Yao Ying.

Yao Ling squinted her eyes and she saw another scroll that was similar to the previous scroll that Ning Jie had shown her. It must be Yao Ying\'s picture in there. Her heart was beating faster, but luckily, people who she had questioned were shaking their heads --- not knowing who the man in the picture was.

Yao Ling frowned and gave an order to Xiao Yu, "Prevent her from finding out about young master\'s identity --- lead her away from here... at least for now..." Once she had told Yao Ying, they could deal with this matter together.

She massaged her forehead because of the headache that she felt. No matter where she went, she wasn\'t able to avoid this woman! An Yang City was really small ah~! Shouldn\'t she work as a performer around this time? Why did she have the time to search for Yao Ying?

Even though Ning Jie said that she would prevent her from finding out the truth, Yao Ling would be more assured if Xiao Yu also dealt with this woman.

Yao Ling added another work to Xiao Yu, "Check why she doesn\'t work at this moment!"

"Yes, Young Mistress..." Xiao Yu quickly agreed.

Xiao Yu knew that Yao Ling had found Ying Ying as an eyesore. From her talk with Ning Jie, Xiao Yu started to get the gist of it and she also didn\'t want her young mistress to lose her happiness due to an unknown woman. Thus, she took this job seriously.

She turned to Xiao Er who followed them along and said, "You should take care of young mistress when I\'m not around!" As Yao Ling\'s closest personal maid, Xiao Yu had the highest rank so she was allowed to give order to the others and Yao Ling knew that she was the most loyal to her.

"Yu Jie, you don\'t have to worry about it with me around!" Xiao Er answered with a smile. "I will do it!"

Xiao Yu nodded in satisfaction. After that, she quickly left because she already knew what to do and Yao Ling didn\'t need to worry about Ying Ying anymore for now. She went to Fu Rong and found Yao Ying was busy on the second floor just like usual.

"What are you doing here?" Yao Ying asked in surprise. "Didn\'t I tell you to rest at home?" He always acted like a mother hen around the pregnant Yao Ling and he couldn\'t stop himself from pampering her.

Yao Ying quickly pulled out a chair for her and let her sit there. Yao Ling felt warmth because of her kind gesture. "I just want to accompany you here... besides, I also want to have lunch together with you..." She said bashfully.

When she looked at his oblivious face, she felt like she had become the evil wife for preventing Ying Ying to meet him. She sighed inwardly, knowing that she had to act as a bad guy for a little while because of this. Yes, she was selfish. She didn\'t care to be pointed as a jealous wife because she wanted to protect her own happiness. Just a bit longer... After she had enough courage, she would tell him about it and be more honest about this matter.

Yao Ying wouldn\'t reject such a good offer. "Sure..." He answered with a cheerful laugh.

"Xiao Er, prepare the food..." Yao Ling ordered while lazing around.

Yao Ying raised one of his eyebrows and asked, "Where is Xiao Yu?"

He felt that it was a bit weird because Xiao Yu had never left Yao Ling\'s side --- unless there was an important matter had brewed up and Yao Ling could only rely on Xiao Yu to do the job.

Yao Ling sighed, knowing that Yao Ying had found out that something was amiss. She didn\'t realize that he had known about it from the very beginning. It was just that he didn\'t want to talk about it first.

"Can we enjoy this peaceful moment first?" Yao Ling asked with a gentle smile. "I will tell you about it tonight..."

Yao Ying frowned. Peaceful moment? Did it mean that what Yao Ling worried about could turn their world upside-down?! Yao Ying felt even more curious after knowing this! "Sure..." He finally answered hesitantly.

They enjoyed their lunch and chatted joyfully. Yao Ying felt satisfied when he saw that Yao Ling\'s real smile had come back. It was more beautiful than her fake or forced smile --- it seemed like Ning Jie had put some senses into her.

Not too long after that, Xiao Yu came back. In front of Yao Ying, Yao Ling asked, "Have you finished dealing with it?"

Xiao Yu took a peek at Yao Ying, feeling uncomfortable. However, her young mistress seemed to stop treating this matter as a secret so she answered right away, "Yes, Young Mistress. She won\'t be able to find out about anything today."

\'She?\' Yao Ying thought to himself. It seemed like this matter had something to do with a certain woman what he didn\'t know about. Who could make Yao Ling become so rattled like this?!