His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 457 - An Enlightment

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"Silly you! The woman might have seemed to deem Yao Ying as an important person to her but maybe, it\'s not the same with Yao Ying. Why do you have to think of the negative thing first ah~? At least, you should tell Yao Ying about this matter so that he would be more vigilant and judge this matter with a calm mind because he would have a good preparation before meeting that woman..." Ning Jie gave her a piece of sound advice.

"Besides, I can\'t find any concrete evidence regarding the connection between her and Yao Ying... Maybe, you just worry about this matter a bit too much..." Ning Jie said in a low voice. She didn\'t know why but she felt that everything was a bit fishy. However, her heart went to Yao Ling and felt worried about the latter.

Yao Ling listened to Ning Jie\'s advice and sighed, feeling that it made sense. "I\'m still feeling afraid though..." She wondered why troubles seemed always to find her out of nowhere.

Ning Jie shook her head. "You are not supposed to feel afraid because of this one woman. After all, what if another person from his past continues to appear in front of both of you? Would you feel afraid every time it happens and become as paranoid as this? It would affect your relationship with Yao Ying... You have to keep yourself calm and prepare for the worst beforehand so you can face those people bravely."

"The worst? What do you mean?" Yao Ling looked at her suspiciously.

"Prepare to leave him if he dares to do something that would hurt you and your baby..." Ning Jie said in a serious tone. In her mind, a woman shouldn\'t be too weak --- just like her mother. She had seen it herself how miserable her mother was due to that. She was being crushed by her father and stepmother.

Yao Ling gaped at Ning Jie. "But... I don\'t have a plan to leave him!" Yao Ling pouted. At least, not at this time. She had promised herself that she would let him go if he already had a woman in the past --- but after their closeness lately, she started to become greedy and didn\'t want to leave him.

Ning Jie sighed. "You have the wrong way of thinking. If you continue to be afraid, you would be on the losing side ah~! The woman could manipulate your feelings. If you are strong and not afraid of being alone, Yao Ying would be the one who would be afraid of losing you..."

It was sad but it was the truth. Her bitchy stepmother was clever at this kind of thing and it made her father dote on her even more, feeling afraid to lose her even though he had already so many concubines. She had seen this kind of thing in real life so she dared to talk like this.

Yao Ling stared blankly at Ning Jie, trying to digest everything.

"Don\'t you think I will look arrogant in front of Yao Ying if I threaten him to leave if he has anything to do with that woman?" Yao Ling asked. She didn\'t want to look like a jealous wife --- even though she was really jealous inwardly.

Ning Jie rolled her eyes. "You have always been so smart, but when it has something to do with Yao Ying, you become a bit muddleheaded..." She chided softly. It was true that women were always thinking using her emotions which made their judgment became cloudier.

"Of course, you are not supposed to say it out loud! You show it with your behavior..." Ning Jie said helplessly. "I can\'t teach you how to do it because each person has a different way to approach this thing. It will be better if you think more about it and come up with something yourself."

Yao Ling nodded her head helplessly.

"Do you understand what I mean, right? You have to know when you need to be strong and when you need to appear weak so that you could gain his sympathy... Being weak all the time isn\'t a good solution..." Ning Jie continued talking. She hoped that Yao Ling understood what she meant because it was hard for her to explain it --- after all, it was a bit hard to put it into words.

"I understand..." What Ning Jie said finally opened her cloudy mind even though she still needed to think of a strategy to make it happen. At least, she didn\'t feel lost anymore...

"Let me remind you though! Being too strong isn\'t a good solution too --- you need to know when to push and when to pull him..." Ning Jie said with a laugh. After teaching so many kids, she started to become better at reading and handling people --- it turned into a benefit for her.

Yao Ling nodded her head. "Please help me keep an eye on her! I will settle the matter with Yao Ying first..."

"Of course," Ning Jie answered with a smile. "You need to do it as soon as possible though. I can\'t deceive the woman forever. If she asks another person, it will be easy for her to get an answer. After all, both of you are quite a legend in this city..." She tried to joke around to lighten the mood.

Ning Jie knew that Yao Ling needed to take her mind off this matter for a little while so she would have a better mood.

When Yao Ling heard that, she didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry. However, that was the truth. Their luck for being adopted by Wang Luo Hai had become a legend... Most of them were envying their good luck but they didn\'t understand... Without their skills and hardworking personalities, there would be no way Wang Luo Hai would pay attention to them.

This wasn\'t purely by luck ah~!

Fortunately, it was only their names that people kept talking about. The woman must have not known Yao Ying\'s current name, otherwise, it would be easy for her to find him. Yao Ling knew that she should act faster than that woman.

"Then, I will go back first..." Yao Ling wanted to go home and quickly deal with this matter. She looked apologetically at Ning Jie for being in a hurry --- they actually still had a lot to talk about regarding the kids. Due to her pregnancy, Ning Jie had to continue dealing with them all alone because Yao Ying didn\'t want her to be too tired.

Ning Jie stood up and nodded her head. "Good... you should go. And... you know what to do, right?"

"Yes, I know..." Yao Ling laughed, after that, she hugged Ning Jie happily and bade her goodbye.

Her steps turned lighter and Xiao Yu who followed her finally could sigh in relief. Her young mistress\' depressed state made her feel worried but it seemed like she had a solution for her problems.

Once they arrived at the main street, Xiao Yu asked, "Young Mistress, where do you want to go?"

"Do you remember where young master said that he would go today?" Yao Ling was in a daze so she didn\'t fully listen to Yao Ying\'s words. She hoped that Xiao Yu remembered.