His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 456 - But...

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Chapter 456 - But...

Yao Ying actually knew that something didn\'t sit well with Yao Ling and the latter even searched for Ning Jie in a hurry because she needed the latter\'s help as soon as possible. It wasn\'t like Yao Ling\'s usual self because she seemed to be in a panic and her calm bearing was gone.

What made her become so agitated ah~?!

He actually wanted to investigate this matter as well but he changed his mind at the last minute. After all, he respected her. Even though he didn\'t like that there was a secret between them, he knew that he had to give her some space. Despite his curiosity, he held himself back really well. Sooner or later, she would certainly tell him about it. He trusted her that much and hoped that she could fo the same as well.

However, the thing that concerned him the most was Yao Ling\'s behaviors lately. She couldn\'t seem to concentrate and she kept staring blankly at nothing --- seemingly thinking about something important. Whenever he asked the reason, she would just force a smile and pretend that she was fine.

"Are you really okay? Why don\'t you tell me if you have something in your mind?" Yao Ying asked Yao Ling who kept dazing inside their room with a sigh. How could she say that it was nothing when she behaved like this?

Yao Ying didn\'t know that her mind kept thinking the worse. Who was that woman? What was her relationship with Yao Ying before this? Was Yao Ying really the person that she was looking for? What if he remembered her? What if he left her because of that woman?

So many thoughts had been swirling inside her mind over and over again and none of them was a good one...

Yao Ling jumped up in surprise when she heard Yao Ying\'s voice behind her. She clutched her chest because of the surprise and laughed awkwardly. "I\'m really okay..." She answered with a more genuine smile but her heart was still fluctuating.

Yao Ying sighed, knowing that he wouldn\'t get the answer tonight. "Then, let\'s go to sleep..." He suggested with a gentle smile.

Yao Ling nodded her head and laid beside him while Yao Ying was hugging her from behind. However, both of them still had a restless night. They decided not to talk about this matter but the woman would appear soon in their life and make a fluctuation in their peaceful life.

It took one day for Ning Jie to find information about that woman and her trope. They came from the Qin Kingdom which made Yao Ling furrow her eyebrows --- she didn\'t feel surprised about that because she had guessed that Yao Ying must have a certain connection with the Qin Kingdom.

Ning Jie could only find a little about the woman --- after all, she had always following this trope ever since a little girl. She tried to see whether Yao Ying was a part of the trope or not and they couldn\'t find a person that fitted Yao Ying\'s description.

Yao Ying wasn\'t a part of the trope so they couldn\'t find out the connection between him and this woman. After all, the woman had never stayed in one place due to her trope\'s schedule. The woman\'s name was Ying Ying --- she was actually a nobody in the Qin Kingdom.

However, judging from Yao Ying\'s aura and behavior, he didn\'t seem to be an ordinary person. Then, who was he actually?!

At first, Ning Jie didn\'t understand why Yao Ling was so concerned about this Ying Ying person because she didn\'t seem to have any connection with them whatsoever. But... who knew that something like that would occur? Ning Jie wanted to say something but she was a bit hesitant.

"And...?" Yao Ling asked Ning Jie who sat in front of her while drinking tea.

"The woman is asking around about your husband..." Ning Jie said in a low voice.

Yao Ling started to be nervous when she heard this. It seemed like she didn\'t guess it wrongly. "How can you be so sure that it\'s my husband?" Yao Ling asked in hesitation. She didn\'t specify tell him that the woman really knew Yao Ying before...

"She\'s asking around while holding the drawing of your husband\'s face..." Ning Jie explained while pulling out something from her sleeve. She gave Yao Ling a piece of dirty scroll. Yao Ling opened it with a trembling hand and indeed, it was Yao Ying\'s drawing. Fortunately, the painting only looked five to six points to Yao Ying --- maybe because she didn\'t have the money to hire a better painter.

"Do many people know about this matter?" Yao Ling asked worriedly.

"The woman has made such a big move. How could people not know about it? I\'m pretty sure that people would soon realize that it\'s your husband. You should take care of this matter before it\'s getting bigger and turning into a mess," Ning Jie said.

Yao Ling\'s body was trembling in fear. "And then...? Has she found out anything about Yao Ying?" Yao Ling asked worriedly.

Ning Jie patted her hand. "Don\'t worry! For the time being, I\'m able to suppress this matter. Fortunately, the first person that she has asked was our people. We make a promise that we would tell her once we get more information about the man in the painting."

The woman believed their people because the former had no other choice. Not only that, but she couldn\'t get out of the trope\'s tent for a long time.

Yao Ling nodded her head and said her thanks to Ning Jie. "What a coincidence!" Yao Ling sighed in relief. At least, she could deal with the matter before it blew up. She felt really dizzy and started to massage her own forehead to calm herself down.

Ning Jie looked at her weirdly, feeling that Yao Ling was a bit funny.

"What?" Yao Ling asked while holding her face. "Is there something on my face?"

"Why do you look so worried?" Ning Jie asked her out of curiosity.

Yao Ling bit her lower lip and finally, decided to tell Ning Jie everything. If she kept bottling up her feelings inside her mind, she would become crazy in no time. She had no confidence in herself --- it might be because of her pregnancy, she became more sensitive than usual.

Ning Jie flicked Yao Ling\'s forehead softly. Even though she was working for Yao Ling, the latter treated her like a dear sister so she did the same as well. Thus, she wasn\'t hesitant to say the next sentence.

"Why are you being so stupid?!" Ning Jie chided her.

Yao Ling held her forehead and pouted childishly. "How could that be? I\'m not stupid!"

Ning Jie rolled her eyes. "You made a stupid decision this one time... and you don\'t even realize it yourself..."

"What do you mean?" Yao Ling asked in surprise.

"Shouldn\'t you trust your husband a bit more?" Ning Jie asked while raising one of his eyebrows.

Yao Ling couldn\'t answer Ning Jie because she knew by keeping this as a secret, it meant that she was doubting Yao Ying\'s feelings and personalities. "But..." Yao Ling didn\'t know how to refute Ning Jie\'s words.