His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 455 - Investigating The Woman

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Chapter 455 - Investigating The Woman

Yao Ying didn\'t want to ruin the trope\'s way of getting money and Yao Ling\'s excitement to watch the show, so he didn\'t say anything about it. He just wanted her to enjoy the show and merely consoled her by saying, "She will be fine... Isn\'t this her way of earning money? I\'m sure that they already have the necessary precaution... Besides, that woman must have been doing a lot of practices beforehand."

However, Yao Ying didn\'t really have the interest to look at the woman again --- after all, he could probably do the same thing as her with his skill and that was the reason why he didn\'t pay close attention to the woman.

Yao Ling nodded her head even though she was feeling unconvinced. However, what Yao Ying said certainly made sense ah~! Because of that, her heart turned calmer.

"Don\'t be too agitated! Should we take a look at another street performance? This woman isn\'t the only one who could perform good things..." Yao Ying appeased softly. He was worried that her agitated state would affect the baby and it was better if they got out of here as soon as possible.

Yao Ling sighed. "Let me take a look for a little while before moving to another performance," she answered. Yao Ying could only wait patiently for Yao Ling to feel satisfied.

She heard from the surrounding people that this trope came from another kingdom and quite popular there --- it was rare to see their appearance in a small city like An Yang and that made her feel really curious. They didn\'t specifically say which kingdom and Yao Ling didn\'t care about it. She was just feeling interested in their performance.

If she knew what would happen next, she would certainly choose not to watch this performance even if someone forced her with a knife on her throat.

Yao Ling paid close attention to the woman\'s moves so everything fell into her eyes once there was something different from her movement or expression --- and something really happened because the woman\'s expression changed. All of a sudden there was a surprise and longing look on the woman\'s face and because of that, her movement started to falter and almost lose her balance. The woman wobbled for a little while before she was finally able to stabilize herself.

However, she couldn\'t keep her expression stoic and Yao Ling could see her longing clearly. The distance between them was quite far but still close enough for Yao Ling to see everything clearly.

People were gasping in surprise and thought that it was a part of the performance, however, Yao Ling knew better. She squinted her eyes and saw that the woman\'s gaze landed on a certain direction before she lost her composure just now.

Yao Ling didn\'t know why the woman attracted her so much... but for once, she felt lucky that she found the abnormality as soon as possible. Because she actually looked at Yao Ying... with that intense gaze.

Did she know him somewhere from before?

Yao Ling looked at the indifferent Yao Ying --- she didn\'t know whether it was because he didn\'t recognize the woman or because the man didn\'t really take a good look at the woman. Somehow, her protective side started to come out because an alarm bell was ringing inside her mind.

She shouldn\'t let them meet with each other!

Thus, Yao Ling quickly said, "Ying, we should go take a look at another place. Just like what you have said before, there is nothing interesting here..."

Yao Ying was quite surprised by her sudden change of mind but he felt satisfied because he didn\'t like this crowded place anyway. Yao Ling held Yao Ying\'s arm affectionately unlike her usual bashful self and said, "Come on!"

"Sure!" Yao Ying looked at her dotingly.

Yao Ling wanted to make sure whether the woman\'s reaction came from looking at Yao Ying or not. She squinted her eyes in an unobvious way and indeed, the woman\'s face turned paler when she looked at how intimate Yao Ying and Yao Ling were.

Once they turned around, they heard a woman yelling, "Stop! Don\'t go, Ge Ge!"

Yao Ying paused for a little while when he heard that voice --- somehow, it seemed so familiar to him. However, Yao Ying merely thought that it was just a fluke and his mind was too preoccupied with worry for Yao Ying and their child\'s wellbeing so he didn\'t think that the woman was actually calling him.

But... Yao Ling knew.

Her body stiffened and she became so nervous. She didn\'t realize that her grip had tightened due to fear.

Yao Ying felt the abnormality and asked, "Are you okay?" He furrowed his eyebrows in worry.

Yao Ling forced a smile and said, "I\'m okay..."

"Are you sure...?" Yao Ying still felt unconvinced, after all, Yao Ling looked a bit paler than usual.

"I\'m sure..."

"Why don\'t we go home so you can take a rest?" Yao Ying suggested. He knew that Yao Ling had been looking forward to this day so he needed to ask her opinion first --- he didn\'t want her to feel disappointed.

"Sure..." Yao Ling just wanted to get out of here as soon as possible so that woman couldn\'t find out anything about them. She needed to make a preparation first --- she needed to find out that woman\'s identity.

Just like that, Yao Ying and Yao Ling were gone from the woman\'s view. The woman had become anxious but judging from the stern look of her boss, she couldn\'t do anything and should just continue her performance until the end. She gritted her teeth in determination... she needed to find out the man just now.

That man looked like someone familiar to her and he had been missing for a long time, so she needed to make sure whether she had finally found him or not.

Once Yao Ying and Yao Ling arrived home, Yao Ling quickly called over Xiao Yu and told her to go to Ning Jie personally. Xiao Yu was there with her so she understood who Yao Ling wanted to check on, however, she was feeling baffled why her young mistress put so much thought on that woman. She was just a street performer anyway...

Yao Ling asked for Ning Jie\'s help to take a look into this woman\'s background. The kids under her had been working on several places in An Yang City and were quite good at gathering information --- of course, it wouldn\'t be as good as Mi Hui\'s people or Xiu who had been trained to do this and had more experiences.

But at least, she had her own people which she could order for her own personal matter --- just in case, something like this had occurred.

She didn\'t dare to use Xiu and Feng because she didn\'t want to attract Yao Ying\'s attention. After all, Yao Ling didn\'t want him to notice that woman!

She was feeling fortunate that she had planned ahead beforehand and had her own people. Even though all of them were still newbies, at least, they were loyal to him --- even more than their loyalty to Yao Ying.

Thus, she felt that everything should be fine.