His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 454 - Who Made Me Pregnant In The First Place?!

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Yao Ying shook his head whenever he thought about the past few months\' suffering...

This pregnancy was a torture to him because the woman kept teasing him every day with her moves. Somehow, he found out that the woman was a bit... hornier than before her pregnancy? She kept getting closer to him and yearning for body contact which was a torment to him. By having a body contact, Yao Ling had already felt satisfied but it was different for Yao Ying ah~!

It made him aroused to the point of no return!

How many times he had to take a cold shower before sleeping during that time? Fortunately, he knew how to control his inner qi to make his body temperature stable while he was feeling cold, or else, he would have been falling sick a long time ago. This was the first time he knew that his martial art skills had another use other than to fight and protect himself and his beloved ones.

It was really a pain in the arse ah~!

However, he could do nothing about his urge. He could look at Yao Ling while drooling but couldn\'t touch her... Damn! He didn\'t know how many times he had cursed inwardly because of this matter! He just wanted to get past the pregnancy as soon as possible so he could jump onto his wife like a big bad wolf.

Please... Please... Daughter or son... just came out obediently, okay?

If he complained about this matter to Yao Ling, the latter would merely give him a pointed look and asked in a righteous voice, "Who made me pregnant in the first place, huh?! If you want to blame someone, you should blame yourself and your little Yao Ying down there ah~!" The woman didn\'t forget to point at his little Yao Ying with her finger as well --- it seemed like she was already comfortable to talk about s*x more openly with him.

He didn\'t know whether he liked her change or not. Both of her different sides were pretty attractive... Her bashful side made him want to tease her even more while her wild side made him want to jump onto her right away.

Yao Ying, "..."

He really didn\'t know whether he should laugh or cry ah~!

How could he refute that statement? If he knew that it would be so painful for him when Yao Ling was pregnant, he would postpone it for a few months at least... However, it was too late to do that...

Their honeymoon moment had been stopped for a little while. That wasn\'t the only worst part...

Because the matriarch had been waiting for a grandchild for so long, she became fussier and decided to take care of Yao Ling carefully at this time because she didn\'t want anymore mishap to happen. She was very strict and it made Yao Ying feel speechless --- after all, she treated like he was a big bad wolf who was in heat!

If she could, maybe she would make them sleep separately.

The funny thing was the old woman was preventing them from making love --- even though the pregnancy had passed three-month-old which supposed to be safe already. It was really baffling to Yao Ying ah~! He had asked Wang Luo Hai for help with his eyes when the matriarch gave him that order in front of him as well, but Wang Luo Hai only shrugged his shoulder helplessly.

How could he refute his mother? Not only that it was unfilial, but he wasn\'t that comfortable to talk about this matter...

Yao Ying frowned. He was a man so he should be able to understand his feeling but he was betrayed by Wang Luo Hai as well!

Yao Ling who looked at Yao Ying\'s expression giggled softly which irked him even more ah~! It seemed like the woman really liked to mock him when he was in such a predicament. He even told Yao Ying to accept his fate while patting his back... which made Yao Ying give up his fight. He couldn\'t win from them anyway...

"Come on!" Yao Ying heard Yao Ling called him and it brought him out of the trance. He shook the thought away and decided to enjoy the moment, after all, it was only nine months and he didn\'t have to be so bitter all the time.

Yao Ying smiled dotingly at her and answered, "Sure... Sure... We can take a brief look. If it\'s too dangerous, I want us to quickly go to another place, okay?"

Yao Ling murmured her agreement because she knew that Yao Ying was right.

Yao Ling was petite and because of that, she couldn\'t see the performance if they were standing at the back. Yao Ying protected her while trying to find a way so that they could go to the front. With Yao Ying\'s martial art skills, it wasn\'t that hard to do that --- of course, he wouldn\'t use his brute strength to push people around randomly.

Once they successfully got the front, Yao Ling happily enjoyed the performance while grinning. Such a happy Yao Ling was very beautiful in Lu Yi Feng\'s eyes and he would do anything to let her continue to smile like that. He sighed blissfully and held Yao Ling\'s hand tightly.

There was a pretty woman who was doing acrobatic moves in the middle and it made the onlookers gasp in surprise because of her bravery to do crazy moves and poses. They cheered her up once she made a difficult one.

The pretty woman was slowly doing a chair balancing act. The woman was piling up a few chairs slowly and before her friend helped her to add the chair, she kept doing crazy balancing pose which was very hard to do. It didn\'t even make sense to see the way she bent her body --- it was like she didn\'t have any bones ah~! Once in a while, other small objects were added in between the chairs to create a more surprising effect because they were stacked at an unstable angle.

If she didn\'t want to fall miserably, she needed to maintain her stability all the time. Once the stack of chairs was getting higher, Yao Ling started to become anxious for the woman --- she even had cold sweat all over her body. Her heart was beating faster but she still enjoyed the performance nonetheless.

The woman\'s current height could even reach the second floor of a nearby building and judging from the look of it, she didn\'t seem to plan to stop anytime soon because her sidekick kept preparing chairs for her.

Once she lost her concentration, there was a possibility that she would be dead once she fell down. Yao Ling wondered what kinds of crazy practices that this woman had done to be able to reach this level ah~! It was really a difficult thing to do.

"Will she be okay?" Yao Ling asked Yao Ying, feeling worried. "It\'s so dangerous ah~!"

Yao Ying saw that the woman had pretty high martial art skills so she must have known what she was doing. It was actually easy for her to balance herself, however, because she wanted to add the suspense, she pretended that she was going to fall down several times.