His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 452 - About The Bet Again

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Chapter 452 - About The Bet Again

After everything had gone back to a more peaceful time, Wang Luo Hai took them to Lin Fu to meet with General Lin. Wang Luo Hai seemed a bit tense so they thought that they must have an important matter to talk about. However, they were curious to know what was this all about.

"Father, why do you bring us here?" Yao Ling asked curiously. His grim face made them feel even more curious.

"Hmph! Of course, there\'s an important thing to discuss with that old man! Otherwise, I will be too lazy to visit him...!" The old man stubbornly said while frowning.

Yao Ling, "..."

\'You are an old man too...\' She thought to herself. Yao Ling looked at Yao Ying in confusion --- what kind of important things that would need both of them to attend to as well! Somehow, she felt like that Wang Luo Hai was being childish. Knowing that the latter already felt displeased, Yao Ling decided to shut her mouth and see what really happened by herself --- not bothering to ask any question anymore.

They were received by the guards. Even though they had no appointment beforehand, the guards knew that Wang Luo Hai was General Lin\'s best friend so they didn\'t dare to obstruct their way.

"What are you doing here?" Lin Zheng asked Wang Luo Hai with a frown. "You didn\'t make an appointment beforehand!"

Wang Luo Hai rolled his eyes. "Please stop pretending that you are so busy! I already checked whether you are at home or not beforehand. See? Don\'t you stand in front of me?"

Lin Zheng sighed, knowing that he wouldn\'t win when Wang Luo Hai started to become unreasonable. "So what?! What do you want to talk about?" He asked.

"It\'s about the bet!" Wang Luo Hai said with a smug look pasted on his face.

"Which bet?" Lin Zheng asked. They had too many bets to count ah~! How could he know which one the old fool wanted to talk about?

"The pregnancy thing!"

"What?! We have already determined that I win, so why do you still want to talk about that matter?"

"It\'s the wrong result! I should be the winner!" Wang Luo Hai said in excitement.

"How come?!" Lin Zheng asked in displeasure. This man really couldn\'t take a loss, somehow forgetting that they were both the same type of people.

"My daughter-in-law is pregnant now... Right, Yao Ling?" Wang Luo Hai asked the question to Yao Ling while grinning.

Yao Ling didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry. Really? This bet was like a long time ago already... Wang Luo Hai was still petty enough to bring it up and feel indignant about it.

"I\'m pregnant, indeed..." Yao Ling admitted. However, didn\'t they already determine the result a long time ago?!

Lin Zheng also knew the fact that Yao Ling was pregnant. "The baby is produced after three months so I\'m the winner! How could you make a fuss about that matter again? Is it because you don\'t want to part with the expensive vase?"

Wang Luo Hai pointed at him in annoyance. "It\'s not only expensive, but also rare!" He dared to use it as a bet because he was pretty sure that he would win ah~!

"Why are you so petty? A lose is a lose ah~!" Lin Zheng said smugly while mocking him.

"Let\'s call over a physician! He would be able to determine the date of the baby was being conceived," Wang Luo Hai made a suggestion.

Yao Ying could only shake his head. "Father... the pregnancy is a secret ah~!" How could they risk the baby over the little bet?

Wang Luo Hai frowned in annoyance. "Whose side are you?"

Yao Ying, "..."

He could say nothing to that and decided to just stay quiet at the side. Wang Luo Hai was satisfied with Yao Ying\'s behavior.

"Come on!" Wang Luo Hai looked at Lin Zheng smugly. "Are you afraid to know the truth?"

Lin Zheng mocked him, "You are just trying to make trouble out of nothing... Hmph!"

After that, they were fighting like little kids.

Yao Ling sighed. "I have a suggestion..."

"What?!" Both of them looked at her and asked at the same time.

"I can actually tell you when it\'s being conceived..." Yao Ling said hesitantly.

"How?!" Wang Luo Hai and Lin Zheng asked at the same time.

Yao Ling looked helplessly at them and turned to Yao Ying while whispering a few things into his ears. Yao Ying was speechless by Yao Ling\'s suggestion because it was too embarrassing to do ah~! She didn\'t want to say it and yet, she told him to do it. After that, she went out of the room after curtsying without waiting for the two elders to say yes.

The woman practically ran away...

"Where is she going?!" Lin Zheng asked in surprise.

"She was feeling embarrassed..." Yao Ying answered.

"Huh? Why?" Wang Luo Hai asked in confusion.

"Of course, because she has to answer a personal question because of both of you..." Yao Ying looked at them with blaming eyes.

"What is the answer?" They didn\'t bother to pay attention to Yao Ying\'s expression. Once they knew that Yao Ying knew the answer, they decided to push an answer for him. Yao Ying asked for a paper and a brush to write something. The two old men looked at him curiously and when Yao Ying had given them the paper, they read it together. It seemed like he gave them several dates...

"Why do you give us those dates?" Both of the old men looked at each other in confusion.

"Those are the dates when we were making love..." Yao Ying explained. "You can determine it yourself which date is the right one..." Yao Ying answered with a laugh, knowing that it was pretty impossible to determine the real date.

Both of the old men looked at the list in surprise... Indeed, it was embarrassing for a woman to talk about this matter.

Wang Luo Hai asked, "Why are there only a few? You are newlyweds and know that I have this kind of bet... Why didn\'t you do it more?!" The old man really had the gut to blame them!

Lu Yi Feng, "..."

He could only lie... "I\'m not going to list everything to you ah~! These are the date in which it was the most fitting days when the baby was conceived..." His face was slightly reddened when he talked about all this, feeling embarrassed about the topic that they were talking about.

Yao Ying couldn\'t really tell him about the private agreement between him and General Lin, right?

"Oh..." Wang Luo Hai nodded in understanding.

They looked at the dates and some of them before the three months and some of them were after those periods. They were quite helpless ah~! How the heck they choose one date from there?

"How about this..." Yao Ying wanted to give them a suggestion.

"What?" Both old men asked at the same time --- they were both tired of their own bicker ah~!

"Why don\'t both of you think of this as a tie? After all, we can\'t really determine the right date... It won\'t be fair to both of you anyway..." He tried to say it softly to convince the stubborn elders.

"But... he had already said that he had lost and even had given me the prize as well!" Lin Zheng answered with a sneer. Then, he looked at Wang Luo Hai, "Are you shameless enough to take it back?"

It started a round of bicker once again. No one wanted to lose. In the end, Yao Ying knew that he wasn\'t really needed in the first place. Probably, Wang Luo Hai was just missing their fun interactions. Yao Ying decided to go out stealthily and run away from there!

Just let the old man enjoy himself!

Yao Ling sent him a message that she would go back first due to the embarrassment and let Yao Ying find Lin Jian to have fun. In the end, Yao Ying found Lin Jian and dragged the man away to have a round of drinking.

About the old men? It took them a long time to finally reach an agreement by themselves...

In the end, they decided that it was better to think of it as a tie... Wang Luo Hai gave the vase as a present, not because he had lost the bet.

When Yao Ling knew the result, she could only shake her head. What was the difference anyway? In the end, Wang Luo Hai was still the losing one...

Seeing the old man felt satisfied, it was better if she said nothing...