His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 45 - She Is Way Cuter This Way

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Chapter 45 - She Is Way Cuter This Way

That night, Yao Ying and Yao Ling talked about their days. Yao Ying laughed at Yao Ling\'s way of dealing with Concubine Wan.

"I never know that woman can be that dangerous. Jealousy is a scary thing." Yao Ying pondered. After listening to her story, he indeed made the right choice by strengthening himself. He wanted to grow stronger in order to protect her. His thought came back to the part where he wanted to recruit people and make them his loyal subordinates. Although in this household, they held certain power in \'Fu Rong\' but it wasn\'t good enough to protect them. He had to think of a way for doing this slowly.

Yao Ling wanted to say something but decided against it. She wanted him not to take in concubines, but she didn\'t know how to bring it up and say it to him in person. She hadn\'t done her job as a proper wife by not serving him at night and she felt like she didn\'t have the right to say it loudly. She remembered that she had said that she would let him go if his memories came back and he had another woman before. She regretted her stupidity back then, but this was actually a contractual marriage.

This marriage was based on mutual benefits and she couldn\'t selfishly make a selfish demand like that. She had made that decision herself, so she couldn\'t blame Yao Ying. She became afraid that he would leave her one day. She started to realize that her feelings for Yao Ying had grown at an alarming rate.

Yao Ling removed those heavy thoughts and smiled at Yao Ying, "Hey! I\'m not like them!"

Yao Ying smiled dotingly at her, "Of course! You are my wife. I\'m good at judging people\'s character." Indeed, he was. If Yao Ying didn\'t like her for a little bit, there would be no way he approved her marriage offer. He could take her with him and protect her all right. He could probably say she was his servant, but he didn\'t want to downgrade her like that. Yao Ying wanted her to stand by his side as his equal.

Yao Ying was in a dilemma whether he should tell Yao Ling about the bet. If he wanted her to stay by his side, maybe he shouldn\'t keep the truth to himself. "I need to tell you something."

Yao Ling paid attention to what Yao Ling said. Despite Yao Ying\'s fear, Yao Ling didn\'t feel offended. She laughed out loud. "I had an idea about the bet. The last time we had lunch together, do you remember how General Lin\'s behavior was?"

Yao Ying tried to remember, but he didn\'t really pay attention to that kind of little details. He shook his head and said truthfully that he didn\'t remember anything. Yao Ling explained to him the way General Lin looked at her stomach and said that it was good she wasn\'t pregnant. Her gut feeling told her that they made a bet regarding her pregnancy. Her guess was correct.

"Yes. If I agree to his term, then he will become my master. It\'s a win-win situation since I also have to honor my promise to you. Therefore, I agreed," Yao Ying explained.

Hearing the \'honor his promise\' part made Yao Ling slightly blush. She knew she was weak to his temptation, otherwise, last night wouldn\'t have happened at all!

Yao Ying went closer to Yao Ling and blew her ears with his hot breath. He could see Yao Ling\'s body stiffened, making him want to laugh. He whispered softly, "You also need to honor your promise. Don\'t tempt me!" Yao Ling felt the hotness on both of her cheeks. This… This man… was he trying to seduce her again? Right after he said he would honor his promise?

"I… I… When did I tempt you?" Yao Ling stuttered.

Yao Ying just chuckled softly in a low and hoarse voice. He remembered to hold himself back and tease her bit by bit. He touched her back softly, trailing down the curvy outline... and it made her feel the tingling all over her sensitive back. She shivered at his touch and Yao Ying could also feel the way he affected her. Yes… she also liked and enjoyed it.

He stopped right there, moving away from her and keeping some distance. After that, he walked right past her. Yao Ying laid on their bed and yawned. "I\'m tired. I\'ll go to sleep." He just left her there hot and cold, making her scowl. Yao Ling didn\'t understand her own reaction, so she just blamed it all on Yao Ying. Without his seduction, she wouldn\'t feel this way at all.

She stomped her way to their bed. When she wanted to get to her side, she had to go past the sleepy Yao Ying. She \'accidentally\' stepped on him, making him yelp in pain.

"Oops… sorry!" She pretended to be sorry and slept right away.

Yao Ying didn\'t get angry, but instead, he was enjoying his little wife\'s temper. In his eyes, she was way cuter this way. A meek woman would bore him to death.

The next day, Yao Ling had to follow the matriarch\'s arrangement. She had to learn etiquette from Zhang Mo Mo on her own courtyard. When Zhang Mo Mo looked at the way she walked, she could tell that Yao Ling had great potential. Her walk had a certain gracefulness and this was a good basis for learning how to walk like a noble lady. She only needed to teach her a little bit and Yao Ling could walk elegantly in a short time.

She was satisfied with Yao Ling\'s cleverness and this would certainly make the matriarch happy with the fast progress. Although Zhang Mo Mo was satisfied, she didn\'t show it on her face. She was a strict teacher. When Yao Ling didn\'t meet her standard, she would ask Yao Ling to start over and she didn\'t hesitate to hit her with a stick.

Yao Ling felt tired, but she didn\'t dare to slack off. She knew she needed this lesson, but Zhang Mo Mo was quite scary. It didn\'t make her enjoy the learning process even for a bit. She hated being hit with a stick. Despite her unwillingness, she still needed to obey Zhang Mo Mo and could do nothing at all. She bitterly kept her thought to herself – even when she was cursing. If Zhang Mo Mo knew her thought, she would certainly vomit blood because of her unladylike behavior.

When two hours had passed, Yao Ling felt her freedom back. She pulled Xiao Yu\'s right hands and quickly ran away. She could hear Zhang Mo Mo yelled at her, "Young Mistress, please mind your behavior! Don\'t run like that!"

Yao Ling yelled back at her while laughing merrily. "Four shichen is up! Tomorrow, I will start to behave again!"

Zhang Mo Mo was speechless, but she was already old and didn\'t have the stamina to chase down the young mistress. She could only shake his head helplessly and report it back to the matriarch. She thought the matriarch would get angry, but contrary to the expectation, she just laughed and said, "She\'s still young. It\'s fine to have this kind of lively attitude. This \'Wang Fu\' needs a little bit of hearty laughter."