His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 449 - Madam Wang Found Out The Truth

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Chapter 449 - Madam Wang Found Out The Truth

"What did you say?" Madam Wang asked in a cold voice. "Tell me each word once again! I want to listen to it more clearly..."

She took a step to the front and her momentum made Ru Hua feel surprised by her ferocity. The latter took a step back and almost stumble upon something and this time, it was for real. Ru Hua didn\'t dare to act rashly at this point --- she found that something was wrong with her.

"Sis... Sister... What are you doing here?!" Ru Hua asked in surprise. Didn\'t Madam Wang under confinement? Then, how could she go out and make a fuss here? She looked at Wang Luo Hai doubtfully, thinking that she might have been set up by Wang Fu people.

However, the latter seemed to be surprised as well and look at Madam Wang in confusion! Ru Hua shook the thought away. No! How could they know that she wanted to target her brother-in-law? She didn\'t think that her big sister was clever enough to guess the truth. Besides, she had no close relationship with the Wang Fu people.

A crazy thought fleeted inside her mind but she shook that thought away. Maybe... it was Yao Ling\'s doing? Somehow, she doubted it, after all, she didn\'t even know her in the first place and they had never interacted with each other before.

Was this really a coincidence?! Ru Hua\'s mind was in a mess because she didn\'t know how to answer Madam Wang --- she had said everything clearly just now. Her big sister seemed to have listened to everything...

"Repeat what you have just said to me now!" Madam Wang ordered her in a voice full of hatred. There was a hint of killing intent in her movement. A cornered person would behave like a beast and that was exactly how Madam Wang was at this moment...

Honestly, Ru Hua had never seen Madam Wang behaving this way. She had always been so gentle and yet, she looked at her in hatred at this moment. For the first time, she felt afraid of Madam Wang. The latter seemed so cold and there was a hint of craziness in her eyes!

Was this really her kind older sister that was easily used and manipulated by her?

Ru Hua didn\'t know that the past few days had enough to make Madam Wang turn crazy because of the treatment that she had gotten --- even the concubines dared to come and mock her gleefully without any restraint. No one had dared to disrespect her in this manor before!

Everything had changed in the blink of an eye.

She had almost lost everything and had bet everything on Ru Hua. Thus, when she knew that Ru Hua had come, she was beyond happy because her savior had come... But in the end, what she had gotten was actually a betrayal. This was even more painful than being betrayed by Wang Luo Hai.

No, the latter had never betrayed her because he had told her clearly about everything. She had never lied to her!

Not only from her sister but also from her father that she had supported all this time! Once she was in trouble, he abandoned her in no time. Her legal mother must have not known anything about this, otherwise, she wouldn\'t let Ru Hua come.

\'This f.u.c.k.i.n.g bitch!\' Madam Wang cursed the woman in front of her inwardly.

"Sis... Sister... you are scaring me..." Ru Hua said pitifully. She wanted to act as a white lotus so that Wang Luo Hai would pity her and in the end, choose to protect her. However, she really didn\'t need to act this time --- she was really in fear.

"I told you to repeat what you have just said! What do you want to do? Become my husband\'s woman?! Under whose permission?!" Madam Wang asked directly without beating around the bush. She wanted to deal with the matter as soon as possible.

She had nothing to lose anyway. Even if she was being divorced, her father wouldn\'t receive her back because of the embarrassment. He wanted to abandon her and let Ru Hua take her place so he wouldn\'t have to lose everything! It seemed like she worthed nothing in her father\'s eyes. If it was like that, then why didn\'t they go to hell together?

"Sister... you must have heard it wrongly... I come here to help you... that\'s what father wants me to do... Really!" Ru Hua said and pretending to look like she was being honest.

"It\'s already at this point and you still dare to lie! Do you think I\'m an idiot?!" Madam Wang asked.

They didn\'t know that Yao Ling had given a few things to detoxify Madam Wang so that she could think a bit clearer when she was being confined. It might look like they had given her a worse food but it was actually because of the medicinal ingredients inside the food.

Otherwise, how could she see Ru Hua\'s pretense in such a short time?



Madam Wang slapped her right cheek and it made Ru Hua fall down in a thud. Her whole face was swelling right away because Madam Wang didn\'t hold back her strength at all. Ru Hua covered up her cheek in embarrassment and tears started to flow down from her eyes. Even though there weren\'t many people there, she still felt really humiliated. What if one of them spread the news out there? It was already enough to ruin her reputation... Seducing and being found out by her sister!

Ru Hua felt at a loss as well.

"Awww~!" She yelled while falling down. "Brother-in-law, what is wrong with my big sister? Please help me! She... she looks abnormal. Please don\'t hate her! Something must have provoked her!"

Yao Ling and Wang Luo Hai were thinking the same thing at the same time, \'It\'s not something --- but someone. To be precise, it\'s all because of you! And yet, you still have the gut to ask?!\'

Ru Hua looked at Wang Luo Hai, asking for help. She expected that Wang Luo Hai would help her, but instead, he only stood there while looking at her mockingly. Ru Hua was surprised at what she had seen. Right at this moment, she seemed to know what happened. It made her feel so angry because she really fell into their trap!

"You... You... You... All of you are playing me!" She said loudly. Ru Hua didn\'t pretend to be a weak little girl anymore. She pointed at Wang Luo Hai and Madam Wang in anger.

"Playing you?! Do you think we are that idle?!" Madam Wang asked in annoyance. "I thought you really come to save me, but instead, you become the death of me!" She was beyond angry when she didn\'t see any remorse from her sister\'s expression.

Wang Luo Hai glanced at Madam Wang and asked, "Do you see it clearly now? You have been under her spell all this time!"

Madam Wang nodded, feeling ashamed and she didn\'t have the gut to ask Wang Luo Hai to think twice and accept her once again. She had done the unforgivable because of her sister!