His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 446 - Please...

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Chapter 446 - Please...

"Master\'s people are there and also, Old Madam\'s a few strong Mo Mos are dispatched as well. They will be the ones who hold onto the madam if she wants to do something weird. It seems like they are really trying to get rid of the madam as soon as possible..." Xiao Yu explained. Even a blind person could see this fact clearly.

"I know..." Yao Ling answered with a sigh. Who wouldn\'t hate such a stupid and selfish woman? Not only that, but she was too narrow-minded to think about the big picture.

"Master said it\'s better if you are not being involved directly... so there would be no hard feelings between you and Madam Wang. If something really happened, it doesn\'t have anything to do with you..." Xiao Yu relayed Wang Luo Hai\'s words clearly.

Lately, Madam Wang had lost her soul and become a bit deranged... This was the main reason why Wang Luo Hai was afraid that Yao Ling would be attacked, especially because Madam Wang seemed to hate her a bit too much.

Yao Ling understood his concern and she was quite grateful. She realized that her identity as Jiu Lan\'s daughter really made a big difference for Wang Luo Hai. He treated her more genuinely than before... She didn\'t know that she could be this lucky because everything went into place for her lately. Hopefully that it would always stay like this forever.

Yao Ling could only helplessly accept Wang Luo Hai\'s arrangement. "Well... as long as Madam Wang could see everything with her own eyes, it should be fine..." She finally said.

"Yes, Young Mistress," Xiao Yu answered with a smile.

The only thing that they could do was to wait for the male lead to arrive. Ahem ~ Wang Luo Hai was the male lead for the complicated love story at this moment. Yao Ling quite admired him --- after all, he was pretty old but women still threw themselves at him once in a while. Indeed, his wealth was quite tempting and his look was also not bad --- so maybe that was the reason why he was quite popular in the market.

Xiao Yu said all of a sudden, "Wait a minute, Young Mistress! This servant needs to get something for a little while."

Yao Ling nodded her head and said, "Just do your thing..."

Once Xiao Yu came back, she brought a stool with her. "Young Mistress, it might take a bit long. Just sit down first... or else, you will get tired,"

Yao Ling stunned but then, she smiled in happiness. Xiao Yu was indeed the most considerate and loyal of her maidservants. She didn\'t feel shy and quickly sat down while saying thank you to Xiao Yu. Indeed, it was more comfortable for her to sit. Sometimes, if she stood up too long, her stomach would churn and once in a while, there was an urge to vomit. Xiao Yu understood this point and that was the reason why she prepared a stool for Yao Ling in the first place.

It didn\'t take long for Wang Luo Hai to arrive and he looked confident and calm, not looking like a person who had planned all of this in the first place. His eyes slightly fleeted to another rockery on the opposite side of Yao Ling and the latter knew that Madam Wang must have been staying there to see the excitement.

She sighed, feeling bad that she couldn\'t see Madam Wang\'s expression.

Wang Luo Hai pretended to pass by the pavilion and asked his personal servant, "Is it here? Why don\'t I see Yao Ling\'s shadow at all?"

The servant answered helplessly, "Master, I have no idea. Xiao Yu indeed said that the young mistress is waiting for you here because of an important matter..." He looked around and couldn\'t find anyone around --- he didn\'t think that Xiao Yu would lie about this kind of matter. Seeing his master didn\'t look unhappy, the clever servant knew that there was something he didn\'t know about.

His master was patient but not if he was being abandoned like this...

Their sights were obstructed by a small rockery so they couldn\'t see Ru Hua who waited for them excitedly inside the pavilion. Yao Ling gave a signal to Xiao Yu and the latter whispered to her, "This servant already made an arrangement about this beforehand. Don\'t worry Young Mistress!" Yao Ling nodded her head in satisfaction when she heard that.

A maidservant appeared and reported to Wang Luo Hai, "Master, there\'s an urgent matter at Fu Rong so the young mistress has gone there to take a look in a hurry. She forgot to send a message to Master so she asked this servant to tell Master about it."

Wang Luo Hai nodded his head. "I understand... It\'s fine... You can go now!"

The maidservant curtsied and quickly went back to her place because her job was done. Xiao Yu said that it was an important matter so she didn\'t dare to slack off.

Wang Luo Hai sighed and decided to go back --- he deliberately didn\'t let his eyes wander and pretended that he didn\'t know that someone had been waiting for him at the pavilion. He had no interaction with her whatsoever before so it shouldn\'t be him the one who initiated the conversation.

Ru Hua had been waiting for him to acknowledge her, however, he didn\'t see her and she almost jumped from her seat in anxiety. How could she let this rare chance go easily? Ru Hua needed to attract her attention, thus, she slowly stood up and called Wang Luo Hai gently, "Brother-in-law..."

Wang Luo Hai was surprised by the gentle voice that came out of nowhere. He turned around and saw Ru Hua standing there while looking at him with her watery eyes. He had to admit that the woman was quite attractive, too bad, his heart had been taken in this life. Otherwise, any other man would have been tempted by such a beauty.

"Who are you?" Wang Luo Hai asked while furrowing his eyebrows.

Ru Hua didn\'t hear any displeasure tone from his voice, thus, she said, "This one is Madam Wang\'s younger sister... Ru Hua..."

Wang Luo Hai nodded hid head. "Oh... You are Ru Hua. I heard your sister mentioned you a few times. What are you doing here? Your sister is sick at the moment, so she doesn\'t receive any guest," Wang Luo Hai bluntly said.

Ru Hua blushed because she didn\'t think Wang Luo Hai would say it bluntly like that. "I... I..." Her eyes started to get teary, feeling ashamed. "I\'m sorry... I didn\'t mean to... I\'m just worried about my sister..." She looked pitifully at Wang Luo Hai with her enchanting and seductive gaze.

Wang Luo Hai sighed. "I\'m sorry... I was a bit too harsh just now... Did I scare you?" He asked in a softer voice.

Ru Hua\'s face reddened and she shook her head. "No..."

"Why don\'t you go back for another day?" Wang Luo Hai asked.

Ru Hua bit her lower lips. "Brother-in-law, what kind of sickness that my sister has? Can... Can it be cured? I was surprised when I heard that she is suddenly sick out of the blue... My heart won\'t be at ease if I don\'t meet her personally..."

She added while fluttering her eyelashes at him, "Please..."