His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 445 - Ru Hua's Excitement

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Chapter 445 - Ru Hua\'s Excitement

Yao Ling laughed. "You don\'t need to feel so nervous. Why do you look like you are actually afraid of me?" She asked innocently.

"No... No... Of course not!" Ru Hua quickly denied it. "I\'m really thankful for your help ah~! I\'m sure my big sister would think the same way."

Yao Ling thought inwardly, \'Oh... I really doubt that! I don\'t think she would thank me...\' She laughed inside her mind.

"I\'m just asking for a simple request," Yao Ling said with a gentle smile. Because she didn\'t want Ru Hua to feel suspicious, she started to warm up and let her talk more intimately with her. The better she felt their relationship was, Ru Hua would start to loosen her vigilance.

"Just, please... Don\'t tell my father that I\'m the one who helps you to set an accidental meeting him, alright? He already gave an order that he doesn\'t want to meet anyone from Madam Wang\'s family..." Yao Ling said helplessly. "Not only that but he also doesn\'t allow me to do something to help Madam Wang. If he knew, he would scold me ah~!"

"As simple as that?!" Ru Hua was somehow in disbelief and blurted out her real thoughts accidentally. Usually, people would always demand something from her whenever they gave her a few benefits. It was no wonder that she felt surprised.

Yao Ling tilted her head to the side and asked her back, "Yes... Why do you look so surprised?" She pretended to look at her in confusion. In a way, she really pitied the younger sister. She became like this because she must have been under other people\'s coercion.

"Nothing... You are just the kindest person I\'ve ever met..." Ru Hua gently smiled, showing her gratefulness to Yao Ling. She didn\'t know whether Yao Ling had another purpose or not but she didn\'t really care --- as long as it would give her benefits.

She had been thinking hard about how to meet Wang Luo Hai --- she even wanted to choose Fu Rong. Today, she came here purely because of her big sister ah~! Who knew that luck had come to her way early?

"When will he come?" Ru Hua asked nervously. "Do you think he will help me and give our family a face?" Ru Hua started to worry, thinking whether she was too hasty or not.

Yao Ling sighed. "Honestly, I don\'t know... I wish you luck because this is the only thing that I can do to help you... About when he will come, we need to wait for my maidservant to come back. I have no idea where my father is at the moment, but one thing for sure, he\'s still in the manor because I have just met him."

Ru Hua nodded her head while wringing her handkerchief out of anxiety. She followed Yao Ling who was leading her to sit down at the nearby pavilion. Yao Ling offered her some refreshments and Ru Hua accepted it gratefully. Her eyes kept darting around in excitement, waiting for Wang Luo Hai\'s arrival.

"Let us wait here!" Yao Ling said calmly while ordering her people to serve snacks and tea for them to enjoy while waiting.

Ru Hua actually wanted to take a look at herself whether she looked beautiful or not, but she couldn\'t. Yao Ling was looking at her like a hawk while sipping the tea calmly, somehow, it made her feel uncomfortable. She had a feeling that Yao Ling could see through her if she talked too much ah~!

That was the reason why Ru Hua chose to keep her silence and maintain her elegance appearance. Fortunately, not too long after that, Xiao Yu came to the pavilion in a rush and whispered a few things to Yao Ling\'s ears. Yao Ling nodded her head after listening to her report and in the end, she looked apologetically at Ru Hua.

"Ru Hua Gu Niang, my father is coming this way and he will arrive in no time. I have to go now... Everything will depend on yourself after this, okay?" Yao Ling said urgently. She looked apologetic but didn\'t hesitate to go --- it was merely a lip service from Yao Ling anyway.

"What...? But..." Ru Hua wanted to stop Yao Ling because suddenly, she didn\'t feel so sure anymore. She knew that she had to act perfectly because Wang Luo Hai couldn\'t be categorized as those stupid males that were easily manipulated by her... The man was sly and clever at reading people\'s expressions--- her sister had told her all about Wang Luo Hai so she understood what kind of person he was clearly.

Ru Hua more or less knew what she was getting herself into and had a necessary preparation for a few days, but still... she was merely a young girl --- of course, she would feel nervous.

Yao Ling didn\'t wait for her to say anything else and directly left Ru Hua all alone with only her maidservant at her side hurriedly. Ru Hua was speechless, but at least, she could tidy up her appearance with no one around. Somehow, her heart was beating faster in excitement.

Yao Ling pretended to get out of there but once she was out of sight, she changed her direction stealthily. There was a place where she could hide near the pavilion and Ru Hua wouldn\'t find out about her presence at all. She hid behind a rockery which surrounded by thick bushes and trees.

Yao Ling could see everything that happened inside the pavilion clearly but not the other way around. She asked Xiao Yu in a low excited voice, "Have you told father everything?"

"Yes, Young Mistress. He already knows what to do and he told me to tell you not to worry about this matter too much. Just remember to take care of yourself and the baby..." Xiao Yu explained.

Yao Ling nodded her head in understanding. She understood the point but she still wanted to watch the excitement nonetheless.

"What about Madam Wang?" Yao Ling asked once again. Even if Wang Luo Hai didn\'t tell her to, she would keep vigilance around Madam Wang. The woman had tried to hurt her more than once. so she already had resistance towards her.

"Don\'t worry, Young Mistress. She\'s already on the way here as well but Master has arranged another place for her to see the good show... It\'s not too far from here but at least, we are not in the same place as her..."

"Why? This is a good place..." Yao Ling asked in confusion because she wanted to keep an eye at Madam Wang.

"Master is feeling worried about you, Young Mistress... Just in case she goes crazy after knowing the truth... Who knows what she should do if she\'s being cornered?" Xiao Yu said while looked at her stomach pointedly. No one knew about her young mistress\' pregnancy matter so Xiao Yu didn\'t dare to say it out loud. However, Yao Ling naturally understood her meaning perfectly clear.

Yao Ling sighed and nodded her head. "I understand... But, who will keep an eye on Madam Wang?" Yao Ling asked. She was afraid that she would suddenly go out and ruin the plan...