His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 444 - Can You Help Me?

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Chapter 444 - Can You Help Me?

"Don\'t tell anyone about it! It\'s supposed to be a secret..." Yao Ling said in a low voice while looking around carefully.

Ru Hua also knew about this point because there was no rumor about this matter on the outside --- they only knew about this from Liu Li --- otherwise, they would still think that everything was actually fine.

"I won\'t tell anyone!" Ru Hua quickly promised Yao Ling. She saw that Yao Ling might have started to open up and tried to seize the chance. "But... Can you help me, Yao Ling Gu Niang? You are Madam Wang\'s daughter, right? I\'m sure you will want to help her and do all your best about it, right?" Ru Hua asked softly.

Yao Ling sneered inwardly, knowing that Ru Hua was forcing her to comply with her seemingly harmless words. This woman was really eloquent with her words ah~! If she didn\'t help Ru Hua or Madam Wang, it meant that she didn\'t treat Madam Wang like her real mother --- it was against filial piety.

Yao Ling sighed, "I\'m also in a hard position ah~! Father even didn\'t let me call her mother, so..." She trailed off at the last part sadly. The meaning was clear... it wasn\'t that she didn\'t want to help her but she was under her father\'s order.

Ru Hua was surprised because she didn\'t think that Madam Wang\'s position was already that bad! She was even doubtful that she could help Madam Wang if that was really the real case. She knew that Madam Wang was being grounded but she didn\'t know that the matter was this serious. She didn\'t know whether she should be happy or not with the current progress.

If Wang Luo Hai thought she was the same as her big sister, it would be hard for her to step into Wang Fu. She gritted her teeth inwardly, her big sister was so stupid for getting into this predicament!! Merely killing two villagers and yet, Madam Wang had failed miserably!

However, this was a good chance for her to shine. If she could beat Madam Wang, she would feel even happier. She always felt that the kindness that Madam Wang gave her was actually fake. She only pitied her and it made her feel uncomfortable which finally, turned into hatred. What her mother concubine had told her over and over again must have been true!

"Wha... What do you mean, Yao Ling Gu Niang? Why couldn\'t you call her mother...? Is my sister really okay? Please... please... let me meet her... I\'m so worried about her..." Ru Hua begged her with her doe eyes and tears started to flow down from her eyes. She didn\'t even dare to mention the word \'divorce\'! After all, it would be too embarrassing for her family and in the end, it would also affect her own marriage ah~!

\'What a drama queen!\' Yao Ling rolled her eyes in annoyance. \'Does she really need to act seductive all the time?!\' Honestly, it disgusted Yao Ling who had known her real face!

"Wait a minute!" Yao Ling told Ru Hua to stay on the spot for a little while. They were currently still at the front garden and there was a little pavilion. Yao Ling led them to that spot and left Ru Hua there. "Can you wait here? I will arrange some matters first --- maybe I could help you a little bit..."

"Really?" Ru Hua asked in surprise.

Yao Ling nodded her head while giving out her gentle smile. "Of course, I actually want to help Mother but I didn\'t know how... With your presence, maybe it would be easier."

Ru Hua wanted to ask a question but Yao Ling already turned around so she could only swallow her words back.

Yao Ling went out of the pavilion and whispered a few things to Xiao Yu who stood there. She wanted the latter to prepare everything just like how she had arranged beforehand. Xiao Yu quickly went away in a rush, knowing what her young mistress really wanted.

"Gu... Gu Niang?" Ru Hua asked in confusion. She didn\'t know what kind of instruction that Yao Ling had given to Xiao Yu. Somehow, she got a bad feeling about it because she knew that Yao Ling wasn\'t a simple person... If she didn\'t think of doing anything bad, why was there a need to whisper? There was no one else but her and her maid here...

Ru Hua started to be a bit doubtful.

Was she really trying to help her? Ru Hua didn\'t know whether she should trust Yao Ling or not. Too bad, she had no other choice. The first step that she needed to do was to meet her big sister because she wanted to know what happened inside Wang Fu clearly. If she could, she wanted to meet her brother-in-law...

Maybe... Maybe... something would happen... She thought to herself shyly.

Ru Hua was a lot smarter than Madam Wang --- Yao Ling could see it clearly after Ru Hua threw a suspicious gaze at her. Well... wouldn\'t it be too easy if she fell into her trap right away, right?

Once Yao Ling came back, Ru Hua quickly asked, "How do you plan to help me --- I mean, us?" She almost forgot that Yao Ling did this because of her relationship with her big sister. She needed to thread her words carefully --- just to avoid any misunderstanding.

Yao Ling looked at her helplessly. "The only thing that I could do is to let you meet with my father... I failed to persuade him, but maybe... you could..."

Ru Hua was taken aback. Persuading him? How? She had no power whatsoever so what could she do to convince him?

She had been here several times and had never met the legendary brother-in-law because he was too busy working all the time and at that time, she didn\'t think too much about him. If it wasn\'t because she didn\'t like the condition of her groom-to-be, she wouldn\'t do this ah~! Her concubine mother always came up with a good plan for her and the plan to seduce her brother-in-law sounded so reasonable. It would help her out of her predicament.

Her heart was beating faster. Once her sister was out of favor, she suddenly was able to meet him. Somehow, it made her feel nervous.

"Will... Will this really be okay?" Ru Hua asked shyly. "I don\'t think it will be good for a maiden like me to meet him privately..." She tried to look as innocent as possible.

Yao Ling almost laughed out loud when she saw her bashful face, however, she was able to maintain her calm face on the surface. "Of course, it will be okay... Besides, you won\'t meet with him privately. I won\'t do anything that would harm your reputation. Don\'t worry about that! I told my people to bring him here, but of course, he doesn\'t know that you are here... But... you have to help me with one thing as well..."

Ru Hua narrowed her eyes suspiciously. "Help you...? What kind of help?" She knew that this thing was too good to be true. Was she falling into Yao Ling\'s trap?