His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 443 - Ru Hua Came

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Chapter 443 - Ru Hua Came

Yao Ling\'s prediction was true. Her plan to tempt the younger sister had just begun, and yet, the younger sister really took the bait in such a short time. She came to their manor under the pretense of looking for her big sister. She was currently talking to the guard, asking for permission to visit her big sister.

At the same time, Yao Ling was going out to the front door. She planned to go out and visit Fu Rong, doing some checking there. It was quite lucky for the younger sister to meet her by accident, otherwise, she wouldn\'t be able to go in. Yao Ling was happy though because she could be there to witness everything.

Because of that, Yao Ling needed to postpone her work. She didn\'t regret it though because the Fu Rong matter wasn\'t that urgent, actually. In her opinion, it would be more fun to see what would happen next ah~! She didn\'t want to miss the good show. How to get a good show? Of course, she had to let the younger sister in ah~!

The guards greeted Yao Ling politely, "Young Mistress..."

"What happened?" Yao Ling asked them softly and the way the guards called Yao Ling made the younger sister knew that this was the legendary adopted daughter.

"Yao Ling Gu Niang..." The younger sister called her name softly while paying attention to what Yao Ling wore. Her clothing was even better than her and her jewelry was much more expensive than her --- honestly, she envied her. How could she live better than her?

"You are...?" Yao Ling pretended that she didn\'t know who the other party was. Besides, she really didn\'t know her name and kept calling this woman as the younger sister before this. However, her people already showed her the painting of this woman so she knew who she was in a glance.

"This one is Ru Hua... Madam Wang\'s younger sister..." She said shyly. Ru Hua was the same age as Yao Ling, however, she didn\'t have the elegance that Yao Ling had. But still... the woman was still charming in her own way.

\'Hmm... She\'s actually quite pretty up close... even better than the picture that she had seen before...\' Yao Ling thought to herself. Her face was prettier than Madam Wang quite a lot and there was a hint of seductiveness in each of her movements which would be able to entrance men --- any men. She was truly the daughter of a concubine --- her mother must have taught her everything that she knew so that her daughter would be able to attract men\'s attention.

She had heard that the younger sister\'s birth mother was a courtesan. Even though she didn\'t sell her body but she was still a master of seduction art. Otherwise, Madam Wang\'s father wouldn\'t have doted on her so much!

Yao Ling nodded her head politely --- she was currently a legal daughter so her standing was higher than Ru Hua who was merely the daughter of a concubine. "En..." Yao Ling answered with a gentle but distant smile.

"Jie Jie... nice to meet you..." Ru Hua said while blushing shyly. She didn\'t look nervous which made Yao Ling feel that this woman look a bit sly.

Yao Ling sneered. The other party wanted to be intimate with her because Ru Hua must have known that Yao Ling was holding the power at Wang Fu as well. She might as well try to build a good relationship with Yao Ling ah~!

Yao Ling really wanted to roll her eyes. She wasn\'t a man ah~! Why did she blush and act shy just like that? She wondered for who this woman put on such a show to see. Yao Ling said in a low voice but loud enough for everyone to hear, "I\'m sorry... I\'m not really familiar with you... I don\'t think it\'s good for you to call me Jie Jie at this time... Maybe if we have a chance to get closer in the future... But really, nice to meet you too..."

Her rejection was clear even though she was talking politely. If they had a chance? Yao Ling didn\'t even give her a face at this moment ah~! She believed that she wouldn\'t give her a chance in the future as well.

Ru Hua blushed in shame and bit her lower lip, looking like she was being wronged. To the outsider, it would look like that Yao Ling had bullied her. If this happened outside of the manor, it would take effect because outsiders wouldn\'t know Yao Ling\'s real personality.

But Yao Ling had let her come inside the manor and they were talking inside of the manor --- not far from the front gate. Outsiders couldn\'t see a thing... Fortunately, the people in Wang Fu already knew Yao Ling\'s personality. She was always kind and polite even to the servants of the manor.

If they thought about it, what Yao Ling said really made sense ah~! How could a concubine\'s daughter want to be intimate the first time she met with Yao Ling? Their statuses were quite different ah~! A stupid person also knew that Ru Hua must be wanting something from Yao Ling. They looked at Ru Hua in disdain.

Even though she was feeling embarrassed to death, she knew that she had to persist. She wouldn\'t admit defeat easily because she really needed to meet with her sister, thus, she continued to smile tenderly even though she gritted her teeth in anger inwardly. If she became a madam at Wang Fu one day, she would crush Yao Ling under her feet!

If Yao Ling wasn\'t lucky to be adopted and given such a high status by Wang Luo Hai, how could she stand in front of her so proudly like this? Her position should have been worse than her! After all, it wasn\'t a secret that Yao Ling used to be a commoner!

\'Damn this woman!\' Ru Hua cursed her inwardly. She wouldn\'t forget about the embarrassment that she felt at the moment.

"Yao Ling Gu Niang..." She changed the way she called Yao Ling back to the polite one.

"Hmmm?" Yao Ling asked while tilting her head to the side and feeling generous enough not to make a fuss anymore about how she should call her.

"Can... Can this one meet Madam Wang?" Ru Hua asked timidly once again.

Yao Ling was pretending to be taken aback. "I\'m sorry... Madam Wang isn\'t in good health so she needs to recuperate. Both of them knew what \'recuperate\' actually meant.

"I... I heard that something happened to her..." Ru Hua asked cautiously.

"She\'s fine..." Yao Ling answered evasively. People could guess that she was lying through her teeth...

"Gu Niang, please... I miss her..." Ru Hua kept pushing her...

"I... I can\'t decide this matter, after all, I\'m not the one who grounded her..." Yao Ling said helplessly.

"Grounded?" Ru Hua pretended to be surprised. "I thought that it\'s a baseless rumor, so... it\'s true?" She pretended to be sad on the behalf of her big sister\'s.

"Ooops!" Yao Ling covered her mouth, looking like she was accidentally leaking a secret.