His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 440 - What's His Name?

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Chapter 440 - What\'s His Name?

Wang Luo Hai shrugged his shoulder off. "How could I know the way his mind works ah~?! The man is very weird, to begin with. It seems like it wasn\'t enough for him to vent his anger that one time. He even wanted to cut off my offsprings out of the blue... The same thing happened once more --- we couldn\'t fathom his mind and underestimate him... In the end, he could even use Madam Wang and we fell into his trap..." Wang Luo Hai said in regret.

If only he was more vigilance.

In a way, he felt that he had lost to that man over and over again... However, he actually trusted Madam Wang before that matter happened and started to have better feelings for the woman. Who knew that it was actually her who betrayed him? Thus, he lost all of his good feelings towards her in a heartbeat. In the end, Madam Wang ruined their marriage because of her stupidity.

"Does that man have a connection with Madam Wang\'s maiden family?" Yao Ling asked. After all, this matter seemed to be related to the younger sister --- she was the one who made Madam Wang keep thinking about Jiu Lan out of the blue.

Wang Luo Hai sighed. "I believe so... to be exact, it seems to be the younger sister who keeps in touch with that man... There is no trace that there is a connection between my father in law with the man no matter how hard I try. Besides, he needs us more than we need him --- he needs our money to maintain his job..." Wang Luo Hai explained his findings.

The man didn\'t really have the talent to become an official even though he was clever at scheming, thus, he could only rely on bribing people here and there! Thus, he didn\'t believe that the man that kept targeting them was able to put his father in law in his eyes.

Yao Ling tilted her head to the side. "That younger sister seems to be a fishy and tricky person... How could she be connected to everything bad that happened to our manor?!" The infertility drug and the fact that she wanted to take her big sister\'s place here.

Wang Luo Hai nodded. "It is related to her concubine mother, actually. Despite being treated nicely, she keeps wanting to become the legal daughter for a good marriage and it\'s all thanks to her concubine mother. She keeps whispering things to the younger sister ever since she was a little girl... No wonder her mind becomes twisted and becoming the legal daughter becomes her wish..."

"But... how could she know that man?!" Yao Ling asked in confusion. Judging from what she had heard, the man must have had a high position in the court.

"The world is actually quite small... that man also has a relationship with the concubine mother. I don\'t know what kind of relationship exactly because the man is able to cover up his track just like usual..." Wang Luo Hai gritted his teeth in hatred. "However, the connection is still there..."

Yao Ling sighed and decided to ask the important question. "Father... what is that man\'s identity? I\'m very curious to know. Besides, I will raise my defense whenever I see that man. If he knows that I\'m pregnant, I\'m pretty sure that he will try to do something to me and my baby... I believe that he doesn\'t want grandmother to be happy... he wants to show her that she has chosen the wrong guy back then."

Wang Luo Hai was taken aback because he hadn\'t thought that far. After he had a second thought, what Yao Ling said was possible... That man was really obsessed with their family...

"Do you think he\'s also the one who wanted to kill my baby before this?" Yao Ling asked, feeling that it seemed to be possible as well. Until this moment, they hadn\'t gotten an idea about the mastermind\'s identity. Maybe... this man asked for another kingdom\'s people to do the deed so that no one would suspect him

It was a bit too farfetched, but who knew ah~!

Wang Luo Hai shook his head. "I don\'t think so... I always watch his movement and he doesn\'t pay attention to you and Yao Ying at that time... However, if Madam Wang is kicked out from our Wang Fu, I\'m sure that both of you could become the next targets because he would think that you are ruining his good pawn."

"Then, you should really tell me his identity so I can have a preparation..." Yao Ling tried to gauge more information about this seemingly dangerous man from Wang Luo Hai.

Wang Luo Hai answered, "That man is the current Emperor\'s younger brother..."

Yao Ling furrowed her eyebrows. "Then, why does he want to support a certain prince? What kind of benefits that he would get?" Usually, an ambitious man would certainly choose to become the monarch himself --- why should he go through the hassle for other people ah~?! She didn\'t seem to believe in his motives.

"He wants to become the regent and have a power that is equal to the Emperor once their plan becomes a success!" Wang Luo Hai said with a frown. "The man doesn\'t really want to do the hard work as an Emperor but he wants the power of regent so he could love the rest of his life leisurely. In the end, for him, the power is still in his hand but he doesn\'t need to work and face those ministers every day."

Yao Ling looked up in surprise with that man\'s selfishness. "And... the Empress agrees with him? How come?! There\'s no benefit for letting such a greedy man hold such great power!"

Wang Luo Hai said, "Your grandaunt also knows that fact ah~! She is also unwilling but she has already had a preparation beforehand. Once we are successful, the first thing we do will be eradicating him... It\'s a gamble --- a big one... However, we needed his power and had no choice but to work together with him back then."

"Why? Is he that powerful?" Yao Ling asked in surprise. She hadn\'t learned more about the Shu Kingdom\'s political struggle, after all, she would never think that a merchant would actually be a part of the fight to the throne... It seemed like she really had a lot to learn ah~!

"He\'s the Emperor\'s most beloved brother and in a way, sometimes the Emperor trusts him a bit too much!" Wang Luo Hai explained.

"Even more than the Empress?!" Yao Ling asked in surprise.


Yao Ling didn\'t need to hear more and started to understand what Wang Luo Hai had implied. Even though the man was dangerous, they still needed him to put on good words about the twin princes to the Emperor\'s ears.

"How about now? Does the Emperor still trust him that much?" Yao Ling asked.

"Not really... we created several events that made the Emperor start to doubt him... Fortunately, it worked... However, it only lessened his power a little bit. He has a lot of supporters and that\'s the reason why his position is unshakeable until now..." Wang Luo Hai said.

"What\'s his name?" Yao Ling asked.