His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 44 - Xiu’s Predicament (2)

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Chapter 44 - Xiu’s Predicament (2)

"No, you have to hear me out!" Xiu didn\'t want Xiao Yu to misunderstand him and he knew he needed to explain it right away or else… there would be a lot of troubles in the future. They were both serving the same couple, so they were bound to meet together all the time. He didn\'t want this to affect their previously good relationship.

He wanted to scold his young master. If it weren\'t for his stupid task, there would be no way he was in this predicament.

Xiao Yu felt her lower stomach was getting more painful, but she wasn\'t finished dealing with Xiu. She didn\'t think much and said, "Fine… Fine… I\'ll hear you out, but not today!"

"I don\'t want to fight with you! We have to settle this now!" Xiu stubbornly said.

Xiao Yu wanted to pull her hair in frustration. Couldn\'t Xiu get her hint? She was in a hurry and she didn\'t want to talk to him at all! She just wanted to have a good rest and sleep soundly. Xiu\'s strength was no joke. She couldn\'t even pull her hand away from his grasp.

Xiao Yu rolled her eyes at Xiu. "Fine!" She just looked at him intensely without moving an inch.

After getting her attention, Xiu felt relieved. "Have you ever seen any pregnant woman?"

"Of course! Although no one in this household got pregnant , my mother was pregnant a few times. That\'s why she had to sell me," Xiao Yu talked in a detached manner. It seemed like the one who was being sold wasn\'t her.

However, Xiu could sense a little bit of her sadness. He sighed inwardly. He couldn\'t blame her, because he was also sold to a slave market by his parents. It was by luck he ended up with such a kind master. He could fathom her pain.

"When does a pregnant woman realize that she is pregnant?" Xiu asked cautiously.

"What? Have you i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.ed someone?" Xiao Yu asked with a mixed feeling between curiosity and bewildered. She looked at the stiff man in front of him. Was he able too? She knew he could talk quite freely with her, but she saw how he behaved around other women. He doesn\'t talk much and exuded an aloof feeling. His scar also scared a lot of women.

Xiu\'s eyes widened like saucers. Did she think he was an irresponsible person? "What? No? Of course not!" He answered in a loud voice.

"Then, why are you suddenly asking about pregnancy out of the blue?" Xiao Yu demanded an answer from him. The excitement of having a juicy gossip made her forget about her pain for a while.

Xiu felt like crying. He didn\'t know how to explain himself, because Young Master already said that he wasn\'t allowed to let people know that it was Young Master who told him to ask the question.

"My… my friend was the one who asked! He seemed to be concerned with this stuff, but he won\'t tell me why," Xiu blurted his lie without blinking.

"Really?" Xiao Yu asked in disbelief. She sighed inwardly and thought to herself, \'I can\'t believe it! Xiu is actually this kind of person. Maybe he\'s too shy to admit that he i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.ed someone.\'

If Xiu knew what was inside Xiao Yu\'s mind, he would cry in regret for asking this question. He probably should have just asked some random pregnant woman on the street. It would be safer for his own image, but it was already too late.

Xiao Yu decided to be merciful and asked, "What kind of question your friend wants to ask about pregnancy?" Xiao Yu emphasized the \'your friend\' part.

"How long do people usually know when someone is pregnant?" Xiu asked meekly.

\'Yep… he i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.ed someone.\' Xiao Yu was further convinced with her deduction after hearing the question. Xiao Yu answered him, "That depends on each person. Usually when a woman\'s time of the month is late, then it means she\'s pregnant. It can be found earlier if the woman has morning sickness. Maybe the earliest is two weeks?"

Xiu furrowed his eyebrows. "Why does it look like you\'re not too sure with the time frame? Is what you say accurate?"

Xiao Yu rolled her eyes in annoyance. "I\'ve never been pregnant, so I don\'t know for sure. However, that\'s how I heard. Whether you believe or not… it\'s up to you. Can you let me go now? I\'m really in a hurry."

"Oh… yes. Go! Thank you for answering!" Xiu was happy because he finally got the answer he needed. He chose to trust Xiao Yu. It was better than looking for another woman to ask the same question and be humiliated once again! Once is enough.

Xiao Yu felt happy and quickly went doing her business. At the same time, Xiu went back and told the answer to Yao Ying.

"Really? Two weeks?" Yao Ying smiled to himself. \'Ninety days minus fourteen days. It means seventy-six days. Great! I can start seducing Yao Ling seventy-six days from now.\'

Xiu nodded in assurance. "Yes, Young Master."

Yao Ying asked curiously, "How do you find out about it?"

Xiu blushed. "I asked from an expert." It was better if he answered this way. There was no way he could tell Young Master that he\'d asked Xiao Yu.

"Good! You are doing a great job this time. It\'s already night time. I want to spend some alone time with my wife. You go rest." Yao Ying chased away Xiu indirectly. It made Xiu happy because he could rest earlier. Young Master and Young Mistress were really easy to serve and lenient, maybe because they were born without a silver spoon on their mouth.

After leaving the master\'s quarter, Xiu felt the gaze from other servants on him. However, whenever he looked back, everyone diverted his or her eyes. He didn\'t know that someone accidentally heard the conversation between him and Xiao Yu. The gossip was spread to the whole household: Xiu had i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.ed someone.

If he knew about this, he would certainly faint in anger!