His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 435 - Not An Easy Person To Fool

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Chapter 435 - Not An Easy Person To Fool

Only the three of them were left inside the room --- Madam Wang\'s parents and Liu Li. The atmosphere turned even more serious than before. Madam Wang\'s father squinted his eyes at Liu Li, somehow, he didn\'t really believe in her explanation. He was a sly official, otherwise, how could he stay in the post for this long?

He asked in a low voice, "Why are you still loyal to Madam Wang? Once she doesn\'t have her title, you won\'t get that many benefits from her..." Liu Li wasn\'t a maidservant that served her from young so she didn\'t have any bond with Madam Wang, so why did she do everything for Madam Wang\'s sake...? It didn\'t really make sense in his eyes.

Madam Wang\'s father wasn\'t an easy person to fool.

Liu Li sighed and looked at the man in confusion. "Didn\'t Madam Wang tell you about this servant? This servant had failed to do an errand from Madam Wang which concerning the new young mistress and this servant is not in a good position myself... The young mistress doesn\'t like this servant... If she is the one who raises in power, this servant will certainly be in a deep problem... Thus, that\'s the reason why this servant wants to help Madam Wang... No... No... not want to... but have to! We are on the same boat ah~!"

Madam Wang\'s father squinted his eyes, trying to see whether this woman was telling the truth or not. However, he was keen to believe in this reasoning. She helped Madam Wang because it gave her more benefits. He saw a lot of this type of greedy servants so he wasn\'t feeling that surprised anymore.

He didn\'t stop there and chose to grind Liu Li over and over again about this matter, trying to find a loophole and see whether Liu Li was telling him the truth or not. Fortunately, Liu Li was an experienced person or else she would already have a breakdown by now.

"I already know. You can go back to Wang Fu and tell Ruo An that I will deal with this matter... Tell her not to worry about it," Madam Wang\'s father said, dismissing Liu Li with a wave of his hand. "I will make a plan to force Wang Luo Hai to let her go as soon as possible and restate her to her previous position. I won\'t let her suffer a grievance."

Although he was greedy, he also knew how to hide his real thoughts. He looked like a caring father, however, even his wife knew him better. She was really worried about her daughter! She needed to convince her husband to fight for her daughter.

"Yes, Master..." Liu Li quickly went out of their house hastily, deliberately pretended that she was in a hurry to go back to Wang Fu.

After going out of the mansion, Liu Li sighed in relief when she turned around the corner and went out of sight. She shook her head and couldn\'t help but pity Madam Wang a little bit. She was preparing to go back to Wang Fu through a small alley so that no one would see her coming out from the mansion.

She thought that she had finished her job when someone was blocking her way all of a sudden. Liu Li jumped up in surprise and yelled, "Who are you?" It was a maidservant who looked a bit younger than her and she had never seen her beforehand.

"Jie Jie... Don\'t be afraid! I\'m here on the behalf of my miss," the maidservant said with a sweet smile. She knew that Liu Li was scared, thus, she tried to calm her down before continuing with the thing that she wanted to talk about.

"Who is your miss? What do you want to do?" Liu Li asked in annoyance and distrust.

The other party didn\'t even look offended, instead, she pulled out a bag of money from her sleeve and gave it to Liu Li. Liu Li was quite surprised by her sudden move and she could see that this maidservant\'s miss was quite generous for giving her this much money after she felt that the bag was quite heavy...

"What do you mean by this?" Liu Li asked in surprise and pretended to reject the bag of money. She tried to give it back to the young maidservant but the latter rejected her gesture.

"Jie Jie... don\'t be too hasty ah~! We don\'t plan to make it difficult for you... In fact, our young miss is only worried about her big sister... She wants to know what really happened to Madam Wang..." The maidservant finally revealed her intention. Her young miss had ordered someone to eavesdrop their conversation but failed to do so. Thus, they could only ask Liu Li about it.

Of course, Liu Li knew the identity of her miss ah~! She even predicted that this would certainly happen when their father kicked her out of the room so that he could talk to Liu Li in private. It seemed like her guess was correct. The woman must have been really curious ah~! Oh well... who would reject her generosity?

She certainly wouldn\'t ah~!

Liu Li grinned at the other maidservant and her expression turned warmer when she heard that they only wanted to acquire information from her. It wasn\'t anything difficult to her, besides, the other party was the person that her master had doted on --- this was a fact that everyone had known.

The younger sister\'s maidservant sneered inwardly when she saw Liu Li\'s greedy expression and it made the former let down her guard. \'It seems like it will be easy to buy this person,\' she thought to herself smugly. However, she still showed a gentle expression on her face.

"What do you want to know? I will tell you everything that I know," Liu Li said with a gentle smile on her face.

The young maidservant sighed while looking worried. "It\'s nothing serious. My young miss always has a good relationship with your madam. She\'s curious about what you were talking about with the master... Maybe she could help your madam with something..." She trailed off at the last part, giving a little hint to Liu Li that this was for the benefits of Madam Wang.

Liu Li sneered inwardly. What a fake reason! However, she put on a smile and looked touched by what the young maidservant had just said. "I will tell my madam on your miss\' behalf... Thank you very much! It will be good if your young miss could come and comfort my madam... She is really sad at the moment... and her position is quite..." Liu Li said with a grim smile, trying to hint something to the young maidservant.

After that, she told everything to the young maidservant everything that Yao Ling had told her to divulge to the younger sister. Yes, this went according to Yao Ling\'s plan. Liu Li started to feel that her current master was very smart. Following her would be good for her future as well. She felt lucky that she was useful for Yao Ling, otherwise... she wouldn\'t know how she would end up.

"Who holds the power at Wang Fu now?" The young maidservant asked curiously.