His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 432 - A Bet

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Chapter 432 - A Bet

Liu Li explained that the maidservant had complained several times to her, although the latter didn\'t dare to say too much about her mistress\' matter, Liu Li got the gist of it. They both knew that Liu Li was working for Madam Wang as well, hence she dared to say a thing or two to her.

Madam Wang\'s personal maidservant had been serving her even before Madam Wang had gotten married and she already disliked the younger sister that Madam Wang had doted on the most. The younger sister seemed to be sly and have a hidden motive to get closer to Madam Wang!

The maidservant could see the greediness inside Madam Wang\'s younger sister\'s eyes a few times, besides, she kept deliberately talking about Jiu Lan in front of Madam Wang --- even though she knew that it was a taboo. After all, she also knew that Madam Wang had always been jealous of the person that had been gone for a long time. Was it really neccessary to bring her up every now and then in their conversation?

However, the younger sister cleverly used her words and it always made Madam Wang hate Jiu Lan even more. The maidservant had tried to warn and remind Madam Wang several times about her younger sister but she got harsh rebukes because Madam Wang didn\'t believe her. That woman was too smart so even the cautious Madam Wang fell deeper into her scheme.

Thus, the maidservant couldn\'t do anything about it and give up telling Madam Wang to be careful around the younger sister.

Yao Ling asked softly, "Her younger sister? Doesn\'t mother dote on that person the most? Why would she try to get in between my father and mother\'s relationship? She won\'t get any benefits even if they wreck their relationship... Instead, she would lose a backer!"

Wang Luo Hai reminded her, "She won\'t be your mother for long..."

Yao Ling, "..."

Er... That wasn\'t the maint point ah~! They were talking about the younger sister here...

Yao Ling didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry. It seemed like Wang Luo Hai really hated Madam Wang at this point and Yao Ling could only helplessly nod her head in agreement. She didn\'t know how to call her ah~! Maybe she should call him Madam Wang just like everyone else...

Liu Li seemed a bit hesitant and said, "If the personal maidservant sees it based on their interactions... it should be that she wants to become a part of this family ah~! After all, the younger sister isn\'t really Madam Wang\'s blood-related sibling --- she\'s only the daughter of a concubine. She must be jealous of Madam Wang. This is just speculation... I also don\'t know whether it\'s true or not, after all, I only worked for Madam Wang for less than two years... I didn\'t interact much with the younger sister --- only a handful of times. My impression is that the woman isn\'t simple..."

"Where is that maidservant?" Yao Ling asked.

Liu Li sighed, feeling helpless. "She has been dismissed by Madam Wang under the younger sister\'s persuasiveness..."

Yao Ling shook her head, seeing how muddleheaded Madam Wang was --- she even dismissed a loyal maidservant...

"But the younger sister has been engaged with a pretty good family!" Yao Ling exclaimed.

Wang Luo Hai answered this question because he knew that Liu Li might have not known the groom-to-be\'s condition. "Yes, it\'s an official family but the title isn\'t that high and most importantly, there\'s a gossip that they aren\'t that wealthy... They look glamorous from the outside but they have a money problem inside. The madam of that household doesn\'t really have the talent to manage the inner courtyard."

Yao Ling nodded her head in enlightenment. "No wonder she tries to find another family to get married into..." However, she was quite vicious because she chose to betray the person that doted on her the most.

Madam Wang merely snorted when she heard all that --- the woman wasn\'t only muddleheaded but also stubborn to the core. "I don\'t believe you!" She merely said that while frowning in displeasure.

"How about we make a bet?" Yao Ling asked. She believed in Liu Li\'s judgment, besides, she didn\'t have any reason to lie at her.

"What kind of bet?" Madam Wang looked at her in a distrustful manner. She took a peek at Wang Luo Hai and the latter didn\'t seem to mind Yao Ling\'s words --- it seemed like he was more indulgent of the little girl more than ever. If she knew that it was because he found out that Yao Ling was the daughter that Jiu Lan had raised, Madam Wang would certainly vomit blood in anger!

Actually, Wang Luo Hai didn\'t really change that much. He had already liked Yao Ling from the very beginning, he just liked her even more after knowing the truth...

"It\'s only a simple bet. You seem to be sure about your younger sister\'s personality even though she had instigated you to do several stupid decisions. So, it\'s only to prove whether your younger sister has other motives or not..." Yao Ling said with a smile. "It\'s easy, right?"

"This..." Madam Wang was speechless but she believed that her younger sister wasn\'t such a person. Even though she hesitated at first, she decided to go with it. "What do you want to bet about?" She asked in a low voice.

Yao Ling looked at Wang Luo Hai and said, "Father, you should be the one who decides about the bet..." She just wanted to do this to ensure their divorce to go smoother than ever. Besides, he was a master of betting --- look at how many times he was playing around with General Lin ah~! They hadn\'t even confronted the latter about the pregnancy bet.

Madam Wang\'s gaze landed at Wang Luo Hai.

"If Yao Ling is correct, you will agree with the divorce. On the other hand, if you win, you can choose to stay as my legal wife. However, I will warn you first --- you won\'t get the previous treatment and I will take back your power over the household. In other words, it will be just an empty title," Wang Luo Hai said resolutely.

Madam Wang gritted her teeth and thought to herself, \'This is her chance! At least, she will be able to retain the title for now. She can make a plan after that... She will slowly rise to power once again --- she\'s just bidding her time.\'

Her hope laid on her younger sister.

"Fine!" Madam Wang agreed. "How do you plan to prove it?" She asked Yao Ling who came up with the idea.

"It\'s pretty easy. We will just say you lose your power here and Father has banished you to a secluded courtyard. Don\'t worry! We will spread the news only to your family... I believe that they know about Liu Li as well, right? She will be the one who will bring the news to them..." Yao Ling said.

Liu Li nodded her head in acknowledgment when Yao Ling looked at her. "Yes, Young Mistress. They know me really well..." Liu Li\'s words gave confirmation that Madam Wang\'s family seemed to have a hidden agenda...

"And then?" Madam Wang asked. She didn\'t see how it was going to prove anything!