His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 430 - His Verdict

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Chapter 430 - His Verdict

Wang Luo Hai really got a headache, but he knew that he wouldn\'t let Madam Wang continue staying at Wang Fu. However, he didn\'t really have a piece of direct evidence that she did all that. Fortunately, she confessed on her own just now.

However, about the thing that Yao Ling had found out just now... it was the only reason that he was feeling hesitant to kick her out. He couldn\'t use that reason to do anything to Madam Wang and he didn\'t have a good reason... until now!

Yao Ling looked helplessly at him because he knew that he was in predicament as well. Who knew that this matter would include those kinds of bigger things? Thus, she didn\'t dare to push Madam Wang about the infertility matter.

At this time, Xiao Yu had finally brought Liu Li in. Yao Ying saw that things had turned into a stalemate inside, thus, he deliberately let Liu Li into the side room --- of course, he called Yao Ling over and asked for Wang Luo Hai\'s permission as well. He didn\'t know what Yao Ling had found out but he knew that it must have been something big from the way she acted.

Yao Ying could only wait patiently outside while listening to everything from there.

When Liu Li came in, Madam Wang looked at her in a surprise, "What? How come you are here?! Didn\'t you already...?" Once she realized that she almost said something that shouldn\'t be said, she quickly shut her mouth.

Liu Li was a pawn that she had used before and neglected after. She thought that she must have been perished or something --- after all, she had been hit a lot of times and should have become a cripple. How could she be here? Besides, her condition was better than ever, judging from the clothes that she wore.

Yes, Liu Li was a cripple, but at least, she had a good life because of Yao Ling. Thus, she had promised herself to be loyal to the young mistress. She knew that she came here because Young Mistress wanted her to tell the truth in front of everyone and she was more than happy to do so. It was a good chance for her to get her revenge as well.

It was a win-win solution for both of them.

Wang Luo Hai looked at Yao Ling in confusion, but the latter convinced him that this Liu Li would be able to help him reach a decision soon --- or better yet, a conclusion. Wang Luo Hai was also helpless because he felt that it was hard to talk to Madam Wang when she was being like this and that was the reason why he agreed to try Yao Ling\'s method.

Thus, they didn\'t prevent Liu Li from talking. Yao Ling gave a signal to Liu Li so that she would do what she should do. Of course, Liu Li was feeling grateful for this chance. She looked at her former master ruthlessly. She hated Madam Wang to the core for abandoning her after being so loyal to her all this time.

"Why do you seem so afraid to see me here, Madam Wang?" Liu Li asked in a mocking way. "Do you feel afraid that I will tell everyone what you wanted me to do back then? And also, what did you promise me back then as well?" She didn\'t bother to beat around the bush.

The matriarch asked in a sharp tone, "Don\'t tell me that she is the one who told you to seduce Yao Ying in the first place?" She could clearly remember what happened back then. This woman was the maidservant that had received flogs after failing to seduce Yao Ying.

"Yes, Old Madam," Liu Li answered the matriarch politely. She still knew who held the power in this room so she should respect the latter. "Madam Wang is the one who instructed me to do that."

"Why?" The matriarch asked. "What kind of plan that she had cooked up this time? What kind of promise that she has given you?!"

Madam Wang\'s whole body was trembling because it seemed like everything would be out in the open. "She\'s lying!" Madam Wang tried to defend herself.

Wang Luo Hai glanced at her and said, "We will find out the truth soon... Why do you look so agitated if you did nothing wrong?"

Madam Wang couldn\'t refute that statement and could only look down in despair. Finished! She was finished!

The matriarch became impatient and repeated her question once more, "What kind of thing that she has promised you?" The matriarch asked while massaging her forehead once more. Her headache was getting stronger each time she heard more bad news.

"She promised me that once I was able to seduce the young master and become her concubine, she would become my backer. Not only that but... if I\'m able to give birth to a boy, he would become the successor. She had only one requirement --- she would be the one who raised my son in the future," Liu Li explained everything in one breath.

She was just a lowly maidservant, how could she not be tempted when she got such an offer? She could climb to the top and if his son had become the successor, she would get all the glory in the end.

The matriarch didn\'t know what to say. This was the first time that she knew how ambitious Madam Wang --- she even planned that far. She was still alive and healthy, but Madam Wang had already thought about controlling the power inside this household.

Yao Ling asked in confusion, "Mother... why don\'t you think of that if you are in a good relationship with me... you will also get the same thing... the same glory? Honestly... I don\'t understand why you hate me and Yao Ying that much... We never do anything to offend you, right?"

They barely interacted with each other ah~!

"Huh? You? How do I know that you will be sincere enough to me? At least, I can control Liu Li because she was my maidservant in the first place. I just placed her at Concubine Wan\'s place to spy on the latter. But you? I don\'t even know you. What if... after you raise in power, you will kick me out from Wang Fu?" Madam Wang asked with hatred.

Yao Ling was speechless. She didn\'t think that they had ever done anything to offend this woman, but she kept thinking negatively towards them. It seemed like it was useless talking to this woman --- in the end, she couldn\'t change her mind and point of view.

The woman was too narrow-minded and selfish!

Wang Luo Hai wasn\'t that surprised because he already found out that Madam Wang was actually rotten to the core after everything that he had seen and heard just now. It was pointless to talk to her.

This matter really could make him do something about that woman --- finally ah~! He nodded his head at Yao Ling, showing his gratefulness. Yao Ling nodded her head back in understanding.

Wang Luo Hai sighed. "Madam Wang has no virtue and vicious so I will divorce her and send her back to her family..." He finally said his verdict loud and clear which surprised everyone who heard it.