His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 43 - Xiu’s Predicament (1)

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Chapter 43 - Xiu’s Predicament (1)

When he arrived home, Yao Ying\'s mood was a bit better. After thinking on the way home, he felt lucky that the bet was aligned with their promise. He should think in a positive way rather than feeling depressed. He started to see the truth in General Lin\'s words. As long as he didn\'t release it inside…

Yao Ying shook his head. No… no… no… General Lin had contaminated his mind with dirty thought. He couldn\'t afford to take advantage of his innocent little wife. He thought back at the time frame in which 84 days became 90 days again. He felt depressed once again.

He turned to Xiu and asked hesitantly, "Say… Xiu…"

"Yes, Young Master," Xiu answered politely. He wondered why the young master was a bit hesitant in asking a question. He didn\'t realize that his young master would ask a difficult question for him.

"Have you ever known or seen any pregnant woman?" Yao Ying asked cautiously.

Xiu looked at Yao Ying in wonderment. Why the young master suddenly interested in a pregnant woman? But, he still answered the question, "In this household? No. There\'s no woman had been pregnant here. Knowing one… never. Seeing pregnant woman? A lot! When we went out just now, I saw a few of them."

Xiu\'s answer rendered as useless by Yao Ying. He felt stupid for asking this type of question to Xiu – a single young man. Maybe he should ask Xiao Yu? But asking Xiao Yu would let Yao Ling knew about it. He didn\'t think he did anything wrong, but he didn\'t want his wife to think of him as a pervert. Still three months, and yet, he already thought about pregnancy.

This shouldn\'t be his concern. This was because of that annoying bet! Suddenly, he had an idea. "Xiu, I need you to do something for me."

He called Xiu over to get closer to him and Yao Ying whispered something to him. Xiu\'s face held no expression, but both of his cheeks were slightly tinged red. Although his cheek had a scar, Yao Ying still could see his embarrassment from his reddening cheek. He felt lucky inside that He had a servant to do the embarrassing task. If it was before, he had to do all things by himself.

Xiu got a headache, after listening to Yao Ying\'s command. "This… do I really have to do this?" Xiu asked hesitantly. His job as a servant was to obey all of his master\'s requests. Embarrassing as it was, he had to do it. But, his dignity… was on the line!

Yao Ying nodded in a righteous way. Xiu could only sigh and answered, "Okay, Young Master."

"Good, I\'m going to go back to my room and you can just do your task," Yao Ying looked at Xiu meaningfully, turned around and left Xiu behind.

Xiu sighed in annoyance, but he still had to do the task. He went around the mansion, trying to find Xiao Yu. He didn\'t interact much with other maids, only Xiao Yu. The thing that young master told him to do could only be solved by women. Then, the best candidate was Xiao Yu.

When he found Xiao Yu, she was in a hurry doing something. He didn\'t pay much attention and stopped her by getting in her way. Xiao Yu was surprised by the sudden move and glared at Xiu, "What are you doing? Why are you stopping me?"

"Why are you in a hurry?" Xiu asked while raising one of his eyebrows.

"That\'s none of your business." She snarled at him. Xiao Yu wasn\'t going to tell him that it was that time of the month for her. Her stomach was really in pain. She was in a hurry to boil warm water. She wanted to compress her lower abdomen with warm water to ease the pain. Young Mistress already gave her permission for taking a rest, but this scoundrel dared to get in her way. This time of the month made her mood really bad.

Xiu was a bit scared with Xiao Yu\'s angry expression, although he thought that it made her look cuter. He was wondering why the usually calm Xiao Yu was in such a bad mood. However, he had a mission to finish. "I want to ask a few things."

"Can\'t it wait? I\'m really in a hurry!" Xiao Yu could feel the pain was getting stronger.

Xiu could see something was not right judging from Xiao Yu\'s face. "Are you sick? Why are you getting so pale?"

"No… I\'m fine. Just ask the questions so I can go." Xiao Yu didn\'t want to let him know the reason why she was getting paler. It was too embarrassing. She chose to answer his questions first, so she could get rid of him faster.

Xiu didn\'t know how to ask the question. He blurted out the first thing in his mind, "Have you ever been pregnant?"

Xiao Yu was dumbfounded because of the question. Even Xiu felt horrified with his own question! He wanted to ask have you ever see or been helping a pregnant person, but he asked whether an unmarried woman had been pregnant or not. He was so ashamed of himself!

Before he said sorry and corrected his question, a heavy slap landed on his right cheek. "Pa!"

Xiu looked at Xiao Yu whose face was full of anger in surprise. He knew he deserved the slap, but never thought that Xiao Yu was that strong. Xiao Yu yelled at him, "What do you think I am? A dirty girl? An unruly girl? I\'m unmarried for God\'s sake! And you want to smear my name like this! You… you… bastard! I\'m a v.i.r.g.i.n and you have the gut to ask me whether I\'ve been pregnant or not! Don\'t you ever go near me again!"

Xiao Yu glared at Xiu. She regretted letting him ask the stupid questions. She felt insulted and she was happy when the slap landed on Xiu\'s cheek. Ha! He deserved it! Without saying another word, she turned around and left Xiu behind without a backward glance.

Xiu chased after her, trying to explain himself. "I\'m sorry… that\'s not what I meant! The question came out wrong. Please, hear me out!" He grabbed Xiao Yu\'s right wrist, trying to stop her from running.

"Release me or I\'ll bite you!" Xiao Yu yelled at him once again.