His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 429 - Deranged

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Chapter 429 - Deranged

Wang Luo Hai waved his hand, telling her that he didn\'t mind because it was the truth. Jiu Lan had never loved him and he knew that perfectly clear. In her eyes, there was only that hateful General Lin. It was him, the one who couldn\'t let go of her. Besides, he had never thought to force her to become his woman.

Madam Wang said while crying like a lunatic while pointing at Wang Luo Hai, "What if Jiu Lan falls in love with him and they have children together?! It would drive me crazy!"

Yao Ling indeed felt that Madam Wang was a bit deranged! It was such illogical thinking! How could she expect Jiu Lan to come back when she had been gone for so long?! She wondered whether someone was trying to put those thoughts inside Madam Wang\'s mind. It seemed a bit weird...

Yao Ling asked in confusion, "But... it\'s only what if... Why do you live in fear of her shadow? If you clever enough to seize the chance and have a son, everything might turn differently. Father can even dote on us even though we are not his biological children. If he had his own children, wouldn\'t he love his children as well? From the way I see it, Father is a family man..."

The matriarch and Wang Luo Hai nodded their heads in unison. That was the perfect description! Didn\'t she want to catch Wang Luo Hai\'s heart? Wouldn\'t it be easier for her if she had a son with him? Why did she do the opposite thing instead?

Madam Wang couldn\'t refute anything when she heard this. After a little while, she glared at Yao Ling, "No... even if I have children, he would still love that bitch!"

Wang Luo Hai almost wanted to slap her once again, fortunately, Yao Ling stopped her.

"But you also kill your own chance to have children with father... At least, with children around, you won\'t feel so lonely and your imagination wouldn\'t run wild..." Yao Ling said in a soft voice, asking the thing that everyone had been wondering about.

Madam Wang turned pale because of that and she finally said, "It was a miscalculation on my part..." She realized her mistake after she had given him that medicine, it was her impulsive moment and she also wondered why she had done that back then! However, there was no medicine for regret... she could only swallow her grievance by herself.

Wang Luo Hai shook his head. The funny thing was... she had never stopped blaming him for not having a baby --- his eyes and ears were everywhere inside this mansion, so how could he not know what she thought about?!

Yao Ling was dumbfounded. It was either Madam Wang who was stupid, too impulsive, or under other people\'s persuasive. The matriarch wouldn\'t even consider her as Wang Luo Hai\'s wife candidate if she was stupid. She believed that it must have been between the last two choices. But in her mind, no matter which option, for her, she was just a weak and stupid woman for doing something so outrageous.

Yao Ling came over to Madam Wang, pretending to help her sit down, but she actually touched her pulse and tried to feel something from there.

"Why are you helping her?" The matriarch asked in surprise. "Be careful!" She was afraid that Madam Wang would push Yao Ling just like before. She wanted to pull Yao Ling back but she was just too weak to do that. After she was hit by so many news at once, she could feel that her body weakened.

Yao Ling believed that Madam Wang wouldn\'t dare to push her. Just now, she pushed her because she wanted to find a chance to kill the maidservant --- she wouldn\'t dare to harm her in front of everyone. Besides, Yao Ling needed to make sure whether Madam Wang was an impulsive person or not.

Yao Ling said, "Father, Grandmother, Madam Wang is still my legal mother... It will be better if we let her sit and talk everything out. Once she is deemed guilty, it won\'t be too late to do something to her..." She pretended to be graceful while she looked deeply into Madam Wang\'s expression.

It was actually a gamble... If Madam Wang was really an impulsive person, she would certainly push her. It was fortunate that Yao Ying was waiting for her outside, or else, he would certainly scold her for being careless and taking such a risk.

Her gamble was worth it because Madam Wang didn\'t push her --- she just looked at her, feeling dumbfounded. It seemed like she wasn\'t an impulsive person. Madam Wang wondered what kind of game that Yao Ling played at this moment. Shouldn\'t she feel happy when her enemy was gone?

Why did she help her at this crucial moment?!

Yao Ling wasn\'t that nice but she had a selfish motive --- she just wanted to find out whether there was something weird in her body. It seemed like she wasn\'t being poisoned... then what? Any sane person wouldn\'t make such a rash decision.

She felt that something was really weird --- her reasoning was illogical but she seemed to be sober when she had done all that... Until finally, she found something weird on her pulse... It was only a subtle feeling and it was gone in a heartbeat. If she didn\'t pay attention carefully, she would have missed it.

However, this was the only abnormality that she had so she guessed that this might have been the reason.

When Yao Ling looked up, she saw Wang Luo Hai was looking intently at her. It seemed like... he understood something. Yao Ling tilted her head to the side and asked Wang Luo Hai, "Do you know about this matter as well?"

Wang Luo Hai knew that Yao Ling had medical skills which she kept as a secret, so Yao Ling must have understood the reason why he continued to keep his silence even after knowing the truth. "I know..." Wang Luo Hai said while nodding his head. He silently looked at her, telling her that this was the reason he could do nothing to Madam Wang.

Yao Ling sighed and went back to the matriarch\'s side. If it was like this, she had no other choice but to keep her silence as well. It was better if Wang Luo Hai was the one who handled this matter. She didn\'t dare to meddle in it.

The matriarch saw their exchange and felt confused. She grabbed Yao Ling\'s hand and asked, "Yao Ling ah~! What is actually going on?"

Yao Ling didn\'t know how to answer the matriarch. She finally answered, "Grandmother, it would be better if Father is the one who tells you all about it. I don\'t really understand too..." Yes, she didn\'t fully understand why it was like this as well... She didn\'t lie about it.

The matriarch wanted to ask another question but after looking at Madam Wang, she knew that this wasn\'t the right time to do that. She didn\'t want to talk any secret in front of that deranged woman.

If the matriarch could see their exchange, Madam Wang could also see. "What...? What are you talking about?"

Yao Ling took a peek at Wang Luo Hai and see what he would do next.