His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 426 - Better Than Anyone Else?!

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Chapter 426 - Better Than Anyone Else?!

"What are you talking about? I have never done that before!" Madam Wang pretended to be innocent and she still asked confidently without any shame, "Did someone try to frame me?! Don\'t believe in those concubines! I really have nothing to do with this matter! We have become husband and wife for so many years, you should know me better than anyone else!"

Wang Luo Hai felt like he was looking at a joke. Better than anyone else?! He felt like he didn\'t even know her anymore! She used to be so gentle and pure, and yet, she became full of jealousy and vicious woman...The one thing that he didn\'t realize was when did this thing start to happen... He realized it too late.

Of course, he knew her better than anyone else! He wasn\'t stupid or blind! It was just he pretended not to know anything as long as she didn\'t push his limit. They had become husband and wife for a long time, so feelings towards her... he still had it, even though it wasn\'t the feeling of love.

"Do you think that I\'m that stupid and can\'t differentiate between right and wrong?" Wang Luo Hai threw another hard question for Madam Wang to answer. He was too lazy to play words with her --- he wasn\'t the woman of inner courtyard who liked to talk around the bush! It was better to be straightforward and deal with this matter as soon as possible.

"No... of course not!" She quickly denied. Madam Wang tried to gauge his expression but his indifferent face was really hard to understand. She didn\'t know whether he was really angry or not.

"Then... do you think you can lie to me forever?" Wang Luo Hai asked in a sharp voice. His voice was quite loud so the people outside were looking curiously to their direction. They wished that there was no partition to see everything that happened inside clearly. It seemed like Madam Wang had made the master angry. Did it mean... she was the culprit?!

\'What happened in there?\' All of them had the same question in their minds.

"Hus... Husband... What do you mean? Why are you being like this... You really make me scared!" Madam Wang said in a low voice while her body started to tremble in fear.

Wang Luo Hai laughed bitterly at her. "Do you know why I want to question all of you one by one?"

"Why...? To catch the culprit, right?" Madam Wang asked while answering him with the obvious.

Wang Luo Hai was really amazed at how she pretended to be stupid even until this moment. Didn\'t he already give her enough hints up until now that he already understood everything?! He could only laugh bitterly in disappointment while muttering to himself, "You are so shameless!"

"What?" Madam Wang asked because she couldn\'t hear what he said clearly.

Wang Luo Hai didn\'t bother to repeat his words because he knew that it was meaningless. "Not only to catch the culprit... But also for you," he finally admitted.

Madam Wang was taken aback. "For me?" She took it the wrong way and her previous fear was gone, instead, it was replaced with happiness. She didn\'t understand that it was all for her, she laughed happily, "Thank you, Husband. I know that you always treat me well..." She blushed shyly.

Wang Luo Hai merely laughed. "Yes, I always treat you well but you don\'t cherish it. This is the last thing that I can do for you as your husband."

"What do you mean by the last thing?! I don\'t cherish it?! When? I always cherish you!" Madam Wang asked in a loud voice. Yao Ling heard her words as well --- she really wanted to peek in ah~! On the other hand, Yao Ying was able to hear everything clearly with his sensitive ears.

"I want you to maintain your dignity until the end," Wang Luo Hai answered in a stoic face. "Whether you cherish it or not, you know it yourself. You become so greedy lately..."

He didn\'t want other people to see her fall down from grace. If he wanted to deal with her, it would be so easy... After all, even though her family was quite powerful, he could still crush them under his feet with his hidden power... It was just... he still thought of her as his legal wife.

"What... What dignity?" Madam Wang asked in a stutter --- she had a bad feeling about this.

"Do you still need to pretend to be oblivious?"

"I\'m... I\'m not pretending ah~!" Madam Wang denied.

"I know that this isn\'t the first time you did something so vicious!" Wang Luo Hai decided to drop the bomb to her.

"No, of course not! I swear... I never did anything vicious at all! I... I would never lie to you..." She quickly kneeled down while biting her lower lip in despair, she faltered at her last words but she had decided to lie until the end so she tried to strengthen her stance. The only thing that she could do was to deny every accusation! She didn\'t want to be implicated! She knew that she would lose her position as the legal wife if Wang Luo Hai knew everything.

Wang Luo Hai laughed bitterly. "I couldn\'t even believe in your oath anymore..." It seemed like he really shouldn\'t hope for her to change.

"Wh --- What?" Madam Wang stared at him dumbly. "What do you mean?! Why couldn\'t you believe in my oath?!"

Wang Luo Hai looked at her with ruthless eyes and slapped her on the cheek. He was really sick of her now! Madam Wang gasped in surprise while holding her cheek with teary eyes, "Why... Why did you do this?!" This was the first time Wang Luo Hai laid his hand on her --- he used to be very gentle to her!

"Don\'t you know about it yourself? You are the one who killed that maidservant, right?! Not only that, but you are also the one who told her to kill Concubine Xi before that! You are so good ah~! You even bribed Concubine Lan\'s personal maidservant! You better stop playing games with me... Tell me the truth now!" Wang Luo Hai accused her without beating around the bush!

"I... I..." Madam Wang was going to deny it once again when Wang Luo Hai said, "If you lie to me once again, I will use my everything to crush your family until they are finished!" Wang Luo Hai knew her Archilles heel was her family --- she had a beloved younger sister that she had doted on because she had no children herself and that sister of hers would get married into a good family soon. If he ruined her family, then it would also mean killing her little sister --- after all, the latter\'s reputation would certainly be ruined as well. How could her soon-to-be husband want her?

Madam Wang paled when she heard this.

She knew that Wang Luo Hai had already known everything. After knowing that, she decided that there was no use for her to pretend anymore. She stood up and admitted everything with her vicious glare at Wang Luo Hai, "Yes! I did it! I did it all! Ha - Ha - Ha!"

Madam Wang laughed like a lunatic!