His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 425 - Should I?

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Chapter 425 - Should I?

Wang Luo Hai slapped the table as well and it was far louder than Madam Wang\'s slap just now --- everyone flinched when they heard that and there was even a sign of crack at the table! Yao Ling took a peek at the table and wondered whether Wang Luo Hai\'s hand was in pain or not --- if she remembered correctly, he didn\'t have any martial art skills...

\'Ouch!\' She thought to herself while flinching inwardly. However, she understood his feelings. He must have been feeling betrayed by Madam Wang and yet, the woman was still behaving like this... She didn\'t seem to feel guilty at all --- honestly, it showed how many times she had plotted something bad before...

Yao Ling paid more attention to Wang Luo Hai\'s expression and it seemed like he was full of hostility and hatred.

"Do you all think that I\'m dead?!" Wang Luo Hai asked in a loud voice. "I haven\'t talked yet and you dared to fight in front of me!"

Madam Wang and the concubines quickly shut their mouths. They didn\'t dare to make a sound when they saw how angry Wang Luo Hai was. They waited for him to talk in silent. Wang Luo Hai pointed at his own women indifferently before finally talking.

"All of you wait on the outside here first! Yao Ling was being pushed down so she had no chance to do that while Yao Ying was helping her, besides, he stood the furthest away from Concubine Xi --- so they aren\'t the culprit. My mother isn\'t idle enough to kill Concubine Xi out of nowhere, so the culprit should be one of the three of you."

It sounded reasonable to them but they still felt unreconciled --- especially the ones who didn\'t do it! They felt like they weren\'t being trusted but they knew they could do nothing.

The three women\'s face became paler and quickly tried to refute him, however, his piercing gaze made them quietly shut their mouth. He went back to the side room where he had just come out from and said, "Concubine Lan, you come with me first!"

Concubine Lan could only stand up with the help of a maid. She was feeling slightly dizzy because she kept banging her head on the ground to prove her innocence just now. She followed him meekly. When she came out, her expression was quite solemn which made Madam Wang sweated in fear even more.

Madam Wang felt that everything was getting out of hand. She was feeling afraid because she didn\'t know what kind of things that those two would say or what kind of questions that Wang Luo Hai asked them. If they were talking in the open, at least, she would know how to fight and defend herself while searching for a way out!

After Concubine Lan, it was Concubine Wan\'s turn. What they said was still the same as before and Wang Luo Hai knew that they weren\'t lying. After all, he already knew the truth beforehand.

The only one left was Madam Wang. When she went to the side room, she felt her whole body sweating even though she was still smiling softly on the surface. Everything didn\'t go well and for the first time, she felt afraid to be alone with her husband. She tried to hide her trembling hands underneath her sleeves.

She had to get through this hurdle! She could find a chance to kill Yao Ying and Yao Ling another time! Yes, the woman still didn\'t repent even up to this moment.

Yao Ying and Yao Ling looked at each other, feeling curious at how Wang Luo Hai would deal with this. Why didn\'t he judge her in front of all of them? Did he plan to help her once again? Yao Ling felt unreconciled and she called Xiao Yu over. It would be best if she had another preparation.

Yao Ling asked for the matriarch\'s permission, saying that she wanted Xiao Yu to bring her tonic and the matriarch knew what it was all about. It was for the baby, so of course, she gave her permission despite the concubines\' inquiring eyes. Even if they had questions, they wouldn\'t dare to ask at this time. They didn\'t want to bring more troubles to themselves.

However, they merely thought that the tonic would be given to the matriarch.

Yao Ling gave Xiao Yu an instruction while she also wanted her to bring Liu Li back --- she had confirmed that Liu Li\'s master who had abandoned her was Madam Wang as well. Wasn\'t this a good time for Liu Li if she wanted to get her revenge? She knew that she had so much hatred for Madam Wang inside her heart.

She wanted to kill her, then she would also fight her to the death!

Xiao Yu merely got the signal but she already understood what Yao Ling had meant. They had prepared this for a long time and their people kept giving Liu Li the best treatment so she could be used when the time was right. Of course, Yao Ling wouldn\'t abandon her even after she didn\'t have any use anymore. After all, there were a lot of jobs that could be given to her as long as she didn\'t try to stir up any trouble again.

Yao Ling looked the side room intently once again, wondering how the talk between the couple went.

Wang Luo Hai asked Madam Wang, "Where did you stand just now?"

"I... I don\'t remember..." She said in a low voice while looking down.

"How come?"

"I... I accidentally fell onto Yao Ling and I was in a panic, so I didn\'t really pay attention to where I stood..." Madam Wang answered while looking like that she was feeling sad.

Wang Luo Hai felt that Madam Wang was actually really smart --- even though she had used it wrongly. "Why did you push her?" Wang Luo Hai asked softly.

Madam Wang was taken aback. "Push? No, I wasn\'t pushing her... It was an accident..."


"I slipped..."

"Slipped because of what?"

"I... I don\'t know... I don\'t really remember..." Madam Wang lied without batting eyelashes. "Are you doubting me?" She asked in a low voice and put up an expression of being wronged. She tried to look as pitiful as possible.

Wang Luo Hai looked at her with inquiring eyes, "Should I?"

Madam Wang almost choked on her own saliva when she heard his answer. After all, she didn\'t expect him to question her back. She hoped that he would answer that he would always believe in her, but in the end, she got a surprising answer.

"Of course, you shouldn\'t!" Madam Wang quickly answered.

"Why?" Wang Luo Hai asked once again.

"Because I deserve it!" Madam Wang said confidently. She added, "I have never betrayed you and I will always be loyal to you..."

"But... it didn\'t stop you from killing people and scheming behind me, right?" Wang Luo Hai asked emotionlessly.

"Wha --- What?" When Madam Wang heard Wang Luo Hai\'s words, she was feeling dumbfounded. She would never think that he would ask her something like this! No... judging from his tone, he wasn\'t asking her... it seemed like he was sure of it.

\'What... What actually happened?!\' She thought to herself.