His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 424 - Her Subtle Hint

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Chapter 424 - Her Subtle Hint

Wang Luo Hai hadn\'t said anything from the very beginning when he was the person that was supposed to be in charge of handling this matter, and yet, Madam Wang didn\'t stop from trying to attack Concubine Lan with her verbal argument. Wang Luo Hai was in disbelief because he didn\'t seem to recognize the aggresive woman in front of him at all.

He had never seen her this way and started to realize that she might have been putting up an act all this time.

Yes, the inner courtyard was under her supervision, but once there was a murder or something complicated like this happened, it was Wang Luo Hai\'s turn to be in charge. Wang Luo Hai could only shake his head inwardly. Until now, she still wanted to frame another person... She even dared not to give him a chance to talk --- it seemed like she really didn\'t put him in her eyes at all.

Wang Luo Hai wanted to see how far she would go.

"Master... Master... please help me... Not me... It\'s really not me..." Concubine Lan was still begging him while sobbing. With Madam Wang\'s accusations, she could be killed as the punishment ah~! Her only chance of survival was Wang Luo Hai --- she hoped that he could give her the justice that she deserved.

Madam Wang shook her head sadly and said to Concubine Lan --- not giving a chance for Wang Luo Hai to talk at all, "How could you do this, Concubine Lan? The husband was right in front of us and yet, you dared to kill twice inside this room... This was actually a happy occasion ah~! However, you ruin everything! How... How could you be so cruel?!" She cleverly changed her aggressive voice into a soft and sympathetic one...

Yao Ying, Yao Ling, and Wang Luo Hai who already knew the truth were all looking at her like she was a clown... They were looking at her in amazement. She still dared to say all that despite being the real culprit! If they didn\'t know better, they would have fallen into her act!

Concubine Wan felt that something wasn\'t right even though her mind wasn\'t that bright. She clearly saw that Concubine Lan didn\'t do anything just now and yet, Madam Wang kept pushing the blame to her. She didn\'t know whether it was because Madam Wang had a guilty conscience or she just wanted to remove an obstacle? It was quite fishy...

Yao Ling saw Concubine Wan\'s confusion and saw this as a chance! It would be the time for her to provoke something between them ah~! She already got Wang Luo Hai\'s permission to clean up Wang Fu, so it should be fine...

Yao Ling quickly said in a worried tone, "Mother... why don\'t you sit down and calm yourself down? I\'m sure Father will handle this matter well... It\'s not good for your body to be that agitated."

The matriarch agreed with Yao Ling. "You should sit down and let Wang Luo Hai handle this matter..." She warned softly.

Yao Ling\'s words had double side meaning --- it was either she was trying to make Madam Wang stop meddling in and reminding her that it was Wang Luo Hai\'s job or she was being filial and feeling concerned about Madam Wang\'s condition. She had learned a lot from their banters and knew that she had to be able to fight with words as well.

On the other hand, Concubine Wan was still indecisive previously because she didn\'t know who she should help at this time. She saw both of them as her rivals and almost wanted to choose Madam Wang as her ally so that she could have a leisure life after this. If she had a better relationship with the legal wife, wouldn\'t her life would be better after this? At least, there would be an increase in her monthly allowance.

However, if only she was the only one left as the concubine, wouldn\'t it be easier for Madam Wang to crush her under her feet in the future?! After all, she was the legal wife... She couldn\'t fight her all alone --- actually, the three of them were able to maintain their positions because there was a tacit understanding between them to maintain the balance inside Wang Fu.

If she was able to topple her over from her position, she would still able to fight Concubine Lan because both of them didn\'t really have a strong background. The way Yao Ling called her as Mother... reminded her of this thing! She almost made a big mistake!

Concubine Wan already made a decision in her heart and even thanked Yao Ling inwardly for reminding her. She quickly kneeled down and said to Madam Wang in a righteous tone, "Madam Wang, I can vouch that it wasn\'t Concubine Lan\'s doing. I stood right beside her all the time and she really didn\'t do anything. Honestly speaking, didn\'t that maidservant stand closer to you if I remember correctly?" She trailed off at the last part, seemingly afraid to say the truth.

Concubine Lan didn\'t know why Concubine Wan helped her but she knew that there must have been a reason behind that and she believed that it might be a selfish reason for her own benefits. However, she was still feeling grateful nonetheless. After all, she was the only one who had spoken on her behalf. Her words might be able to save her.

Madam Wang was angered to death when she heard what Concubine Wan had just said. \'So... that bitch wanted to fight with me, huh?!\' She thought to herself in annoyance. How dared she?! It seemed like she had treated her too well all this time --- she even dared to oppose her at this crucial time!

Madam Wang slapped the table out of anger and asked, "What?! So, you are accusing me, huh?! do you think that I am the one who killed those two?! Are you crazy?!"

Concubine Wan quickly lowered her head, pretending to be in fear. "No, of course not, Madam! I... I was just saying what I\'ve seen honestly... I didn\'t mean anything... I just thought that maybe you saw something weird back then, after all, you were the closest one to that maidservant..." Concubine Wan quickly said. "I... I don\'t know who did that because I didn\'t see it with my own eyes... I just want everyone to know our positions before based on my memories... Nothing else..."

Even though she looked like that she was in fear, in actuality, Concubine Wan was sneering inwardly. At least, she didn\'t directly accuse Madam Wang so the latter couldn\'t really blame her. She was pretty sure that everyone must have understood her subtle hint, however, whether she was successful or not in creating a discord, it still depended on Wang Luo Hai\'s decision.

If he wanted to protect this woman, there was nothing else that she could do. Concubine Wan knew that she was the one who chose to gamble in this matter so she would accept the result willingly, besides, she was merely telling the truth.

What could Madam Wang do to her?! She really wanted to see who would become the winner this time!