His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 423 - It Wasn't Me!

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Chapter 423 - It Wasn\'t Me!

Wang Luo Hai sighed when he heard the question. He didn\'t know how to answer Yao Ying because it was painful for him as well! He could merely say, "This isn\'t the first time she has done this kind of thing..."

Yao Ying looked at him in surprise, "And, you let her be?!" He didn\'t mean to judge Wang Luo Hai, but in his eyes, the latter was a wise man and honestly... wasn\'t stupid... but why did he keep such a vicious woman beside him all this time if he already knew that she wasn\'t as nice as how she looked like on the surface?

Wang Luo Hai didn\'t want to say anything else to divulge the truth. "You will know after we find the evidence and confront her later... I\'m also feeling tired of protecting her..." Wang Luo Hai finally admitted. He wasn\'t a patient person, to begin with, but for her, he had been holding himself back for several times. However, she went too far this time...

It seemed like there was no need for him to protect her anymore...

When he knew that Wang Luo Hai didn\'t want to tell him, Yao Ying didn\'t force him --- after all, this was indeed his private matter. As his son, he couldn\'t meddle in that matter as well... Thus, he could only nod his head --- it was up to Wang Luo Hai how he wanted to deal with Madam Wang.

He asked because he was merely curious about the reason. Love? Errr... he doubted it because he knew that Wang Luo Hai was still in love with Jiu Lan even after so much time had passed. He could see it from his eyes when he knew that Yao Ling was Jiu Lan\'s adopted daughter.

Once they finished their talk, they went out of the side room.

Madam Wang was sweating badly and wondered what they were talking about. They didn\'t know that it was her, right? She couldn\'t let Wang Luo Hai know! She quickly went to Wang Luo Hai and asked in a soft voice. She was fluttering her eyelashes at him in a tempting way and asked, "Husband... what are you talking about?"

Just like what Yao Ling had predicted before, the more people panicked, the more they would behave out of character. Madam Wang was generally an aloof person who rarely meddled in Wang Luo Hai\'s business --- besides, she must have known that they were talking about the case, so it wasn\'t her position to ask about this matter...

Wang Luo Hai merely looked at her with a hint of disgust in his eyes. However, Madam Wang wasn\'t able to see the disgust, but she was still feeling uncomfortable with the way he looked at her... "Wh -- What?" She asked in a low voice.

"Nothing..." Wang Luo Hai turned his gaze away and said once more, "There\'s no need for you to know. It\'s about work-related matters. Just deal with your own job... shouldn\'t you calm down the others first?"

Madam Wang flinched for being rebuked just like that but she still smiled amiably. "Yes, Husband. I will do my job..." Even if she was angry, she couldn\'t show it. Indeed, she had forgotten to behave just like usual. She should have appeased the matriarch and the concubines, but she was too scared and forgot about it...

Once Wang Luo Hai used work as a reason, Madam Wang knew that there was no chance for her to know what they were talking about. At least, it was better than talking about this case. She thought that she was clever enough and thought that she didn\'t need to hide the needle.

She quickly went over to the matriarch and said in a soft apologetic tone, "Mother, I\'m sorry. I\'m just too shocked just now and not doing my job really well..."

The matriarch patted the back of Madam Wang\'s hand, knowing that this wasn\'t time to throw a tantrum. Even though she was feeling dissatisfied with Madam Wang, she didn\'t let it show on her face. However, she didn\'t bother to talk to her, only nodding her head in acknowledgment.

Yao Ling sighed when she saw the scene in front of her, feeling that each one of them really knew how to act. To her who used to behave straightforwardly, it was kind of a pain to look at.

"Found it!" One of the shadow guards suddenly yelled, turning everyone\'s attention to him.

Wang Luo Hai quickly asked him while standing up, "The needle mark?"

"Yes, Master..."

The shadow guard looked at Yao Ying in awe, making the latter didn\'t know whether he should laugh or cry. The former didn\'t really believe in Yao Ying\'s guess at first but in the end, the young master was the one who guessed it correctly. It was pretty uncomfortable to receive the praise on behalf of someone else\'s deed. He could only awkwardly give a nod to the shadow guard.

Wang Luo Hai checked the needle mark carefully himself and it was consistent with Yao Ling\'s story. There was no doubt in his mind that it was Madam Wang\'s work. He stood up and asked in a chilling voice to the crowd, "Who stood the closest to this maidservant in the first place? It seems that I have been too lenient to all of you! You even dare to kill right under my nose without caring about the consequences."

Concubine Lan quickly said, "Master, it\'s not me! She\'s my personal maidservant... how... how can I kill her?" Concubine Lan didn\'t know that her personal maidservant had been bought by Madam Wang a long time ago. She was only a lowly person and that maidservant was her sworn sister --- everyone in Wang Fu knew about their relationship and how Concubine Lan doted on the maidservant.

"Where did you stand just now?" Wang Luo Hai asked.

Concubine Lan didn\'t dare to lie and told him the exact position. Yes, she was the closest but she stood on the left side of the maidservant so she shouldn\'t be the one who did it and she also said that Concubine Wan was beside her. Both of them were in tacit understanding the first time in their life and honestly admitted that they didn\'t find each other doing anything suspicious.

They knew that they didn\'t want to be the scapegoat ah~!

Madam Wang didn\'t like where this was going, after all, she was also standing the nearest to the maidservant. Just now, their personal maidservants were scattered all over the room and only three of them were the main suspects!

She quickly said, "But she is your personal maidservant, I bet she must have been listening to your instructions all along. You are the one who told her to kill Concubine Xi, right?" Madam Wang didn\'t hesitate to attack Concubine Lan with her words.

"What?! No! It wasn\'t me!" Concubine Lan quickly denied. Just now, she was also feeling surprised when the shadow guard found the residue of the poison on her maidservant\'s hands! She turned around to Wang Luo Hai and kneeled down, "Master... someone must have wanted to frame me... I really know nothing... You know how I am, Master... Please give me justice, Master!"

Honestly, if Yao Ling didn\'t see it for herself, she also thought that Madam Wang\'s plan was really good. She was using another person\'s personal maidservant to do her bidding. The main suspect? Of course, the master of the deceased maidservant ah~!