His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 422 - It Was Really Her...

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Chapter 422 - It Was Really Her...

Wang Luo Hai asked his people to check on the maidservant\'s corpse carefully --wanting to know the reason for her sudden death. She was clearly fine just now so she must have been murdered to shut her mouth. He wasn\'t stupid and started to know that his women weren\'t as harmless as how they looked like on the surface. He gritted his teeth in anger --- even though he didn\'t really love them, they were still his women ah~! They should have thought of him before doing something.

They even dared to kill someone right in front of him. Such a woman, what else she wouldn\'t dare to do?! How could he accept such a vicious woman?! If he knew who it was, he wouldn\'t keep such a crazy woman inside his manor! Wang Luo Hai vowed to himself in annoyance.

Some of the shadow guards quickly investigated it in front of everyone but they couldn\'t find anything amiss from her body even though they had searched thoroughly. Yao Ling knew that the needle that Madam Wang used was very thin and it would be hard to discern it with n.a.k.e.d eyes. It was still possible to be found if the people who investigated it knew what they were looking for, but if they didn\'t know, she was pretty sure that they would miss it --- just like now.

Thus, she felt like she had to give a hint to the others. Yao Ling whispered a few words to Yao Ying\'s ears and the latter nodded his head in agreement.

"Why don\'t you try to see whether there is a needle mark somewhere on her body?" Yao Ying asked carefully. "Preferably the right side of her body..." He added after thinking for a little while. Wang Luo Hai\'s men seemed to understand what he meant and they quickly searched for the needle mark.

When Madam Wang heard this, her whole body was trembling in fear. She wanted to go out to find a chance to throw away the needle, however, it was too late now. Something was flashing in her eyes --- she needed to do something. She glanced around, trying to think of something.

However, when her gaze landed on Yao Ling, she saw the latter look at her intently while smiling eerily. At this point, she started to understand that Yao Ling really knew something. Which part that she knew? Concubine Xi\'s death? Her assassination? Or the maidservant\'s death?

\'That bitch!\' Madam Wang thought to herself in hatred. She wouldn\'t let herself lose to a village girl! It seemed like she was really underestimating her... She needed to think of a way out by looking around and tried to find a chance to do something.

While Madam Wang was cooking up another desperate plan, Wang Luo Hai paid more attention to Yao Ying\'s words just now. "Needle mark?" Wang Luo Hai asked carefully.

Yao Ying nodded his head while trying to gauge Wang Luo Hai\'s reaction. He wanted to see whether Wang Luo Hai would behave partially or not.

"Why? How do you know that?" Wang Luo Hai asked in suspicion. Wang Luo Hai needed to know the reason because he felt that the couple must have known something. He didn\'t think that they were the mastermind, but they must have already known the perpetrator. Otherwise, how could they be so sure that there would be a needle mark on the maidservant\'s body?

"Father, can I talk to you about it in private?" Yao Ying asked politely. He didn\'t want to let the matriarch know because he was afraid that her heart couldn\'t take it. No matter what, he could also see how much she doted on her daughter-in-law.

Wang Luo Hai nodded his head. He knew that the culprit was inside the room and it must be hard for Yao Ying to tell him in front of the others. Somehow, he had a bad feeling about this. "Sure... we can talk behind the screen..." He said in a low voice while taking Yao Ying to the place that he meant.

The dining hall was a big room and there were several screens that were used to separate the main dining hall with a few small rooms. For example, the place that they went in was prepared for the matriarch if she wanted to rest and they already prepared a Luo Han bed there...

"Tell me..." Wang Luo Hai turned around and ordered Yao Ying in a low voice.

Yao Ying hesitantly said, "Father, you won\'t like what you are going to hear..." He needed to warn him beforehand.

Wang Luo Hai sighed. "It\'s okay... Just tell me..." He had already prepared his heart, besides, he had already gone through so much... What kind of things that he hadn\'t seen ah~?!

Yao Ying explained, "When Yao Ling was falling down... she was able to see everything from her point of view. The one that deliberately pushed her was Madam Wang..." He trailed off in the last part.

"Wait a minute! Did you just say deliberately?" Wang Luo Hai asked while furrowing his eyebrows. "Tell me with more details..."

Yao Ying felt uncomfortable as well but oh well... it implicated his wife ah~! If he continued to let Madam Wang be, he didn\'t know what kind of things she would do next time. He wanted to eradicate everyone that brought danger to his family!

"After pushing her down, Yao Ling was able to see that Madam Wang pulled out the needle and stabbed it to the poor maidservant. It was a brief moment but she could see it clearly. If you don\'t believe us, you can check it from the position. Who was the closest to that maidservant at that time? And... because the needle mark was on the right side of her body, well... the culprit should be standing at the right side, right?"

They both knew that the only one who stood there was Madam Wang. The other concubines were standing a bit far from the maidservant and also, on the left side.

Wang Luo Hai sighed in defeat. It was really her... Madam Wang ah~!

He shook his head in defeat, feeling sad. After thinking for a little while, he decided to say a few points to Yao Ying. He decided to harden his heart because she had made her feel disappointed over and over again.

"We still need to find the needle mark to prove it, not only that... that maidservant wasn\'t Madam Wang\'s personal maidservant, but instead, she was Concubine Lan\'s personal maidservant," he explained.

Wang Luo Hai didn\'t know whether he should laugh or cry when he saw Yao Ying\'s surprised and dumbfounded expression.

Yao Ying furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. Shouldn\'t he at least cover up a little bit for his wife? Why did he look so sad and yet, do nothing? Instead, he was talking about the way to prove that it was indeed Madam Wang\'s doing... Was there something that he didn\'t know about?

Yao Ying couldn\'t hold back his curiosity and asked, "Why...?" He wanted to know the reason!

"Why what?" Wang Luo Hai asked while raising one of his eyebrows.

"Why didn\'t you look surprised? Not only that... why didn\'t you try to protect Madam Wang?" Yao Ying asked in confusion.