His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 421 - What A Lie!

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Chapter 421 - What A Lie!

Madam Wang. Her supposed-to-be current legal mother-in-law!

Yes, the one who wanted them to be dead was Madam Wang all along! She was a possessive woman and didn\'t like Wang Luo Hai to put her attention to another person! Wang Luo Hai didn\'t really know her possessive way because she covered it up really well.

Yao Ling actually had a guess about this matter before but she didn\'t want to make Wang Luo Hai and the matriarch sad. After all, her position was far different from those concubines. It would be easy for them to handle the concubine, but she was the legal wife! Yao Ling was pretty sure that their feelings ran deeper towards Madam Wang.

She also felt a loss at what to do --- the only thing that she could do was to tear off Madam Wang\'s mask!

At first, she hoped that she was wrong as well! But, well... the truth was like this, so she had no choice but accept that Madam Wang might really hate her and Yao Ying so much. If not, why did she send assassins to kill them?!

Yao Ling knew that she needed to act at this time so that people would pay attention to Madam Wang\'s weird behavior. The more Yao Ling pretended to look weak, the more people pitied her. Besides, Madam Wang didn\'t really look repentant, but instead, she looked quite domineering! It made her look like an unreasonable and wicked stepmother.

The matriarch furrowed her eyebrows. "Ruo An... What are you doing?" Was it so hard to give a simple apology to Yao Ling? Fortunately, Madam Wang didn\'t know about Yao Ling\'s pregnancy, if she knew and still as unreasonable as this, she would certainly punish her without giving her any face! To the matriarch, a descendant was far more important than a petty woman\'s jealousy ah~!

She had accepted Yao Ying and Yao Ling, so Madam Wang should also know her own place!

"Mother... It was only an accident! Why are you all so overreacted?!" Madam Wang was too angry and she forgot that she should maintain her amiable appearance in front of others.

"You... You...!" The matriarch pointed at her in anger but she couldn\'t blurt out the truth and say that Yao Ling was pregnant. Yao Ling saw that something was wrong with her grandmother. It seemed like if the matriarch continued to be angry, she would feel dizzy and in the end, fainted.

Yao Ling quickly went over to the matriarch and patted her back. "Grandmother... It\'s fine... I\'m fine... You don\'t need to get angry..." She tried to calm her down. Yao Ling heard that the matriarch\'s health wasn\'t really good lately and she didn\'t want anything to happen to her backer ah~!

The matriarch waved her hand and looked at Yao Ling lovingly. "I\'m fine... No need to worry about this old woman..." She sighed and wondered where the virtuous Madam Wang was gone. Her image was shattered at this moment.

Wang Luo Hai scolded Madam Wang with a glare. "Shut up! Can you stop making a fuss?! If you are in the wrong, just say sorry! Why are you talking so much and making Mother angry?!" Wang Luo Hai was famous for being filial and yet, his wife had just done the opposite!

Madam Wang could only hold back her tears, feeling that she was being wronged with how everything turned out, and after thinking a little while, she was too embarrassed to stay there and it was better if she went out of this place as soon as possible --- besides, this was a good chance to run away from her own crime scene. Hence, she decided to walk to the door\'s direction.

Wang Luo Hai felt that his legal wife\'s behavior was really out of character today! When he saw that she walked to the door, he quickly asked, "Where are you going?"

Madam Wang\'s body stiffened, but she still answered him, "I\'m going out of here!"

Wang Luo Hai was speechless at how childish she was! Everything hadn\'t finished in here and Concubine Xi\'s body hadn\'t gone cold yet, but she wanted to go out all of a sudden?! And what? Leave everything behind?! She was supposed to be the person in charge! The one who managed their manor... how could she be so selfish?!

Wang Luo Hai felt like everything looked like a joke!

Yao Ying sneered to himself. How could he let her go that easily after doing this to Yao Ling and their baby?! If Wang Luo Hai didn\'t talk, then he would be the one who talked --- after all, it could be said that he was the young master here, right? Thus, he quickly said, "Mother... we still have things to solve! How could you leave here? How... How would people look at it?" He wasn\'t Yao Ling, so she didn\'t need to beat around the bush to say what he wanted to say.

The matriarch felt he didn\'t question anything wrong and she was also reminded that Madam Wang was supposed to be in charge. The one who died was Wang Luo Hai\'s concubine, shouldn\'t she show any compassion? Instead, she was still making a fuss.

Madam Wang had no choice but to turn back and go back to where she sat down just now. She asked quietly, knowing that it wasn\'t time to lose her temper once again, "Didn\'t Luo Hai already take care of it? I... I can\'t stand the gory sight."

Yao Ling sneered. She was able to kill without batting her eyelashes, and now, she said that she was scared? What a lie!

Wang Luo Hai and the matriarch were too lazy to bother with her, anyway, the most important thing was to find out the murderer. "Don\'t all of you feel that something was amiss?" Wang Luo Hai asked in a low voice.

Yao Ying nodded, "One of the maidservants has died..."

The others were taken aback because most of them were too focused on Yao Ling and they didn\'t pay attention to the surroundings. This was the effect that Madam Wang wanted --- she smirked inwardly, thinking that her scheme had worked perfectly!

The matriarch nodded her head. "I also saw it... She died right after Yao Ling fell down..." She accidentally saw it from the corner of her eyes, so it was actually by chance.

Madam Wang sweated. She was afraid that the matriarch was able to see what she did...

Wang Luo Hai asked, "Mother, do you remember who stood the closest to that maid?"

The matriarch shook her head. "I\'m too busy helping Yao Ling... I didn\'t pay any attention after that..."

Madam Wang sighed in relief.

Wang Luo Hai called over the shadow guard that had just come in with the water.

"Yes, Master?"

"Check on that deceased maidservant\'s hand, see whether there was any residue of the same poison that Concubine Xi had inside her body," Wang Luo Hai ordered.

"Yes, Master."

Indeed, people could see by themselves that the color of that maidservant\'s hands and the water turned to purple. It was a piece of irrefutable evidence.

Wang Luo Hai said with a sigh, "It seemed like someone killed her to shut her mouth when she saw a chance just now..." Everyone knew that he was referring to the commotion.

Everyone looked at each other while waiting for what Wang Luo Hai would do next.