His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 42 - Shameless Lin Zheng

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Chapter 42 - Shameless Lin Zheng

Lin Zheng was satisfied with his answer. "Good! You can start tomorrow. I\'ll send someone to pick you up. It\'s nice to have a deal with you."

Yao Ying sneered to himself. What kind of deal? He was being deceived by this aloof general. He had to agree with him! He had no other choice, to begin with. If he didn\'t plan to seduce Yao Ling, then he wouldn\'t think bitterly like this. Anyway, it was perfectly aligned with their own promise.

"Thank you, General. This disciple greets Master." Yao Ying kneeled down and gave his respect to General Lin.

"Get up." Lin Zheng finally accepted him as a disciple for real. "I heard Lin Jian also want you to become his master\'s disciple?"

Yao Ying was surprised. He didn\'t think Lin Jian was really serious about that. To think he even told General Lin was a bit unbelievable. "Yes, Master." Then, he truthfully added, "I thought he was only joking yesterday."

Lin Zheng smiled at that. "He loves to joke around but he always keeps his promise. Don\'t worry! If you are able to convince his master, it\'s a good thing. You can become his disciple too. I don\'t mind."

"Is that really okay?" Yao Ying was hesitant because he felt it wasn\'t polite to take two new masters at once.

"It\'s okay. Our style of teaching is different. I\'m a more military guy and he\'s focused more on the martial arts skill. Combining our teaching, it will give you more benefit in the future." Lin Zheng explained briefly.

Lin Zheng was thinking about the big picture. He was certain the young man in front of him wasn\'t an ordinary person. But, who? He couldn\'t find information about Yao Ying, so he had to broaden his search. Until now, there was no reliable news about a missing person all around the military division.

Lin Zheng felt confused about himself too. The bet didn\'t really affect him in any way, so he shouldn\'t bother making a deal with Yao Ying. If he lost, he could just pay the price. He could easily reject his wish to become his disciple, and yet, he received him. Maybe he was getting old and sentimental. He couldn\'t find his missing wife, so other than nurturing the youngsters that he liked, what else could he do? Other women didn\'t even tempt him at all. Lin Jian was also old enough to tend for himself - even his skill was already good enough, so he didn\'t have to teach him any more things. That was probably the reason why.

Yao Ying felt happy with General Lin\'s kindness and he grinned widely. "Thank you, Master."

"Just call me, General. Master sounds weird to me." Lin Zheng rejected the way Yao Ying called him.


"Good! Don\'t forget about our deal. You can do a lot of things with your wife, but don\'t release it inside. You know… just as prevention." Lin Zheng spoke with his aloof face, without a hint of embarrassment at all!

Yao Ying wanted to bury himself inside the ground. What kind of talk was this? It was so humiliating! He could feel his burning cheek. He was a shameless person, but the man in front of him was even more shameless than him!

This kind of talk was common in the army. They got used to going on a long journey for war and the soldiers didn\'t have any women around them. Talking dirty was basically normal, so General Lin didn\'t feel that he said something wrong. When he saw Yao Ying\'s reddening cheek, Lin Zheng guffawed heartily. How could he forget that this kid wasn\'t from his army?

He went to Yao Ying and slapped his shoulder hard. "Kid, you have to brace yourself! When you become my disciple, you will spend a lot of time with my army. A talk just like before… Ha! It\'s just a tip of the iceberg. You will learn a lot of things later! Don\'t say this general didn\'t warn you before!"

Yao Ying gaped at General Lin\'s brazen talk. What did he get himself into when he signed himself as his disciple? Would his mind become tainted after this? Yao Ying shuddered at the thought, but he could only nod his head. He had already resigned to his fate.

"By the way, if you want to learn more, just tell me! This general will teach you everything he knows. I told you not to release it inside, but I won\'t hold you back with the other ways. You know, right? There are a lot of ways to enjoy intimacy." He looked at Yao Ying suggestively. Even though there were not many expressions in General Lin\'s face in the first place, but somehow, Yao Ying could pick up his suggestive intention.

This general wasn\'t as simple as he looked! Yao Ying didn\'t know how to answer that question. He didn\'t expect he had to tell another person about his s.e.x life! It wasn\'t like he had one at the moment, but still… this matter regarding his manliness ah~

Lin Zheng wanted to laugh, looking at Yao Ying\'s expression. This youngster was really fun to tease. Another Wang Luo Hai huh… This general\'s life wouldn\'t be so boring after this. He nodded at Yao Ying, still in his aloof and cold expression. "Today, you go home first. Learn about other ways to enjoy being intimate with your wife! Remember, don\'t come inside or our deal will be invalid! Report to me, tomorrow."

\'Re… report?\' Yao Ying felt like fainted. What kind of report that General Lin expected from him? He wasn\'t going to tell anyone the details of his intimacy!

Lin Zheng didn\'t give Yao Ying the chance to answer. He just turned around and left. Yao Ying pulled out his right hand and grasped on empty air, wanting to stop the general. But he was left speechless! He had nothing to say. He could only slump his shoulders in despair and went home.

He somehow got what he wanted, but he lost his face in front of General Lin. Did he really make the right choice? It was too late to regret though. He was entangled too deeply with General Lin and his father\'s bet.

\'Why… oh… why?\'