His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 418 - What Did She Mean?

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Chapter 418 - What Did She Mean?

"Why did you agree to the demand of whoever it was behind you?! Do you deliberately want to oppose my decision as well?!" Wang Luo Hai asked with a hint of ruthlessness on his face. Someone dared to play around with the decision that he had made. Not only that, he genuinely liked the couple and who knew... they were actually connected to Jiu Lan in a magical way.

No one dared to talk when they saw how angry Wang Luo Hai was --- even Madam Wang was shuddering when she saw the look on his face. After all, Wang Luo Hai was usually a happy-go-lucky person who rarely got angry. She had never seen him this vexed before.

Why... Why were Yao Ying and Yao Ling so important to him? They were just nobodies! They were just stepchildren that could be replaced at any moment! However, she didn\'t dare to say her thoughts out loud... She merely gritted her teeth and stayed still on the side while looking at the couple in hatred.

Concubine Xi quickly answered guiltily, "She... she... had taken my only sister... I could only do her bidding, otherwise, she would kill her..." She answered with the truth. She had covered up the fact that she had failed, but after Yao Ying and Yao Ling had arrived safely yesterday, she knew that the mastermind must have been angered to death.

She couldn\'t sleep and it made it easier for her to be affected by the drug. She hadn\'t gotten the time to beg the mastermind to let off her sister... However, the mastermind was currently inside the room as well... She had betrayed her, so she knew that she wouldn\'t let off her sister and her!

When Concubine Xi realized that she had blurted out the truth just now, she knew that she couldn\'t cover it up anymore --- besides, the guilt kept bothering her, making her feel distressed, and it made her live in fear all the time! Maybe... Maybe... Wang Luo Hai could save her sister just by looking at the fact that she had been serving him for so long.

Concubine Xi quickly kowtowed while knocking her head to the ground and asked for his help, "Please help me save her, Master! Please!" She didn\'t even care if her forehead was hurt --- it was more important for her to save her sister and of course, her own life.

If she wasn\'t being threatened, she wouldn\'t want to involve herself in this matter. She was just a mere concubine. Would she get any benefits from killing Yao Ying and Yao Ling? Not really... after all, she didn\'t have any child herself.

\'She was actually being threatened!\' Yao Ling thought to herself. She looked at Concubine Xi in contemplation from behind the Matriarch, the latter didn\'t look back and thought that Yao Ling was scared of Concubine Xi\'s behavior and Yao Ling deliberately let her think that way. She wanted to see the reaction of each person inside the room carefully, however, she found no abnormality there.

Yao Ling squinted her eyes. If she remembered it correctly, Concubine Xi was a commoner\'s daughter and she indeed had one little sister. Their age gap was quite big so the little girl must have been only twelve at this time.

She sighed when she looked at Concubine Xi, however, Yao Ling didn\'t feel any pity for her. If she didn\'t retaliate, she would be the one who was dead first --- along with Yao Ying. She knew that she was being forced, but she could have chosen another way out. In the end, she had chosen to kill them, it meant that they were also nothing to her eyes.

There was no use to help such people. Besides, Yao Ling was also selfish. Her family was also her priority, so in a way, she also knew why Concubine Xi made such a decision.

Wang Luo Hai whistled and called his shadow guards over, telling one of them to go search for Concubine Xi\'s sister while the others were surrounding the dining room. Wang Luo Hai wanted to catch the mastermind.

"Tell me! Who is the mastermind?!" Wang Luo Hai asked.

Concubine Xi looked up and opened her mouth to tell him the name, however, she suddenly gasped and fell in a thud. Wang Luo Hai quickly squatted down and checked on her, he found that she had already died on the spot.

Yao Ling raised one of her eyebrows and looked carefully at Concubine Xi\'s corpse. \'Oh... someone has killed her to shut her mouth?!\' Yao Ling thought to herself.

This was getting interesting because the mastermind even dared to kill Concubine Xi in front of Wang Luo Hai. She wondered what would Wang Luo Hai do when he found out about the mastermind\'s identity? After all, it must be one of his women.

Yao Ling could see in a glance that it was done by poison and gave Yao Ying a signal about it. Yao Ying nodded and told Wang Luo Hai about it, not telling the latter that Yao Ling was the one who knew about it first. They wanted to keep Yao Ling\'s skills in secret just to let other people lower their guards down and see her as an ordinary woman.

At least, this would become her hidden cards.

Concubine Xi\'s condition was quite gory and it was scary to look at, so Yao Ling didn\'t want to take a closer look at the woman, feeling afraid that it would bring bad luck to her baby. Thus, she would let other people do the job of checking the corpse.

Wang Luo Hai called his shadow guard who was profound in the poison art to check on this matter while everyone was waiting on the side. No one was allowed to leave the room by Wang Luo Hai. The shadow guard whispered a few things to Wang Luo Hai\'s ears after he finished investigating. It seemed like he found something out.

"Do it!" Wang Luo Hai gave him a signal of approvement.

"Father, what is the result?" Yao Ying asked curiously.

"She was being poisoned but the poison wasn\'t so easy to detect so it took quite some time for him to determine the cause of death. However, it would be easy to check on the one who did it..." Wang Luo Hai answered in a low voice.

"How so?" This time, it was the matriarch who was joining in the discussion. She was so angry but fortunately, she had gotten a good granddaughter. Yao Ling was massaging her temple, trying to make her feel better.

"There will be a certain reaction on the killer\'s hand when that person touches the water that my people will prepare after this. No matter what, that person wouldn\'t have the time to wipe out the residue of the poison that is left on her or his hands," Wang Luo Hai explained.

He deliberately said it in a loud voice so that everyone in the room could hear it clearly.

The maidservant who had done that could feel that her whole body was trembling. Her mistress said that she would be fine... But... how could this be? She glanced at her mistress, questioning the latter with her eyes and asking what she should do.

She could see her mistress frowned and shook her head.

What did she mean?

Did she mean that she had given her up... or that the master was only bluffing?!