His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 417 - Concubine Xi Went Crazy

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Chapter 417 - Concubine Xi Went Crazy

"What happened to her?" The matriarch asked in confusion. The blood on Concubine Xi\'s face didn\'t affect her anymore after she was listening to Concubine Xi\'s weird words. Honestly, the woman looked like a lunatic, unlike her usual graceful self. It was better if she stayed without being noticed just like before!

What the hell actually happened to her? People who didn\'t understand the truth were questioning this matter. She seemed to be afraid of something, or... someone, to be precise.

If Concubine Xi didn\'t do anything bad, how could she be affected like this? They looked up and didn\'t see any trail of blood from up there --- so, where did the blood come from? They were pretty sure that Concubine Xi didn\'t have any wounds on her body.

Concubine Xi had totally broken down because of the distress, fear, and guilt that kept gnawing inside her heart for so long. Honestly, that was the first time she hired an assassin and it backfired. She wouldn\'t dare to do this kind of thing anymore in the future. She was in despair and had forgotten where she was at the moment. Everything seemed so blurry in her eyes but she could see a vague image of a woman in front of her.

That woman moved at a fast speed all around her which made her feel dizzy. To the others, Concubine Xi seemed to be looking around and pointing at something randomly --- she had become delusional in such a short span of time.

Concubine Xi felt like she was being haunted by her deceased personal maidservant.

Yao Ling started to pretend to be afraid as well and distanced herself from Concubine Xi while Yao Ying and Wang Luo Hai stood up and decided to be vigilant, just in case the woman would attack the others. With her skill, Yao Ling only needed to give Concubine Xi\'s a little something to make her fall into a hallucination.

She sat right beside Concubine Xi so it was easier for her to give her a certain drug that only needed to be smelt for a certain period of time. It worked like magic. This drug would enhance her guilt and make her feel tortured... sooner or later, she would tell them the truth.

Concubine Xi yelled loudly to something that could only be seen by her, "I didn\'t kill you! They are the ones who killed you! You shouldn\'t have found me! I do nothing wrong! Nothing wrong!" After that, she closed her eyes and squatted down in fear beside the table. She hugged her own legs and hid her head inside her knees so she could see nothing while rocking herself back on forth.

"Not me..."

"Not me..."

She kept muttering to herself.

The matriarch and Madam Wang looked at each other... "Kill?" They asked each other at the same time. They wondered what kind of thing that Concubine Xi had involved herself with? Concubine Lan and Concubine Wan quickly moved to the other side of the table, standing behind the matriarch and Madam Wang --- both were supposed to be sitting beside Concubine Xi but they were afraid of her at the moment. It was better to stay far away from her --- even the servants and maidservants didn\'t dare to get closer to her as well.

Who would want to get closer to that lunatic ah~?! They were afraid that they would be implicated as well!

Wang Luo Hai slapped the table to show his authority in anger, "Concubine Xi! What are you doing? Why do you behave so out of character? You scared everyone here!"

Concubine Xi looked up when she heard Wang Luo Hai\'s question --- somehow, listening to his voice, she felt safe... after all, he was her man. She knew that he could protect her. She crawled to Wang Luo Hai while trying not to see the surroundings, feeling afraid that her ex-maidservant would jump out of nowhere and appear once again.

"Master... please... please help me..." She hugged Wang Luo Hai\'s legs and buried her face there.

Wang Luo Hai looked at her in disgust and resisted the urge to kick her, after all, she was smearing the blood all over his clothes. "Tell me... how do you want me to help you? What did you do?!" He still managed to ask in concern despite the disgust. However, he retracted the hand that wanted to help her at first. He couldn\'t stand the sight!

"My personal maidservant was killed by someone for quite some time but... but... why didn\'t she haunt the person that killed her?! She keeps haunting me!" Concubine Xi was trembling in fear.

The matriarch furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Madam Wang which was in charge of the household matter, asking with her eyes whether something like this happened or not. If yes, why didn\'t she hear of it? A personal maidservant\'s disappearance should be a big matter.

Madam Wang quickly shook her head. "She reported to me that her personal maidservant had a family matter and asked her for a holiday. Concubine Xi said that she had approved it. I thought that it was only a simple matter so I didn\'t put it inside my mind..."

"Why did she lie before?!" The matriarch wondered while furrowing her eyebrows. Her attention was back to Concubine Xi.

Wang Luo Hai asked in a soothing voice, "Who killed her? Tell me! I will get justice for you!" He was coaxing her, wanting to know the truth.

"A man... A man killed her! I believe that it was the assassin!" Concubine Xi answered honestly. She was already muddle-headed and couldn\'t this straight, otherwise, how could she admit easily like this?

"What assassin?!" Wang Luo Hai asked in a loud voice.

The matriarch sneered. She was a mere concubine --- who would want to target her? They had been living harmoniously for more than a decade... so she didn\'t think the culprit was from Wang Fu. Why would an assassin kill a mere maidservant?! There must be something behind this?

"It\'s... It\'s the assassin that someone told me to hire on her behalf!" Concubine Xi made a confession.

"Hmmm... Assassin?! Who did you want to kill?!" Wang Luo Hai asked in anger. It was really the truth! He didn\'t want to believe it at first but the woman had already confessed. However, who was the one behind her?!

"Young Master and Young Mistress..." She answered in a low voice, admitting everything.

Someone inside the room gritted her teeth in anger! This stupid bitch! How could she admit everything so easily?! She really needed to prepare a way out! She gave a signal to her personal maidservant and the latter nodded her head despite the fear. She understood what to do.

Yao Ling gasped. "Me?! What do I do wrong?!"

The matriarch quickly patted her back and whispered so no one could hear her words, "You are not allowed to agitate!" She was afraid that it would affect the baby. She was glad that they kept the pregnancy a secret. Someone already wanted to kill Yao Ling even before there was a baby inside her w.o.m.b!

It was too dangerous!

Then, the matriarch said in a louder voice, "Grandmother is here for you! I will be the one who will get justice for you! Luo Hai! Handle your woman well!" She blamed it on Wang Luo Hai.

Wang Luo Hai, "..."

How could it become his responsibilities ah~?!

Oh well... at least, his mother loved Yao Ling well. He nodded his head in agreement.