His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 416 - Feng Was On The Move

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Chapter 416 - Feng Was On The Move

If Yao Ling knew that Yao Ying felt more sure about his choice because of this matter too, she would certainly not know whether she should laugh or cry. Oh well... at least, she was the one who got the benefit in the end.

Yao Ling took a peek at Wang Luo Hai, wanting to ask whether they should do the next part of the plan now. After they planted the suspicion, it was easier to affect the others\' minds at this time. Wang Luo Hai understood what she meant and gave a brief nod. Yao Ling noticed it and quickly kicked Yao Ying underneath the table gently as a signal. Yao Ying pretended to cough and drink the tea as a signal for Feng to do the next part as soon as possible.

His cough was quite loud because Feng was a bit far from where he was. It even made the matriarch surprised. The latter asked in concern, "Are you alright?"

"I\'m fine, Grandmother. I accidentally choked on something," he answered with a smile. His face was slightly flushed due to the excess coughing that he had to do. Yao Ling really wanted to laugh out loud but held herself back, instead, she showed some concerns to him.

Their interaction looked so natural so no one felt something was suspicious of their behavior --- including Concubine Xi. The latter was too worried that the matriarch or Wang Luo Hai would find out about her deed, so her thoughts were elsewhere.

Feng was sitting on the roof the whole time while waiting for Yao Ying\'s signal for quite a long time. He started to feel bored when he finally heard the loud cough, he quickly prepared himself because he was going to do one of his little tricks once again. Because this plan was approved by Wang Luo Hai beforehand, Feng was being protected by Wang Luo Hai\'s shadow guards as well. They chased away irrelevant people with one way after another, thus, it was easier for him to do his job and he could do it openly from the outside.

He opened one of the rooftop tiles slowly so he wouldn\'t accidentally make a loud sound so no one under him noticed that something was amiss. He looked at the place where Concubine Xi was sitting and taking note of their distances. Feng could see that the woman was distracted and smirked to himself.

It was easier to do this at noon because of the light.

He slashed his own finger so that he could squeeze a few drops of blood --- he didn\'t dare to use too much blood just in case it fell on top another person, such as the matriarch, then he would become a lump of dead meat!



There was a faint sound of something dropping from up above --- only the three people knew about this and they were excited to see what would happen next. Once Feng felt that it was enough blood already and made sure that the blood landed at the right target, Feng quickly put back the tile and went out of there as soon as possible with his qing gong skill.

There was nothing amiss from the outside and no one would find Feng\'s presence...

At first, Concubine Xi didn\'t realize that there was something weird with herself. She was sweating pretty bad due to fear so she didn\'t notice the blood that was slowly trickling down from her hair to her face. Wang Luo Hai, Yao Ying, and Yao Ling noticed it but they didn\'t make any sound and continued eating at ease --- waiting for someone to tell concubine Xi about it.

They wanted to borrow another person\'s hands.

Concubine Wan was the one who saw the blood first. "Argh!" She yelled loudly, after all, she was afraid of blood and honestly, Concubine Xi\'s face looked a bit scary. Her whole body was trembling while her finger was pointing at Concubine Xi but she couldn\'t say anything --- only saying incoherent words.

The matriarch felt really angry at this time. Why did the concubines make a scene one after another?! Did they even respect her?! She wanted to eat a peaceful breakfast but they wouldn\'t let her.

After today, she didn\'t want to eat with the concubines once again and let them eat by themselves once again. The matriarch put down her chopstick and sighed in annoyance. She slapped the table in anger and asked in a loud stern voice, "Concubine Wan, what are you doing?! You make me lose my appetite!"

She looked at Concubine Wan intensely and didn\'t pay attention to Concubine Xi so she hadn\'t noticed the blood on the latter\'s face yet. Madam Wang looked up as well and looked at where Concubine Wan\'s eyes landed, feeling curious about the thing that made her feel scared. Madam Wang sneered in contempt but when she saw the blood on Concubine Xi\'s face... she almost fainted in fear as well. Just now, the blood wasn\'t there ah~!

What had happened in such a short moment?!

"Mo... Mother... That... that..." Madam Wang pointed at Concubine Xi\'s direction while stuttering. She felt at a loss at what to say...

"What?" The matriarch asked in annoyance. Concubine Wan didn\'t answer her and Madam Wang followed the former in making a fuss --- she was getting angrier. What kind of things that would make them had an exaggerated reaction?!

However, when she wanted to look at Concubine Xi right away, Wang Luo Hai quickly covered her eyes which made the matriarch bewildered. "Luo Hai, what are you doing?" She slapped his hand away in annoyance. Honestly, it was too impolite!

Wang Luo Hai was afraid that his mother\'s heart couldn\'t stand it so he warned her first that there was blood on Concubine Xi\'s face and looked a bit scary. The matriarch nodded her head and said that she understood, so he could let go now. After making sure that his mother looked fine, Wang Luo Hai took his hand back. He knew his mother was quite strong but she was already old and he didn\'t want him to faint because of being stimulated by this matter.

He felt a bit guilty because he almost forgot about this...

Concubine Xi felt that people were looking at her with wide eyes and exaggerated expressions, she was feeling confused. "What happened?" She asked doubtfully.

"Your... Your face..." Concubine Lan was afraid as well, but she still tried to tell her about the blood.

Concubine Xi touched her face and when she felt something wet on her face, she looked at her hand --- blo... blood! "Argh!" She yelled in fear. She thought it was only sweat just now!!

This time she was really breaking down because she remembered everything that haunted her at night! The memory was being triggered and she couldn\'t keep up with her calm appearance once again. She was in fear!

Was... was her maidservant coming to get revenge for her unpeaceful death?!

She touched her face and tried to wipe it with her handkerchief. It didn\'t make it any better, but instead, she smeared her blood all over her face. She threw her handkerchief away when she saw how full-of-blood it was!

"I\'m sorry... I\'m sorry..." Concubine Xi mumbled softly to herself. "It\'s not my fault! It\'s not! You shouldn\'t haunt me!!"

Concubine Xi started to go crazy and surprised the others...