His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 414 - She Noted The Sarcasm

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Chapter 414 - She Noted The Sarcasm

When Yao Ling met Yao Ying after his morning exercise, his mood looked far better than last night and he even gave her a smile which made her feel bewildered.

"Are... are you okay?" Yao Ling asked awkwardly while looking at his little Yao Ying pointedly. She was embarrassed but it wouldn\'t be good if she didn\'t ask how \'it\' was, after all, she was the one who hurt \'it\' in the first place. At least, she should show some concern, right?

Yao Ying raised one of his eyebrows at her and asked with a stoic face --- which made Yao Ling couldn\'t really guess his current mood, "What do you think?"

"Er... Better?" She asked while grinning sheepishly.

"Of course..." Yao Ying rolled his eyes. "If not, how could I do the morning exercise? I would still sleep beside you and groan all the time..."

Yao Ling, "..."

Well, alright... she noted the sarcasm.

"Then, it\'s all good!" Yao Ling replied with ease. Her guilt was gone when she knew that he was already as healthy as a horse...

Yao Ying nodded his head. "Yes... don\'t worry! I can perform very well tonight!" He said with a wicked smile, reminding her just in case she would pretend to forget about her promise.

Yao Ling, "..."

She was beyond speechless. However, she still answered him, "Fine..."

Because of her consent, Yao Ying turned into a happy person which made Xiao Yu and Xiu feel bewildered. It seemed like the only one who could handle their young master was only their young miss... Xiu really wanted to cry, why didn\'t young mistress wake up sooner and help him ah~?! Young Master kept bullying him the whole morning!

Yao Ling really didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry... How could she not feel Xiu\'s blaming eyes? But oh well... she also had just managed to cheer the drama king up ah~! Xiu was being tortured in the morning, on the other hand, she was the one who would be tortured tonight!


The morning routine at Wang Fu started just as usual --- the couple was eating breakfast together at the main dining room along with everyone. The only difference was the concubines joined them as well.

Madam Wang asked in the middle of their breakfast all of a sudden, "Husband... Is there a happy occasion today?" She smiled softly with a hint of excitement in her eyes, however, she still looked as elegant as usual. There was a hint of curiosity in her expression.

"Oh... why do you think so?" Wang Luo Hai asked curiously with a smile. However, there was a doubt in his heart --- did she notice something about Yao Ling? Wang Luo Hai paid more attention to her answer but he looked indifferent from the outside.

Madam Wang smiled bashfully when she saw Wang Luo Hai was looking at her in a happy mood. "It\'s just a mere guess. After all, it\'s so rare for us to eat breakfast together and besides, the foods are more luxurious than usual..."

Wang Luo Hai nodded his head. "Well... it\'s to celebrate how Yao Ling is actually the daughter of my long-lost friend," he answered truthfully. Well... there was a second reason --- her pregnancy, but he couldn\'t tell the others about that.

He thought that he still needed to celebrate it by having a luxurious breakfast, otherwise, he would feel guilty. The child was his first grandchild, so of course, he should do something for the baby. If there was no assassination attempt, he would already hold a party for three days and three nights! Too bad, he couldn\'t even acknowledge the baby... for now.

"Oh... which friend?" Madam Wang asked, somehow she had a bad feeling. Wang Luo Hai only had a few close friends and judging the way he treated Yao Ling differently from before and even with more warmth, it seemed like that person wasn\'t a simple friend. Who was it?!

The matriarch didn\'t know this part as well, so she asked as well, "Oh... I\'m also curious. I know almost all of your friends. Do I know that person? Such a wonderful fate!" She clapped her hands happily.

Wang Luo Hai smiled and answered melancholically, "Indeed... it\'s such a beautiful fate..." After saying that, he glanced to see everyone\'s reaction but everyone still looked just like usual --- only Madam Wang\'s face looked slightly darkened.

"Both of you know her..." Wang Luo Hai admitted.

When Madam Wang heard the word \'her\', her face started to change. Her mind drifted to Jiu Lan, but how could that be? The woman had become someone else\'s wife. She forgot where they were and asked in a sharp voice, "Who is she?!"

The matriarch glanced at her and asked in displeasure, "Why are you so concerned about this matter? Whoever her mother is... Yao Ling is your child now..." She could hear Madam Wang\'s unpleasant tone and she didn\'t like it for one bit. A wife should be virtuous.

Madam Wang knew that she had made a mistake, she quickly tried to appease the matriarch, "Mother, I know... I\'m just curious."

"If you are curious, then you should talk with Wang Luo Hai in private..." The matriarch said. She wanted to give her a lecture but she still tried to give her some face in front of the concubines.

Yao Ying and Yao Ling didn\'t talk at all when the conversation between the elders happened, they continued to eat silently and wait for the good show.

"I will let Yao Ling tell you both in private together later..." Wang Luo Hai answered mysteriously. He didn\'t think that it would be good for many people to know Yao Ling\'s full background --- especially those concubines.

Yao Ying had already asked for a report from Feng --- the one that had sent assassins back then was one of the concubines. When he took a look at them inside the hall, he could see that three of them were still in their best appearance and didn\'t seem to be any different than before.

However, one of them had received some kind of stimulation from Feng each night. It changed every night because Yao Ying had given him a full reign to do whatever he wanted. After Zhuo Li sent her closest maidservant\'s corpse to her courtyard, the woman had been scared to death so it was easier to make her live in fear.

Sometimes, Feng would hide on the roof and then made a little hole there. After that, he would let a few drops of blood flew down and fell onto the woman\'s face --- until she was awake. By the time Feng was gone, the woman had already yelled in fear while trembling.

The clever thing was she had never made a fuss and attracted Wang Luo Hai\'s attention. She was in the wrong so she decided to keep it to herself and threaten her own people that she would beat them if they dared to spread gossips about ghosts. In front of others, she was still the same as usual.

What a strong mentality!

If they didn\'t know it better, they wouldn\'t have guessed that there was something wrong with her.

It was Yao Ying\'s opinion. It was different from Yao Ling\'s point of view. Even though she looked like usual, she used heavy make-up to cover up her haggard appearance. She was a woman, thus, she knew the trick as well. It seemed like this woman wouldn\'t be so easy to deal with --- unlike Liu Li.