His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 413 - I Feel You

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Chapter 413 - I Feel You

"Serve you right!" Yao Ling said without looking back at Yao Ying. She was too lazy to do that because she was still angry at him for bothering her. She didn\'t really want to kick him out of the bed, but oopsie... it was an accident because she put too much strength on her kick. However, she didn\'t really feel that guilty.

He was a strong man, so he should be fine --- it was just a mere kick from a weak woman who had no martial art skills whatsoever, so how bad could it be?

"You... You... How could you do this to me?" Yao Ying asked her in annoyance and Yao Ling thought he was too exaggerating. His voice sounded like he was being choked and holding back a crazy pain.

"What? It\'s just a mere kick! I don\'t believe that it could hurt you for real!" Yao Ling answered back. Knowing that he wouldn\'t stop talking, Yao Ling turned around to look at Yao Ying --- she wanted to prove that he was only faking it.

She was surprised when she looked at his condition and the part that he covered with both of his hands. Her eyes widened and she quickly became sober.

"Are you okay?!" Yao Ling quickly sat up and took a look at him. When she felt that she couldn\'t see it clearly, she stood up and then squatted beside him, checking his condition.

Yao Ying answered her with a question through gritted teeth, "What do you think?!"

Yao Ling didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry. She only randomly chose a target, how could she know that she actually kicked his little Yao Ying just now ah~?! She flinched when she thought how painful it must be --- it was the same if someone kicked her b.r.e.a.s.ts, she would certainly cry herself to death due to the pain. When she imagined it, she shuddered.

\'Ouch! I feel you...\' She thought to herself.

"I\'m sorry..." Yao Ling quickly apologized because she was honestly feeling guilty at the moment.

Yao Ying sighed. "Even though we already have a baby together, but it doesn\'t mean I don\'t want to have another child in the future. Please spare my little Yao Ying ah~! We need it to make our second child!" Yao Ying said sarcastically. The baby wasn\'t born yet and his wife already wanted to cripple him...

Yao Ling didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry when she heard that! This drama king! It was just an accident ah~! How could she bear to cripple him? After all, she also enjoyed making love with him if she wasn\'t tired. However, she knew that her kick really hurt him and also, she was the guilty party here, so she couldn\'t refute his words.

"Okay... Okay... Okay... I\'m sorry!" Yao Ling answered him. "I will protect little Yao Ying well in the future. I promise that I won\'t hurt little Yao Ying anymore..." She tried to appease him.

Inwardly, she thought, "I will target another area to kick if you keep annoying me again next time --- except for that fatal one." The little Yao Ying was also precious for her ah~!

If Yao Ying knew her thoughts, he would certainly be angered to death!

"Let me help you up!" Yao Ling finally relented and at the same time, tried to distract him as well.

Yao Ying nodded his head. Of course, he needed her help. It seemed like she almost used up all of her strength for this one kick because it hurt like hell! It was a bit hard for him to stand up... and honestly, it was so embarrassing.

Because of the pain, his previous arousal was gone in a poof. He just wanted to sleep so when he woke up, the pain would go away. Yao Ling could only pat his back, trying to calm him while trying to act cutesy so that Yao Ying would cease his anger.

"Pain... Pain... Go away... Dear..." She chanted a few times so that the pain would be gone.

Yao Ying, "..."

Did she try to coax a little kid? How could this pain go away in a short time? However, her soothing voice indeed calmed him a little bit.

Yao Ling made a promise, "We can do it tomorrow night. Okay? I\'m really tired today... I\'m sorry..."

Yao Ying harrumphed. "Let\'s see whether I\'m in the mood or not...!"

Yao Ling, "..."

Wow! She didn\'t know that he could be that petty. However, she merely nodded her head fawningly and answered, "Of course... it\'s up to you tomorrow!" Yao Ling thought that they would be sleeping after this and if he didn\'t want to do it, it was fine too.

However, the man added in a low voice, "Tomorrow night... okay?! You make a promise!"

Yao Ling, "..."

Where was your integrity dear? She shook her head inwardly.

"Of course..." Yao Ling answered with a sweet smile.

A promise was a promise --- she had to fulfill it!

Yao Ying grunted in satisfaction after he had gotten her promise. In actuality, her kick wasn\'t that painful. He only needed to act a little bit to trap her so that she would willingly hand herself to him. Feeling satisfied, he closed his eyes and smiled.

If Yao Ling knew that she had been tricked, she would certainly kick him \'there\' for real!

After that, both of them went back to sleep... After all, they still needed to work hard the next day. Of course, it wasn\'t about their bed exercise but instead, it was about cleaning up Wang Fu from the evildoers.

Once Wang Fu was safe, they would be able to focus on Yao Ying\'s past while searching for Su Wan.

With that thought in mind, Yao Ling was able to sleep soundly.


When morning had arrived, Yao Ling found Yao Ying was already gone by the time she woke up. When she touched his side of the bed, it was already cold, showing that he had gone for a while. She knew that he had gone back to the morning routine and it was time to do his morning exercise. She called Xiao Yu over and asked curiously, "Is Young Master exercising?"

"Yes, Young Mistress," Xiao Yu answered.

"How is Young Master\'s mood this morning?" Yao Ling asked after pondering for a little while.

Xiao Yu felt that something was weird when Yao Ling asked that question, but she still honestly answered, "Young Master\'s mood seemed to be bad ever since he woke up. He asked for one on one fight with Xiu and well... he seemed to be venting something and beating Xiu up for half shichen." Xiao Yu was feeling worried for Xiu and when she heard Yao Ling\'s question and knew that this must have something to do with her young mistress.

Did something happen last night?

However, she didn\'t dare to ask.

How could a v.i.r.g.i.n like her guess that it was because her young master couldn\'t eat young mistress\' tofu?

Yao Ling was too embarrassed to explain it to Xiao Yu. Thus, the former changed the direction of the conversation by asking, "How is the preparation going?"

Xiao Yu smiled happily. "Everything is ready...!"

Yao Ling nodded her head in satisfaction.