His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 411 - Hold Back His 'Urge'

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Chapter 411 - Hold Back His \'Urge\'

Yao Ling listened to Yao Ying\'s plan and asked, "Does Father really agree to do this? After all, they are his women..." Would he really willing to deal with one of those women? Somehow, she doubted it. After all, they weren\'t his real children --- yes, sometimes, she was still doubting their worth in Wang Luo Hai\'s eyes.

They only knew him for what... a few months? On the other hand, he was already with those women for a few years.

Yao Ying laughed. "I was surprised as well... but if I thought back and saw from his behaviors, he doesn\'t seem to love his women that much..." Including Madam Wang, if he could say it out loud. Yes, there might be respect between husband and wife, but that was it.

Yao Ling nodded his head. "I think... he must have known that my stepmother was actually the person that he and General Lin love... right? The one that they keep looking for... Did he ask you something about it?" Yao Ling was feeling interested to know wang Luo Hai\'s reaction.

Yao Ying sighed. "Yes... he asked me about that matter as well and I honestly told him everything..." He could see how much Wang Luo Hai missed and loved Jiu Lan from his expression --- it turned gentler.

"What\'s his reaction?" Yao Ling asked curiously.

Yao Ying shook his head. "I don\'t know for sure... he masked his expression really well. However, he told me that he is happy..." Yao Ying didn\'t want Yao Ling to cry or make a fuss because she felt sorry about Wang Luo Hai\'s one-sided love. With her current condition, it would take a long time to stop her from crying!

"Eh... why?" Yao Ling asked in confusion. "Happy? Isn\'t my mother\'s death a piece of bad news?"

Yao Ying sighed and explained his thoughts, "He probably has preparation for that matter. They couldn\'t find her after so long, so at one point, he must have thought that she was already dead."

"Well... that makes sense..." Yao Ling answered.

As a man, how could Yao Ying not understand Wang Luo Hai\'s feelings? It seemed like he only loved one person in this life --- it was Jiu Lan. Even though he couldn\'t get her in the end, didn\'t fate continue to make him intertwine with her? If before this Wang Luo Hai had a certain idea when he took them in as his children, the idea might have changed when he knew this fact.

Yao Ying was sure that he would certainly take good care of Yao Ling --- the stepdaughter of his beloved woman. He would be able to really love her just like his own daughter. For Yao Ying, this was also good. Wang Luo Hai would certainly protect Yao Ling wholeheartedly.

Then, Yao Ling remembered something and asked, "What about the bet? Did he say something about it?"

Yao Ying felt helpless when he heard that question, "Of course he said something about it... he will bring us to Lin Fu right after we finish dealing with the matter here!"

"Huh? Why?"

"Of course because he doesn\'t think that he has lost!" Yao Ying laughed.

"How come?!" Yao Ling asked in surprise.

"If he counted how long your pregnancy was, he found out that the baby could be made before the time limit ended, so... he doesn\'t think that he has lost! Thus, we should accompany him there and explain everything to General Lin..." Yao Ying explained.

Yao Ling, "..."

These two old men were really stubborn ah~! Wang Luo Hai already made a decision and they could only follow along the next day.

"Have you told him about my father?" Yao Ling asked while biting her lower lip because she was feeling nervous. She wanted to introduce Wang Luo Hai to her birth father but she didn\'t know whether Wang Luo Hai would accept it or not.

Yao Ying patted her shoulder. "Why are you being so nervous? You know father really well, right? He\'s happy for you, but everything should wait after we clean up the mess, alright?"

Yao Ling\'s mood turned better and she smiled sweetly. "Of course! As long as my father-in-law is alright with it, I\'m already feeling happy!"

"What about you? What were you talking about with Grandmother?" Yao Ying asked.

Yao Ling explained that she merely talked about everything that they had gone through in a summary and told her the funny things that happened so that the matriarch\'s mood turned for the better. She was already old, so they couldn\'t talk that long because both of them already felt tired. They would continue talking when they had a chance the next day.

The matriarch already knew about her pregnancy and she taught her a few things about the pregnancy which she had never heard before. It was passed down from generation to generation to maintain her beauty and slimness while she was pregnant, so Yao Ling was quite interested in it.

The matriarch told her that she would be the one who took care of her diet and sent an old Mo Mo who was good at nursing a pregnant woman. Yao Ling felt very grateful for the matriarch\'s kindness. When Yao Ying knew that the matriarch would take care of her, he sighed in relief and finally could put his anxiousness down.

Everything was perfect for them at the moment!

Both of them wanted to call a night earlier, after all, they still felt tired after the long journey. Yao Ling was sleeping soundly when she felt that someone was playing around with her two meat buns and even twirling around the lovely cherries on top of it. Ever since the pregnancy, her whole body had become so sensitive.

Because of it, she couldn\'t hold back her m.o.a.n. She could feel the pleasure shot up through her whole body and make her trembling.

What was this?!

Did she have a wet dream?!

She woke up but she was still sleepy and couldn\'t differentiate between a dream and reality... She didn\'t know that Yao Ying was actually grinning widely behind her... He cleverly controlled his breath so Yao Ling thought that he was sleeping --- only both of his hands were actively pinching and teasing Yao Ling\'s lovely meat buns tenderly.

It had been so long ever since the last time they were \'doing\' this --- they had never done it after he knew that Yao Ling was pregnant. He heard that the first three months were the most fragile time, so he had to hold back his urge to \'do\' it...

However, he couldn\'t hold himself back at this moment.

He just wanted to \'eat\' her... as long as they didn\'t do any intercourse, it should be fine. Yao Ying had done his homework and asked around about this matter --- when he knew that it was indeed fine, he would happily tease his wife to death ah~!

His little Yao Ying really missed Yao Ling\'s sweet little hole ah~!

He had already satisfied himself with his own hand for so long. Yao Ling was having morning sickness so he couldn\'t bear to let her help him with his predicament. He had already observed Yao Ling\'s condition and she looked fine --- he already asked Yao Ling about her condition so he was feeling even sure that she was fine...

A little play... wouldn\'t hurt, right?