His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 410 - They Would Clean Up The Wang Fu

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Chapter 410 - They Would Clean Up The Wang Fu

Wang Luo Hai, Madam Wang, and the matriarch had been waiting for them inside the hall for a long time, so they were feeling excited when they knew that Yao Ying and Yao Ling had finally arrived at the Wang Fu\'s gate. Somehow, they really missed them.

After all, they had left for a few months in total.

Maybe they had gotten used to their presence, so because they weren\'t there, the house felt so lonely. The matriarch\'s usual cheerfulness was also gone, making her didn\'t have the heart to eat and visibly thinner than before.

The matriarch had heard about Yao Ling\'s pregnancy and she was beyond happy! Her dream had come true ah~! She would be able to hold her grandchild soon and her loneliness would be gone at once! She had a little baby to hold and play with...

However, the matriarch already knew beforehand that she should keep it a secret because the news of the child was being targeted had travelled into Wang Luo Hai\'s ears and it made Wang Luo Hai angered to death. They were confused about the reasons but they were being extra careful --- who knew? Maybe the culprit was actually one of their people.

Wang Luo Hai told everything to the matriarch and what surprised the matriarch the most was the fact that Wang Luo Hai didn\'t even tell Madam Wang a word about it. Did she miss something?

"Why don\'t you tell your main wife?" The matriarch asked.

Wang Luo Hai merely smiled and looked a bit evasive, but he explained briefly, "I want to give her a surprise... Besides, the baby has been targeted so the lesser people who know about the baby\'s survival, the better. I only tell you because I don\'t want you to feel lonely, Mother... If Yao Ling has a baby, you will have someone to play with!"

The matriarch felt that something was wrong but she didn\'t want to dwell on this matter --- she knew that Wang Luo Hai was able to deal with his own women. If he didn\'t want to tell Madam Wang, then she would keep quiet as well.

That was the reason why she was anxious and her emotions turned complicated. Even if she wanted to look at Yao Ling\'s stomach, she needed to do it carefully and not to let people see her happy emotions --- honestly, it would make her feel so frustrated but she would act along with them.

She felt that everything had been so perfect inside their family ever since they took Yao Ying and Yao Ling as the Di son and Di daughter in law. Their family\'s luck had turned for the better and she was happy that she had supported Wang Luo Hai\'s decision back then --- albeit she did it unwillingly.

They didn\'t call the concubines to join them in receiving the couple because their presence wasn\'t really needed. They weren\'t close to the couple and the couple didn\'t need to give respect to them. They just wanted to save Yao ling from the trouble.

Once Yao Ying and Yao Ling stepped their feet into the main hall, they quickly greeted the elders. Once Yao Ling saw the tears brewing inside the matriarch\'s eyes, tears ran down on her face as well --- she became so moody after the pregnancy.

Yao Ying helplessly looked at her. Even though she had stopped vomiting, she couldn\'t stop crying. A mere little thing could trigger her cry for a long time ah~! The matriarch was surprised by her sudden burst of cry and helplessly patted her back after Yao Ling jumped into her embrace.

Yao Ling didn\'t feel that she was close enough to Madam Wang, thus, she just gave an ordinary perfunctory greeting just now.

Wang Luo Hai liked to see the closeness between Yao Ling and his mother. On the other hand, Madam Wang\'s pettiness started to flare up once again --- she felt that Yao Ling didn\'t put her in her eyes... No matter what, she was still her legal mother. How could she suck up to the matriarch like this?

How could Madam Wang\'s expression escape Wang Luo Hai\'s keen eyes? This was also one of the reasons why he didn\'t want to tell her about Yao Ling\'s pregnancy. He started to notice how petty his wife had become...

Yao Ying took a glance around the room and felt disappointed that the concubines weren\'t here... He wanted to see which one of them tried to assassinate them but it seemed like they had to wait for Feng\'s report.

Yao Ying had a plan in his heart but he wondered if it was feasible because this plan involved Wang Luo Hai --- he didn\'t know whether he would give them justice if he knew about the assassination. Oh well... they had just gotten back, they should rest first before dealing with everything.

Yao Ling was brought to the matriarch\'s room to catch up by the matriarch, on the other hand, Wang Luo Hai took Yao Ying to his study. Both of them wanted to hear their stories. Madam Wang who was left behind at the main hall could only bite her lower lip in a grievance. She felt wronged even though they had bid their goodbye politely towards her.

Did they forget she was here all along? Then, why bother to bring her here?

She felt that her existence had been scarce ever since those two came into this household! The matriarch usually brought her along but this time, she also forgot about her!

Madam Wang wrongly blamed the matriarch... It wasn\'t that the matriarch didn\'t want to bring her along --- she just couldn\'t. The matriarch wanted to talk about the baby ah~! She couldn\'t talk freely if Madam Wang was there.

While the atmosphere at the Matriarch place was quite light and full of laughter, the atmosphere inside the study was quite heavy. They planned to talk about an important matter.

Wang Luo Hai wanted to know everything that had happened in detail. Yao Ying told him everything and asked out of curiosity, "What will you do if I remember about my past?"

Wang Luo Hai sighed, knowing that this matter would happen sooner or later. He had heard bits and pieces about them from his spies network, he knew that Yao Ying\'s memories had been triggered even though he still remembered nothing.

He patted her shoulder gently and said, "No matter who you are --- you will always be my son."

Yao Ying smiled gratefully at him.

Wang Luo Hai continued talking, "But of course, if you used to be a villain, I would beat you up so you would change for the better..."

Yao Ying, "..."

\'Shouldn\'t he comfort him and at least say... \'I believe in you\'?\' Yao Ying thought to himself helplessly. However, he felt happy because Wang Luo Hai would still treat him like a son.

After going out of the study room, Yao Ying was in a better mood. He had told Wang Luo Hai about their assassination and also, what they did to one of his women. At first, he was angry which made Yao Ying flinch. However, he was feeling grateful that Wang Luo Hai wasn\'t angry at them, but to the culprit.

They had made a plan and there would be a fun thing to see the next day...

They would clean up the Wang Fu.