His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 405 - Rooting Out The Spy (1)

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Chapter 405 - Rooting Out The Spy (1)

Once they went out of the tea house, Yao Ling pretended that she really enjoyed the snacks that the tea house had offered so everyone would believe that she had eaten the osmanthus cakes. Whenever she thought about what was going to happen if she really ate them, she felt her whole body sweating in fear.

She started to get vigilance and feel that someone was following her. It seemed like they wanted to make sure that she had indeed lost the baby. She needed to tell Yao Ying about this as soon as possible.

Despite her agitation, she was able to act quite nicely.

The person who had been sent by the esteemed guest\'s confidante was convinced that Yao Ling had indeed eaten those cakes. However, his boss had told him over and over again that he needed to make sure that the baby indeed had been aborted successfully. He had no other choice but to follow Yao Ling stealthily despite his unwillingness.

He actually wondered as well why their master thought that this baby was so important...

When Yao Ling finally arrived inside their inn, Yao Ling said loudly, "I will keep the cake with me, so I can eat it at night..."

The spy nodded his head in agreement. "Good... Good..." He muttered to himself in a whisper. He didn\'t think that someone would find that the osmanthus cakes had a problem, even a careful physician would find it hard to detect that ingredient.

Xiao Fang and Xiao Yu continued to act along with Yao Ling until they finally arrived inside the room. With the men\'s presence around them, the spy didn\'t dare to go closer to them just in case they found him. When Yao Ling found Yao Ying, she jumped into his embrace and sobbed softly.

She was really afraid of losing the baby!

Yao Ying, who wanted to scold her because she went outside without any protection without telling him, was taken aback and he forgot what he wanted to say. "What happened?" He asked in confusion. Xiao Fang and Xiao Yu tactfully left them all alone without answering Yao Ying\'s question which made the latter feel helpless --- Both women knew that Yao Ling would want Yao Ying to comfort her and they let Yao Ling do the talking as well. Both of them would relay the news to Lin Jian and Rong Qiu.

Yao Ying hugged her back and kissed her head while waiting for her to tell him what was wrong. He didn\'t know how to deal with a crying woman ah~! Thus, he could only stay quiet.

Yao Ling explained in between her cry, "Husband... I\'m sorry for being naughty. I won\'t dare to go out alone anymore after this..."

Yao Ying jumped up in surprise. "Did something happen just now?" His heart was being faster due to his worry. It was actually a simple matter and when he was going to scold her, he thought she would only grin naughtily just like usual.

It took a little while for Yao Ling to calm herself down and she was finally able to tell Yao Ying everything that had just happened.

"What?!" Yao Ying exclaimed in anger. He also didn\'t have an idea who would dare to do this. It seemed like they shouldn\'t have let down their guard! After all, someone was targeting his child.

To do this kind of thing, was it because of jealousy? He didn\'t have any other woman so the inner courtyard fight wasn\'t going to happen. Did another man like Yao Ling? Even so, how could someone be so cruel?

Lin Zhou... Lin Zhou... He only remembered that there was a weird man that gave Yao Ling a jade pendant with the \'Wu\' word carved on it. He didn\'t know why his mind fleeted towards that man but his instinct told him that something wasn\'t right with that man.

Yao Ying was also a man... He knew very well that the man was interested in Yao Ling, otherwise, why would someone give her such an important jade pendant out of nowhere? Yao Ling actually met that man back at Wen Feng and that was the only weird encounter that he had remembered. Other than that, nothing stood out.

But... how could he know that Yao Ling was pregnant? It didn\'t make any sense --- she was on the early stage of the pregnancy ah~! The symptom was only throwing up... and other people always thought that she might be sick. Her stomach didn\'t even have a bulge...

Unless... he was keeping a tab at them...

If yes, that would be too scary because he couldn\'t feel the spies\' presence at all!

Yao Ling felt tired after crying for so long and she directly fell asleep at Yao Ying\'s embrace. Yao Ling had whispered to him that they still needed to act like the baby was gone and Yao Ying agreed with her, however, he convinced her to rest first. Besides, it wouldn\'t be too late to act after she woke up. Yao Ling had told him that it took half a day to two days for the abortion drug to work --- depended on the dosage.

By pretending to lose the baby for now, at least, the other party wouldn\'t try to do anything funny anymore.

Yao Ying decided to let Xiu go and ask for A Thousand Words\' help! He still had those three free pieces of information that Hei Yue and Qing Hui had offered. He didn\'t want to use Mi Hui\'s network because this was a private matter and he hadn\'t fully believed in that organization yet. Somehow, he felt that this man wasn\'t as simple as he looked like.

Rong Qiu and Lin Jian agreed with Yao Ying\'s decision. On the surface, they didn\'t appear to be doing anything out of characters, however, they added several layers of protection secretly.

In the end, they were able to spot the spy that was paying attention to Yao Ling. He disguised as the inn\'s staff --- in a glance, no one would find something wrong with him.

But Lin Jian found that he was... too friendly...