His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 404 - The Osmanthus Cakes

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Chapter 404 - The Osmanthus Cakes

"Do you know what kind of ingredients which are being added inside?" Xiao Fang asked softly while looking around carefully and starting to be vigilant towards her surroundings. She didn\'t think such a famous tea house would have a shady deal with others and do this kind of underhanded method to their customers.

Yao Ling waved her hand, telling them to continue talking and acting like they knew nothing so that no one felt suspicious. Someone must have been listening from the outside to make sure that they ate these snacks. Thus, Xiao Fang and Xiao Yu continued chatting while Yao Ling was busy by herself.

"I will need to check it out first and it will take some time." She mouthed softly. After all, she couldn\'t judge it right away because some shady ingredients couldn\'t be smelt easily --- maybe it was mixed with something else.

Honestly, she was feeling curious about the perpetrator\'s purpose. Why did they target them? She didn\'t think they had something special that would make someone covet for, they didn\'t even bring that many things with them on this trip. How could Yao Ling know that her beauty was actually the reason?

The smell of the weird ingredient was quite subtle, if Yao Ling was at her usual condition, she might not be able to smell it because the smell was being perfectly covered up by the sweet and fragrant smell of the osmanthus cake. The perpetrator was quite meticulous, however... too bad, ever since Yao Ling was pregnant, she had a crazily sensitive nose. Yao Ling would never think that such a trait would actually help her at this dire moment.

She felt so lucky!

The reason for her excess vomiting was because she couldn\'t stand some of the smells that she usually liked turned unappealing --- including this osmanthus cake. The added ingredients made her want to vomit and her stomach already started to churn in discomfort.

Before she started investigating it, she even needed to throw up first. Yao Ling could only helplessly stare at her stomach and really want to scold this little one.

She broke down the osmanthus cake carefully and pulled out a bottle of medicine that she had kept inside her sleeves. After that, she poured over the thing inside the bottle and the osmanthus cake\'s color turned to black, making Yao Ling feel angry even more. It meant that the poison was quite potent.

Xiao Yu looked at her worriedly and whispered while she kept moving and pretending to be eating the foods, "Young Mistress, do you find out something weird in this snack?" When she saw the darkened look in Yao Ling\'s eyes, she knew that she must already have a conclusion in her mind.

She wondered why Yao Ling looked so angry. "Young Mistress... what kind of poison is that?" She asked curiously, pushing for an answer.

Yao Ling sighed. "This isn\'t actually a poison..."

"Eh?" Xiao Fang asked in confusion. "Then, what is it?" If nothing was wrong, why did she look so grim?

"This is an abortion drug for pregnant women and a quite potent one. If a woman who isn\'t pregnant eat this snack, it won\'t do any harm to her body --- maybe she will feel uncomfortable a little bit, but that\'s all. This won\'t affect her w.o.m.b or something..." Yao Ling answered solemnly. After knowing this, her whole body was sweating because she almost lost her baby.

"What?" Xiao Fang and Xiao Yu asked at the same time. "A --- Abortion drug? But... how? Why?"

Then, the target must be Yao Ling ah~! No one else... But she was wondering who was targeting her?! The only ones who knew about her pregnancy were only a few of them and they hadn\'t announced it to the world. Besides, the baby didn\'t have any important status whatsoever... This matter was really baffling to them!

Yao Ling didn\'t believe that Wang Luo Hai\'s women would be able to reach this far. She only brought Xiao Yu along with her, no other maidservant and Yao Ling believed that Xiao Yu wouldn\'t leak this matter to anyone else. Thus, she concluded that this had nothing to do with Wang Fu.

Why...? Why did someone target her? Yao Ling realized that from this moment onwards, she should be careful when going out. She didn\'t know who her enemy was and this was even scarier!

Yao Ling shook her head. "I have no idea as well."

She didn\'t think that she had offended someone else...

"What should we do now?" Xiao Fang asked Yao Ling while furrowing her eyebrows in worry.

Yao Ling answered, "This type of drug won\'t show its effect right away, so it should be fine if we behave normally around this time. We need to have a plan so that the enemy thinks that he or she succeeds..." She didn\'t want to be targeted again and needed to protect her baby.

Xiao Fang and Xiao Yu looked at each other, then they nodded their heads at the same time. Xiao Yu asked, "Let me eat the snacks so they won\'t be suspicious, Young Mistress..."

Yao Ling shook her head. "Don\'t!" Yao Ling didn\'t allow her to eat it because even if the drug didn\'t have any specific use for women who weren\'t pregnant, it was still not good for the body.

"Just call the waiter over!" Yao Ling ordered.

"But..." Xiao Yu was hesitant.

"Just call him over!" Yao Ling insisted and Xiao Yu had no choice but to follow Yao Ling\'s order when she saw Yao Ling\'s determined look.

The waiter quickly came and his gaze fleeted for a second towards the osmanthus cakes. When he saw that one of them had been eaten and Yao Ling was the one who held half of it, he sighed in relief. It was only a subtle expression but Yao Ling saw it.

"Yes, Miss? Is there something that this servant can help you with?" He asked politely.

Yao Ling asked, "Xiao Er, this osmanthus cake is very delicious. Can you pack it up for me and add one more portion? I want to bring it home..."

"Of course, Miss. I will pack it up for you right away but we have no more stock of these osmanthus cakes," he said politely. He got a lot of rewards from this one simple mission --- just give this woman the osmanthus cakes, so these cakes weren\'t made by their chef. He was afraid that this lady would be able to taste the differences.

Yao Ling pretended to ask innocently, "Xiao Er, this osmanthus cake is so sweet but why is there a hint of bitterness in it?"

The waiter looked at her in surprise. "Eh? Really?" His job was only to give her the osmanthus cakes, other than that, he knew nothing. He only thought that someone must have been in love with this young lady and didn\'t dare to show it openly, so he sent the cakes secretly.

Yao Ling squinted her eyes but she didn\'t find any weirdness from the waiter\'s expression. Thus, she let him go. It seemed like this thing didn\'t have any connection with the tea house... The waiter didn\'t seem to panic when she said that something wasn\'t right with the osmanthus cakes.

So... who was the mastermind?!