His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 403 - The Estemeed Guest's Plan

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Chapter 403 - The Estemeed Guest\'s Plan

"What?" The esteemed guest tilted his head to the side curiously. He looked so innocent when he behaved this way, but the spy knew better than that. His master was a lunatic and temperamental man. He was afraid to tell him the next news but if he didn\'t tell him now and the master knew about it, he would be killed ah~!

"The woman..." The spy didn\'t know how to continue with the news because he was certain that his master wouldn\'t like it.

"Quickly speak!" The esteemed guest hated a dilly-dally person and he yelled impatiently while taking a cup of warm tea on the side table and planning to drink it to calm his nerves. How bad would it be? For him, losing Aunt Yue was already the worst thing that had ever happened! Searching for her would take a long time ah~!

"The woman seems to be pregnant..." he said in a low voice but enough for the esteemed guest to hear it clearly.

The esteemed guest\'s gaze sharpened. "Which woman?"

"Yao... Yao Ling Gu Niang..." The spy answered in a stutter. Did he really need to ask?! Who else ah~?!

When the esteemed guest heard that, the cup that he had just hold was crushed into broken pieces. The warm tea scalded his white hand and turned it into red color, however, it didn\'t seem to bother the esteemed guest for one bit because his mind was elsewhere. "Pregnant?" He said in anger and his face darkened. He would never guess that it was actually this type of news!

Even though he didn\'t mind having a tainted woman as his woman, he didn\'t want her to bear a child for another man! His unreasonable jealousy started to flare up. Thus, he felt so angry. He had laid his eyes on her and would get her no matter what the expense was!

"Ma... Master... your hand is bleeding..." The spy pointed out worriedly but still didn\'t dare to move.

"Shut up!" The esteemed guest said while gritting his teeth and the spy could only look down in fear. "All of you go away! Remember to pay attention to her! Send a few people to follow her..." He ordered them.

After the spies went out of the room, the esteemed guest called one of his closest confidantes over. "Yes, Master?" The confidante asked in a respectful tone.

"I have an order for you..." The esteemed guest said with a ruthless glint in his eyes and he said several things towards his confidante.

The confidante was taken aback by his order, wondering whether it was really neccessary to do that or not. He wondered why he was that besotted towards that woman --- he only met her face to face for once! However, he didn\'t dare to say anything to his master. Thus, he could only answer before he was gone in a flash, "Yes, Master."

No matter what, he still needed to do the big boss\' order.


Yao Ling, who was already on the way back to the Shu Kingdom, didn\'t know that she continued to be targeted by a lunatic. She sneezed out of nowhere when the esteemed guest gave an order to his confidante, she merely thought that she caught a cold.

She was having a hard time on the way back... she couldn\'t stop vomiting even though it was better than before. Her Da Ge was kind enough to prepare a beautiful carriage for her so she didn\'t need to ride the horse and in direct contact with the sands.

Because of her, the pace of their trip became a bit slow. Fortunately, in the middle of their journey, Yao Ling felt slightly better. She only vomited in the morning and slowly regained her weight. Yao Ying could finally sigh in relief after being worried for a few days.

When they reached Lin Zhou, Yao Ling\'s appetite was finally back and she was able to eat everything that she wanted without throwing up. She turned into a little glutton. Her big appetite made everyone feel baffled --- she could even eat two times more than Yao Ying\'s usual portion ah~! The fortunate thing was she didn\'t become fatter and still as gorgeous as ever.

There was one thing that she didn\'t like from this pregnancy though --- Yao Ling was feeling suffocated because of Yao Ying\'s continuous nagging.

\'Don\'t do this!\'

\'Don\'t do that!\'

\'Think of the baby!\'

\'Be careful!\'

\'You are not allowed to do this...\'

\'You are not allowed to do that...\'

If she stayed around him for another second, she would go crazy ah~! Thus, she decided to go out and bring only Xiao Fang and Xiao Yu along with her --- she needed to refresh herself so at least, she didn\'t feel like wanting to smack Yao Ying\'s head every time she met him. She took the chance when Yao Ying was busy dealing with Wang Luo Hai\'s tasks, it seemed like he wanted to expand his business a little bit and ask Yao Ying to meet several people.

After they were able to get out of Yao Ying\'s eagle eyes and walk freely at the crowded street, Xiao Yu asked, "Young Mistress, will this really be okay? You should tell Young Master ah~ if you want to go out! Won\'t this make Young Master feel worried about you if he goes back and finds us missing?"

"We will go back as soon as possible ah~! It will be fine! He drives me crazy and I need time for myself..." Yao Ling admitted.

Xiao Fang tried to put in a good word for Yao Ying, "It\'s because he\'s worried about you ah~!"

Yao Ling helplessly answered, "I know! Just for a few shichen, okay? We will go back before the sky turns to dark..."

Xiao Fang and Xiao Yu looked at each other and nodded their heads helplessly. "Fine..." They also felt that Yao Ying was a bit too naggy lately, maybe because he was nervous and that was the reason they relented at Yao Ling\'s request. They accompanied Yao Ling looking around and they didn\'t know whether they should laugh or cry when they saw Yao Ling behaving like a little child.

She seemed to want to buy everything and try every food that she saw--- unlike her usual graceful self ah~! In the end, when they felt tired, they chose to rest in a tea house. The waiter saw that they seemed to be wealthy people and directly offered the VIP room.

Once they were seated, Yao Ling asked, " Xiao Er 1 , what are your most popular snacks?"

Xiao Fang and Xiao Yu, "..."

They couldn\'t believe that she still wanted to eat. However, they didn\'t stop her from ordering several snacks. They chatted merrily until the snacks were finally being served. Yao Ling laughed happily when she was them --- it looked so delicious.

Once the waiter went out of the room, she wanted to eat it. However, she smelt the snacks and felt that something was wrong with it. Due to her medical skills, she was able to discern the weird smell that came from the snacks. Xiao Fang and Xiao Yu were going to eat as well, but Yao Ling quickly shook her head and mouthed, "Don\'t eat it!"

Both of them looked at her in confusion and sensed that something was wrong. "What\'s wrong?" Xiao Fang asked softly.

Yao Ling mouthed, "Something is wrong with the snacks."

They were surprised. Who would want to target them ah~?! They didn\'t seem to offend anyone --- except the Han Emperor of course. However, the latter was still in a coma.

So, what happened?! The traditional way of calling the waiter "Xiao Er" in a teahouse.