His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 401 - Pregnant?!

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Chapter 401 - Pregnant?!

"Ah... Ah... Ah... Really?" Yao Ying stuttered. He couldn\'t believe at the news that he had just heard ah~! Pregnant?! Father?! He could only blink stupidly when he tried to digest the news, making Yao Ling really want to laugh at him. in the end, she could only smile weakly.

"Father...? I\'m going to be a father?!" Yao Ying muttered to himself in disbelief. His mind was being blown away and he didn\'t know how to react at this moment.

Yao Ling really wanted to pinch his ear because of his stupid reaction. How could he be so slow ah~?! Shouldn\'t he feel giddy or happy at this very moment?!

"Yes..." Yao Ling said weakly once again. The loud announcement just now had used up all of her energy. It was better if she was sleeping after this because she felt really uncomfortable. At the very least, she could recharge her energy once more because she knew that it wasn\'t good for her to drink medicine when she was pregnant.

When she had just closed her eyes to rest and let Yao Ying continue being silly, she felt a warm lip kissing her all over her face before it finally ended up on her mouth. She opened her eyes in a daze and looked into Yao Ying\'s bright eyes directly. "Thank you... Thank you... for giving me a baby... I love you!" He declared loudly with an excited face.

His happiness started ever since he met Yao Ling and now, she finally gave him the greatest gift ever! He would have his own child! It didn\'t matter to him if he couldn\'t remember anything of the past anymore... he had a family --- a warm family! He was beyond elated.

He really hoped that this kind of joy would last forever!

Yao Ling smiled at his childishness. "I love you too..." His cheerful smile was really contagious.

Yao Ying carefully touched Yao Ling\'s stomach and patted it carefully, while he couldn\'t stop grinning widely. "Our baby is in there... It will grow up in there..." He looked at it with a silly expression which made Yao Ling smile as well. This was their little bundle of happiness. He or She came at the right time --- everything had been stable for their family and she supposed, it was already good enough.

She just wanted to live her life peacefully with her little family.

Rong Qiu and Rong Heng quickly came over when they heard the happy news. They were concerned because Yao Ling didn\'t only get morning sickness, but also noon sickness, night sickness, any time sickness --- the conclusion was she had been vomiting all day long which made her body weaker than before.

They called a doctor and he gave a prescription to ease the unstoppable vomiting, but Yao Ling didn\'t want to drink it and insisted that she would get better soon --- it made the others become even more worried. Would it really be fine? After all, it was almost the time of their departure.

Rong Heng cleared his throat and found the chance to say happily, "You can go back home first if you are in a hurry, Yao Ying. Yao Ling will stay here to recuperate and maybe give birth to the baby before she goes back to the Shu Kingdom." He was excited at his own idea because, after several days of hanging out with her, he truly liked his new little sister. She was smart, kind, and funny. If she could stay longer here, he would be happy. He could introduce her to his wife and knew that they would hit it off right away.

Yao Ying looked at him with resentment. What kind of nonsense it was?! Yao Ling was his wife, of course, he would accompany her. After giving birth to the little baby, the latter wouldn\'t be able to endure the journey because he was too small and they would certainly postpone their trip once again. In the end, they wouldn\'t meet for several years ah~! That was just too crazy! He wouldn\'t agree with Rong Heng\'s annoying advice.

If the reason for the delay of their trip was because of Yao Ling\'s pregnancy, he knew that Wang Luo Hai would let them off because the latter had been wanting to have grandchildren for so long. This was a piece of happy news for him as well ah~!

Rong Qiu didn\'t say much, after all, he would follow along Yao Ling wherever she went. Thus, he only smirked when he heard both Rong Heng and Yao Ying bickered. After the former met Yao Ying, he had stopped pestering him and made his day become calmer.

Yao Ling didn\'t know whether she should laugh or cry. Rong Heng and Yao Ying really behaved like little kids that were fighting for candies. She quickly interrupted them with a helpless look, "Let\'s see my condition in a few days! If I\'m already fine, we can go together. But if not, we can talk about this later."

Both of them couldn\'t help but nod. However, both of them were hoping for different results... Rong Qiu sneered at them while letting both men fight on their own.

Fortunately, Yao Ling had gotten a bit better the day before the trip. Her vomiting had toned down a little bit, but she was still pale. Due to this, she was several pounds lighter which made Yao Ying feeling worried even more. She looked so thin that even a gust of wind would be able to blow her away. He had tried to ask Xiao Yu to prepare a few different dishes at each meal, but she would still vomit right after eating them.

In the end, he felt really helpless. Yao Ling patted his back and said, "I\'m fine... I saw several women went through the same symptoms as me back at the village. It will calm down in several days." She tried to appease him, but she wasn\'t too sure as well.

He even scolded the little baby inside her tummy in a low voice, "If you continue to torture your mother, I will smack your bottom once you come out. Remember it, okay?" He threatened softly which made Yao Ling laugh out loud. It seemed like Yao Ying was trying to bond with the baby.

"What are you talking about?" Yao Ling chided softly. "Our baby won\'t even understand what you said! He or she hasn\'t come out yet and you already scold him or her ah~! What if the baby hates you later?" She asked while joking.

Yao Ying shook his head. "No... No... I think the baby can ah~! The baby should thank me for teaching him or her to take care of you..." He said proudly.

Yao Ling, "..."

Whatever floated your boat! Anything she said would fall into deaf ears anyway, but she still enjoyed this moment ah~!

After she felt that she was better, Yao Ling knew that it would be better if she went back along with Yao Ying\'s party. She didn\'t want to be separated from her husband as well. What if a woman came out of nowhere and took him away ah~?

"I think I will be able to start the trip tomorrow," Yao Ling said to Yao Ying, Rong Qiu, and Rong Heng.

Rong Heng quickly asked, "Are you sure? You can stay longer if you want!"

Yao Ying, "..."

He hadn\'t said anything and yet, this Da Ge already tried to start a fight with him.

Yao Ling was feeling helpless and she looked at Rong Qiu, asking for his help. Rong Qiu had gotten a daughter complex and always complied with Yao Ling\'s request. In the end, he sorted both of them and reached a decision that they would start the journey just like how they had planned before.