His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 400 - Stupid...

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Chapter 400 - Stupid...

A few days before they started their trip back to the Shu Kingdom, Xiao Yu called Yao Ying over. The latter was busy with the preparation of their trip, well... okay... it was mostly accompanying Rong Heng who kept giving him a lot of \'advice\' about Yao Ling. It was so boring and made him want to yawn, however... he didn\'t dare to because he still needed to be polite to Rong Heng. Yao Ling was really fond of this Da Ge ah~!

\'You should treat her well...\'

\'You are not allowed to take concubine...\'

\'You must succ.u.mb to her if both of you have an argument...\'

\'If you do something to her, I will be the first one who will find and punish you!\'

So on...

So on...

And so on...

Everything was for Yao Ling\'s behalf. Yao Ying really didn\'t know whether he should laugh or cry... It had been three days and Rong Heng still didn\'t stop bothering him. Wasn\'t Rong Heng the one who didn\'t want to accept Yao Ling as his sister right away? Now, he was really into the role of big brother and become his sister\'s slave... The latter was the reason why Yao Ying patiently listened to his nagging --- for his wife ah~!

No wonder his father in law was afraid of meeting Rong Heng --- the latter could really nag people to death with his words ah~!

When Xiao Yu called him to take a look at Yao Ling, he felt like he was being pardoned. Yao Ying quickly bid his goodbye to Rong Heng and followed Xiao Yu. Rong Heng actually wanted to come along as well, but Yao Ying prevented him because the former had more important things to do --- he promised that he would give Rong Heng an update of Yao Ling\'s condition.

"What happened to Yao Ling? Is there something wrong with her?" He asked Xiao Yu in a low voice while panicking. She was fine the night before, so what went wrong this morning?

"Young Mistress is not feeling well, Young Master. She said that she is fine, but this servant really doesn\'t think so. Young Mistress forbids this servant from calling a doctor so this servant could only call Young Master for help," Xiao Yu explained.

Not feeling well?!

Yao Ying was stunned when he heard that. Without asking more, he quickly used his qing gong and went to their room in a flash. When he opened the door and went inside the inner room, he didn\'t see Yao Ling\'s usual cheerful or graceful smile. But instead, he was greeted by Yao Ling\'s pale face and a weak smile.

Yao Ying was worried to death when he saw his wife\'s condition. He was looking at her limp wife with an anxious expression, wondering whether she was really okay or not. Yao Ling laid down on their bed while looking at him with a pitiful expression.

"Husband~," she weakly called him. She really didn\'t have the power to smile and could only blink at him with her watery eyes, making her look even more sorrowful. Yao Ying\'s heart felt painful because of that.

Yao Ying almost choked on her expression. Why did her weak expression make him want to bully her once again?! He really needed to smack himself... His wife was feeling unwell ah~! How could his mind become so dirty whenever he laid eyes on her? He needed to calm himself down!

He wasn\'t a wolf ah~!

Didn\'t he already bully her enough last night? How could she make his little Yao Ying work up only by giving him such a look ah~?! Then, he remembered something else... They did it three times last night and Yao Ling begging for mercy while m.o.a.ning heavily. Didn\'t it mean that she liked it as well?

\'Please... don\'t tell him that her sickness is because he has bullied her too much last night?!\' Yao Ying thought to himself, feeling guilty all of a sudden. It seemed like he had to take into account his little wife\'s stamina ah~!

"How are you feeling now? Is it better?" He already asked for several times since the beginning but he couldn\'t stop himself from asking ah~! He looked at how pale she was but he couldn\'t help her with anything to ease the pain. He tried to help by massaging her shoulder but it didn\'t seem to make it any better...

"I\'m... I\'m fine..." Yao Ling answered. She tried to assure Yao Ying but both of them knew that she was lying.

"Are you sure?" Yao Ying furrowed his eyebrows. Why did his little wife so stubborn ah~?! They should call a doctor so that she could be healthy enough to set off in a few days. If they postponed their departure, Wang Luo Hai would certainly scold them. After all, it was almost the busiest time of their business. He had sent several letters, asking when they would go home.

Yao Ying made a decision and firmly said, "I will call a doctor!" He turned around and was going to yell at Xiu to call a doctor for him.

"No need... No need..." Yao Ling answered. She gripped Yao Ying\'s sleeve tightly while shaking her head weakly. She had been vomiting all day and whenever she ate something, she threw up again. This, she could only lay down weakly on the bed.

"But... how can you survive because the trip back home will be a long and arduous journey?" He asked in a fit of slight anger. Why was she so stubborn ah~? The sooner they called a doctor, the sooner she could get better!

"I\'m... I\'m not sick..." Yao Ling said in a low voice while looking at Yao Ying\'s eyes intently.

Yao Ying really wanted to open her head and see what inside her brain was. "Why are you so stubborn?" He asked helplessly and sat beside her.

"I know my own body... I\'m also learning medicine, remember?" Yao Ling patiently explained.

"Then... what happens to you?" Yao Ying asked in confusion. "Do you need any medicine? I will tell Xiu and Xiao Yu to prepare it for you..."

"I don\'t need any medicine... This is actually a piece of good news ah~!" Yao Ling looked at him with twinkling eyes.

"Good news?" Yao Ying looked at her, feeling dumbfounded. Since when being sick became a piece of good news ah~?

"Yes... Don\'t you understand?" Yao Ling asked while blushing shyly. She didn\'t dare to move around too much because she would certainly vomit. She had vomited through the whole morning and didn\'t want to start a new batch ah~!

"No... Should I understand about it? I\'m not a doctor..." Yao Ying asked hesitantly.

"Stupid..." Yao Ling was feeling helpless. She already gave a hint and yet, he still didn\'t understand! She wanted to say it out loud but she was also shy.

Yao Ling bit her lower lip, waiting for her husband to understand what she meant. However, looking at his confused and helpless expression, it would take a long time for him to understand. Yao Ling could only grit her teeth in annoyance and finally said, "I am pregnant..."

"What?" Yao Ying couldn\'t hear what she said because of her small voice.

"I\'m pregnant!" Yao Ling said loudly --- even Xiu and Xiao Yu who waited outside of the room could hear it clearly. Both Xiu and Xiao Yu looked at each other happily because they would have a little young master or young miss to play with ah~!

On the other hand, Yao Ying stared at Yao Ling dumbfoundedly. "Pregnant? Then... doesn\'t it mean...?" His mind was still blank and he didn\'t know what to say ah~!

Yao Ling tried to be helpful and said, "You will become a father..."