His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 39 - Hidden Danger

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Chapter 39 - Hidden Danger

After Concubine Wan left, Madam Wang and Yao Ling looked at each other then laughed heartily. They really felt this Concubine Wan was really brainless, but yet, she thought of herself too highly. In the end, she only embarrassed herself.

"I wonder what does Father see in her." Yao Ling asked curiously.

Madam Wang shook her head. "I don\'t understand too. Back then, he insisted to take her home and fought with Mother-in-law. A brothel girl… If outsiders found out, it would smear Wang Fu\'s good image. In the end, Mother-in-law gave up and accommodated what he wanted. Maybe Mother-in-law had been tired of their fight. But your father really likes tea. Probably… that\'s the main reason."

Yao Ling nodded her head but said nothing more. Battle of words really made her feel tired. Too much work for her brain. They decided to rest in their own room and parted way.

What they didn\'t realize was their interaction before was witnessed by a servant girl. She hid herself really well and heard the whole conversation. After Madam Wang and Yao Ling separated, she went back to her master and told the whole story.

"Huh… Concubine Wan… Concubine Wan… you work really well as a bait. If you weren\'t this stupid, I wouldn\'t keep you in this \'Wang Fu\'." The woman looked at her most loyal servant, "Say.. what do you think about that Yao Ling?"

"She\'s too clever and smart. Keeping her will hinder our plan." The servant answered honestly.

"You can go back first. I\'ll think about how to handle her. For now, let her be."

"Yes, Master." After saying that, the servant was gone in a flash.

The woman just sat there for a long time, thinking of her next step.


While Yao Ling was dealing with Concubine Wan, Yao Ying went to \'Lin Fu\'. He was determined to learn from General Lin. The \'Lin Fu\' guard already knew him, so he just let him in without any difficulty. General Lin had told them they could let Yao Ying in whenever he came. It made it easier for Yao Ying to come and go whenever he wanted. He didn\'t think General Lin would be so welcoming toward him.

He stopped one of the guards, "Where can I find General Lin?"

"He\'s in the study. You can go there straight away." The guards answered him politely. The guard was a bit confused though. General Lin was hard to be close with and he wondered how this young man managed to get his favor. Although he was questioning it, the guard didn\'t dare to ask a question and just followed General Lin\'s order.

Yao Ying thanked the soldiers and walked away. But before he went far, he walked in a rush to the guards and asked in a low voice, "Is Lin Jian here too?"

The guard was bewildered with his sudden movement and question, but answered him politely, "No, Lieutenant General went out this morning."

Yao Ying smiled smugly and once again thanking the guard. Hmph! That Lin Jian wasn\'t here and it made his mood better. No one will make him feel annoyed today. Although he knew he needed Lin Jian\'s help to find a master, he didn\'t care. Yesterday\'s anger was still fresh on his mind. Why bother with Lin Jian today? The one he needed to meet today was General Lin.

Due to his privilege, no one stopped him. In a few minutes, he arrived in front of General Lin\'s study. There were two guards guarding in front of the door. \'Lin Fu\' security measure was amazing. The way he looked at it, even a fly wouldn\'t be able to break through it. He could see guards patrolling everywhere. Yao Ying understood the difference between a military household with a noble merchant household.

It would be amazing he could build his own power. He shook his head to clear his mind. It wasn\'t good for being too ambitious. He couldn\'t even control and cultivate his own power, so there was no way he could think about other matters. He wanted to be stronger first because he wanted to protect his little wife.

Yao Ying could also see the inner yard battle. If he wasn\'t strong enough, then wouldn\'t the one who was bullied was his little wife? He didn\'t want it to happen. Maybe he could choose another path after becoming a merchant and strengthening his position? While his mind was wandering away, one of the two guards asked him, "Are young master here for General Lin?"

Yao Ying quickly answered, "Yes. Can I meet him?"

"Can you wait for a little while? The General is in a meeting. I will take Young Master to the main hall first. After the meeting is finished, this guard will call you again," The guards explained.

Yao Ying nodded in agreement. It was his fault for not notifying his visit in advance. He could only wait in the main hall while drinking tea. He looked around at the bare hall, wondering why General Lin chose to not having maids. He didn\'t even see any main wife or concubines\' shadow. Was General Lin celibate? Or perhaps there was something he didn\'t aware of? He felt curious but he knew he wasn\'t close enough to ask – yet.

He felt bored waiting. He was going to yawn for the hundredth time when a servant walked wobblingly. He brought a lot of scrolls that hindered his sight. \'No wonder he walks like that.\' Yao Ying thought to himself.

Yao Ying got up and offered, "Do you need my help?"

The young servant looked at Yao Ying in surprise. He didn\'t realize there was another person in the hall. "I\'m sorry, Young Master. This servant didn\'t greet you just now."

"Don\'t worry about it. I know you couldn\'t see me with that mountain of scrolls." Yao Ying smiled at the young servant. He once again repeated his question, "Do you need my help?"

The young servant was surprised by this humble young master\'s kindness. He knew his place and couldn\'t let the other party help him. "No, no, no. Thank you for Young Master\'s kindness! This servant can handle this."

Yao Ying nodded although he was unconvinced, then he gave way to the servant. However, after the young servant walked two steps, he accidentally stumbled. All of the scrolls flew up and fell down all over the place. A few scrolls even hit Yao Ying\'s head!