His Peasant Wife : Yao Ling - Chapter 388 - Rong Qiu's Manor (1)

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Chapter 388 - Rong Qiu\'s Manor (1)

Xiao Fang was feeling elated because she finally got permission to go with the trio and visit the Shu Kingdom. It was like a dream came true for her. After all, she always stayed inside the Capital or went to Crescent Lake once in a while. Her visit to Lin Zhou was the first time she went out quite far on her own.

She couldn\'t wait for her new adventure with the trio.

On the other hand, Yao Ling wasn\'t as happy as Xiao Fang at the moment.

Somehow she felt that her father\'s mood was quite solemn on the way home --- not only her father but Lin Jian as well. It made her and Yao Ying felt helpless and uncomfortable at the same time. Something was really wrong with the atmosphere.

Yao Ling knew the reason why Lin Jian was pouting so she didn\'t pay him any attention. It wasn\'t like he would be separated forever from Xiao Fang... However, she still didn\'t understand his father\'s mood ah~! Why didn\'t he feel happy when he was going to meet his son? Didn\'t he say that he rarely met him?

She whispered to Yao Ying, "Do you feel that something isn\'t right with him?" She pointed at her father while looking at her father\'s back with a face full of concern.

"I think it\'s because of your brother..." Yao Ying admitted his thought.

"I\'m thinking of the same thing as well ah~! Why do you think he looked so scared? Is my brother really scary?" Yao Ling pondered over the matter with a frown. Somehow, she became afraid as well. She was thinking of the worst for her brother which made her shudder even more.

"If your brother is that scary, I think your father won\'t even want to continue recognizing him as his son..." Yao Ying persuaded her. It wouldn\'t make a good impression if she became timid once she met her new brother later.

"That\'s also true..." Yao Ling thought that what Yao Ying said was making sense.

"Just wait for him to come and everything will be clear... Maybe it\'s not because he\'s scary..." He advised.

"Okay..." Yao Ling nodded her head in agreement. She was tired of guessing anyway.

Not too long after that, they arrived in front of a big manor. The manor was a little bit bigger than Wang Fu but still smaller than the Prime Minister manor. The decoration was not as extravagant as Wang Fu. After all, Wang Fu really had unlimited sources of money from their business and Wang Luo Hai sometimes was a bit show-off. On the other hand, Rong Qiu had always kept himself a bit low profile.

Once the guards saw Rong Qiu, they quickly greeted their master and opened the door for him.

The big manor looked majestic from the outside, but it was actually quite plain and a bit humble on the inside, however, everything was neat and clean. Even though Yao Ling didn\'t ask, Rong Qiu explained to her, "The inner decoration is quite plain because I am too lazy ah~! When I asked your brother to decorate this place on my behalf after he grew up, he only said that it would be a waste of money. Thus, this place is mainly decorated by my personal servant which I left here to maintain everything."

Yao Ling nodded in understanding, but she had to admit that the personal servant\'s taste was quite good because it didn\'t make the onlookers feel that the scenery was boring.

The arrangement was quite nice and made her feel calmer. It blended unique, ornate buildings with natural elements. He didn\'t use any flowers but a mixture of plants, trees, and decorative rocks. The personal servant didn\'t forget to add water element such as pond which located at the center of the garden and it was like it was designed by an expert.

Rong Qiu turned around and looked apologetically at Yao Ling, "I hope that you like the garden. Yao Ling, if you want you can add flowers here and there, isn\'t girl usually liking that kind of thing? Only men live here, so I didn\'t bother to tell them to add flowers."

Somehow, Yao Ying and Yao Ling felt like this manor reminded them of General Lin\'s manor but due to the personal servant\'s taste, this garden was far better than Lin Jian\'s house.

When they walked, they didn\'t see many servants roaming around. It seemed like Rong Qiu didn\'t hire many servants as well, after all, their job was so simple and the master wasn\'t living here for so long.

Yao Ling answered, "It\'s okay, Father. It\'s far better than our house back in the village." She grinned happily and joked with Rong Qiu. She wasn\'t that picky, to begin with.

Her attempt to calm Rong Qiu resulted in giving the opposite effect. Rong Qiu felt slightly guilty, after all, it meant that she had been living in a hard life back at the village while he was living a glorious life as an official. He wasn\'t that wealthy but he still had a great life.

"I\'m so sorry..." He said weakly while feeling sadder than before.

Yao Ling was taken aback and tried to appease her father, "Father... Why are you saying sorry to me? It\'s really fine... No need to feel guilty!" She didn\'t have the thought to blame him at all ah~! It seemed like she shouldn\'t bring up her past... she didn\'t want her father to blame himself.

"If only we didn\'t lose you back then..." Rong Qiu sighed while murmuring softly.

Yao Ling shook his head. "Father... you shouldn\'t say that. If we were together, we would have a different fate and there would be no guarantee that all of us could survive..."

Rong Qiu sighed. "That\'s also true..."

Yao Ying tried to ease up the tense atmosphere. "It\'s a happy occasion for both of you to finally meet and live together. Don\'t waste your time by continuing being sad! If you feel regrets, just use the future to pay each other back!" He gave them a piece of advice.

Indeed, the atmosphere became less tense after that. Not only that, but their attention was diverted by a chubby man who was running while panting the whole way --- until finally, he stopped in front of them.

"Master... you finally come back!" The chubby man greeted Rong Qiu with teary eyes even though he couldn\'t stop panting.

Rong Qiu was feeling helpless and said, "You are not young anymore, why are you behaving like this ah~?! Why are you running so fast?!"

"Because of you, Master! Why didn\'t you tell me beforehand that you are going home? At least, I could prepare everything in advance!" The chubby man complained.

Yao Ying looked at Rong Qiu and asked, "Who is this, Father?" It seemed like the relationship between Rong Qiu and this chubby man was quite good, even though the latter was merely a servant.

"Ah... I almost forgot. This is my personal servant, Wu Cheng," Rong Qiu introduced him to Yao Ling.

Wu Cheng looked at Yao Ling in surprise, "Father?" After that, he looked at Rong Qiu with a pair of blaming eyes, "Master! Is she your illegitimate child?!" Because of the surprise, he forgot to think before talking.

Rong Qiu hit his head quite loud while scolding him, "What are you talking about?! How could you talk nonsense! She isn\'t an illegitimate daughter! She\'s my real daughter!"

Wu Cheng mumbled softly, "Who would believe that ah~? Madam has died for a long time and if she\'s not the daughter of Madam... shouldn\'t she be called as an illegitimate child?"

Everyone could hear him clearly.

In the end, Yao Ling couldn\'t hold it back anymore. She laughed out loud!